Evil and Goodness...Are these the complete extremities of our emotional capabilities? or is there other/more aptitudes that may be developed..An inherent ability to preserve that which appear to have steadfastly,with resolute determination made humankind indispensible ..yet totally reprehensible

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Declan Galbraith..ten years old

Mysterious Jets(Two) after 2nd Tower hit

Follow the plane hitting the Second tower at approx 40 secs then run to 45 secs and stop video until you can see TWO what seems to be Jets appear BETWEEN the smaller building and the Second Tower.You will need to attempt stopping numerous times as everything is extremely fast.When restart and stop very quickly you will see one Jet go behind the Tower and the second visible in the front of tower..It casts a shadow on the face of the Second Tower..You will see both planes immerge at the RH side of the Second Tower..then move in a blur to the right of the screen away from both towers..Has someone introduced these to confuse people..If not what do you suppose they are doing.

Below are images of said situation.
Images showing Two Jets between buildings

Image showing Two Jets between buildings

Original YouTube Video HERE

Speed Calculation..approx
World Trade Center 1 was 208 ft x 208 ft x 1368 with WTC #2 6 feet shorter.
Distance between Towers =183 ft
Distance between Shorter Building to the Tower last hit= 150 ft
Ignoring angular displacement errors.
Total distance travel by Jets =150+208+183+208=749ft
Time taken to travel 749 ft=1 secs(or less)=1 mile per 7secs=8.5 miles per min=510 miles per hour.

Tsar Bomb - The biggest bomb ever

Absolutely Golden

Wanted..Vacant Penetentionary 3 miles X 5 miles long..Toilets not mandatory...for bankers only

Initial Secret Sacrifices..then WARS.. Amerwicca's Wickedness

Sorry and all that ...but No

Sorry and all that ...but Yes Yes Yes

So this General of Intelligence Departments believes the 911 Truthers as well

2..Working Overtime at Time and an-Half

The Pentagon...There MUST BE five sides to every story.Only two have been heard

3..Dr Robert Beck...Physicist..

4..Shadow of the Past

5..Galloway talks to Stephen Sackur(Tim Sebastian's replacement at BBC's...'Hard Talk')

6..The singer that the young boys loved so much in the 50's..Doris Day

Rabbi-1..hates Israel today

Rabbi-2..hates Israel today

Rabbi-3..hates Israel today >

Elvis and Celine performing a timeless suppositional conspiracy..When will they show Jesus taking on the US Congress and the Brit the same time

The Man in Black Explains why

Fox News-911 infor...10 Oct 2010

And Obama got the "Prize"

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