The Discovery of the Ark of the Covenant

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The Discovery of the Ark of the Covenant: Based On The Works Of Baram Blackett and Alan Wilson, From Their Thirty Years Of Researches Into Authentic British History

Alan Wilson writes.

1. The Israel King Jehoash defeated the Judean/ Jerusalem King Ahaziah in a battle in circ. 790 BC .
2. Jehoash took his prisoner Ahaziah tied behind his chariot to Jerusalem. There he pulled down 200 yards/meters of the city wall. He then took everything from the Palace and everything from the temple, and EVERYTHING includes the Ark. He also took the family of Obed Edom, and Obed Edom were the family specifically assigned as guardians of the Ark.
3. This story is in the bible Books of Kings and Chronicles and in Flavius Josephus. Writing circa 70 AD Josephus says that Jehoash took ALL the treasures of the Lord. That includes the Ark.
4, When King Uzziah the son of the defeated Ahaziah tried to enter the holy of holies to check if the Ark was still there, he was obstructed by 80 priests and he somehow got badly burned by spilled altar fire. He had to retreat and the Ark was clearly not there.
5. Jehoash took the Ark north to the city of Samaria in circa 790 BC. This is the key evidence to start to track doown the Ark. It did not go south to Ethiopia stolen by the baby in fact Menelik who sneaked it past the temple guards the city gate guards and the frontiers guards hidden in his carry cot. It did not get hidden underneath the temple mount where fairy tales tell of Templar Knights and so on. Once the right track is established going north to Samaria and then to Armenia around 740 BC then the matter is straightforward and the evidence is monumental.

l Ark ... a decoy if you will that would serve to fool anyone who might get far enough to take the Ark from the Holy of Holies ... Jehoash did get an Ark alright, but it was the first decoy of the Ark, after this occurrence's, realizing that their worst fears could indeed become a reality, they decided it would be a good idea to have several decoys on hand, which is where the others came from. The real Ark survived the assault you mentioned ... but not too long after that is when it was permanently removed from Jerusalem ... "

British history records that there were tow major migrations form the near east into Britain in antiquity. One was the fleet migration form Syria led by Albyne around 1560 BC, and the other was the second fleet migration from the Trojan Dardanelles areas in Western Turkey led by Brutus around 504 BC.

Ancient alphabet inscriptions and other tangible and written records show that the second migration was that of the Ten Tribes of Israel. The same ancient Alphabet is found all the way along the British migration routes form Palestine, to Assyria, through Asia Minor to the Aegean and to Etruscan Italy and Rhaetian Switzerland. In Britain the Ten Tribes were known as the Khumry.

This research began in 1976 some 31 years ago and it has met with nothing but opposition and obstruction. Around 1360 BC Moses has the fabulous box called the Ark of the Covenant made. This holy box was the national talisman of the Hebrew nation.

It was revered as the place of the presence of the god Yahweh and the most holy thing belonging to the Hebrew nation. Aeries of events that included the Ark being seen as an invincible means of military success and in one disaster being captured by the Philistines ended when King David placed the Ark in the care of the family of Obed Edom, and he took the Ark to Jerusalem around 975 BC along with the family of Obed Edom,

The next King was Solomon and he built a celebrated temple in Jerusalem to house the Ark, where annually the high priest entered the holy of holies chamber to serve the divine box. Nothing much is said of the Ark until c.790 BC the Judean King Ahaziah attached the Israelite King Jehoash and was totally defeated.

The victorious Jehoash then went to Jerusalem where he took everything from the palace and everything from the temple, and he also took away the family of Obed Edom who are the family mentioned several times in the Bible as guardians of the Ark guardians of the Ark. Therefore, Jehoash removed the Ark from Jerusalem and took it north to Samaria.

Nothing is said in the Biblical record of the Ark being anywhere near Jerusalem after this event in circa 790 BC. In 740-736 BC the Judean King Ahaz paid a huge bribe to the Assyrian Emperor Tiglathpilesar III to attack King Pekah of Ten Tribe Israel, and as a result Israel was totally crushed by the Assyrian army. A large number of Israelite nobles and leaders were immediately deported north to areas around Harran from where the patriarch Abraham has begun his migrations.

In successive campaigns by the Assyrian emperors Shalmaneser IV, Sargon II, and Sennacherib great numbers of the Israelite nation were deported north and up into the areas north of Harran. In 702 BC Sennacherib recorded how he deported 200, 120 people in one mass exodus. The Assyrian records unmistakably and persistently call the Ten Tribes as the Khumry, It is a virtual certainty that these deported Ten Tribes took the Ark with them from Israel. Sennacherib was murdered by two of his sons in c. 687 BC and civil war Convulsed the Assyrian Empire and as the heir Esarhaddon fought the murders the massed Ten Tribes took the opportunity to move westwards across both the upper branches of the "Y" shaped Euphrates river as described in the Book of Esdras II.

They moved slowly and unstoppably through Siasia Minor and the Greeks recorded their migration as that of the Kimmerio-Khumry. There is a record of the Khumry having the Ark with them on this journey from north of Assyria through Asia Minor and to the Dardanelles. Finally around 650 BC the nation split into tow and one half migrated to Italy whilst the other half remained in the areas around Byzantium until circa 504 BC when they gathered on the island of Lemnos before sailing to Britain in the fleets.

An inscribed stone that was found on Lemnos in 1876 and now in the Athens museum that records this gathering and the intent to sail to Britain. Either the Ark was taken to Etrurian Italy in circa 650 BC or it remained near the Dardanelles until around 504 BC before being brought into Britain. The fact is that the Greal or Holy Greal is simply a record, and a comparison would be that the Bible, the Koran, the American Declaration of Independence, or the Two Tablets brought down the mountain by Moses, would all be greals.

Britain is the land of the Holy Greal. The search was begun to locate the Ark in Britain and this proved to be relatively straightforward but technically different. The persistent ancient legend in the area north of Cardiff is that a great chest lies buried and this chest is guarded by two Cigfrangawr - Giant Ravens. It is not difficult to perceive that this great chest is the Ark that has two golden Cherubim- fearsome dragons figures. What emerged was that these had been a direct transfer of culture from Israel to Britain and all across the hills of South Wales there are gigantic mounds, and these huge mounds are named and set out in a pattern to mirror the pattern of the major stars in the heavens.

Then there are several ancient tales that tell of the great plants moving on their orbits and being in conjunction with the main stars of the various constellations. The journeys of the planets- seen as moving and not fixed stars- are tracing out routes that can be followed around the Star t Mound Maps on the ground. In short our British ancestors left us clear records of where to go.

The Ark is at a place where the giant mound marks the start Regulus in Leo the Lion, the Judean emblem. The ancient place name is The Enclosure of the Ark and the central area is The Place of Worship. The top of the large hillock has clearly been molded by the hand of man, and satellite photography showed spoil heaps tumbling down the slopes form a tunnel excavated horizontally to underground chambers. Five very ancient drainage systems of the type used in antiquity to drain and keeps chambers dry are clearly evident/ Amazingly the Above sea Levels readings of satellite photography proved absolutely that the top 60 feet of this low dome shaped hill is a man-made construction.

This is unassailable, incontrovertible, and absolute scientific proof of the highest order. Ground penetrating radar and other methods shows at least two underground chambers, and deep reading g electronic metal detection identifies a large non-ferrous box of around four feet + long and two feet + wide.

This is the precise size of the Ark of the Covenant. An approach has been made to the Welsh National Assembly and hopefully something positive will at last be done to restore Khumric British heritage, cultures, and history.

About the Author
Alan Wilson & Baram Blackett. Two indefatigable historians with over seventy years collective experience. Their meticulous researchers and their controlled and detailed analytical techniques have brought awe-inspiring results leading into a stunning vortex of truths that are at last revealed.


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