A Reply To Greg Palast On George Galloway

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The Sayanim Twins

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Reference Palast's...."WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON WITH TONY BLAIR" and Here


Why are you so apprehensive in providing DOCUMENTED proof of Mr Galloway's (your)alleged 'untruthfulness' in accounting for all monies and expenditures..
You are rhetorically applying the same non-analytical approach as did Coleman... I suspect that Mr Galloway has already read the challenging nuance in your writings and is not troubled one iota with UNSUBSTANTIATED allegations(his thoughts maybe)..
What is needed is 'hard copy'..If you are in possession of such, then I strongly recommend its printing for all to digest, verify and pass judgement..

Protracting debates and argument with a 'sterling' eye on possibly future book publications and sales is totally unacceptable whilst young soldiers and civilians die horrible deaths all because the reporter/journalist [sic sic], prefers. for rationale only he/she may know,..ignore those events that can be so much more humanistically satisfying and life saving.

"Honorable Mr. Galloway, you met with Saddam Hussein in Baghdad in 1994 and said, "Sir, I salute your courage, your strength your
indefatigability. And I want you to know that we are with you until victory,
until victory, until Jerusalem.".... et al
"Your Excellency,I thought the president would appreciate to know that even today, three years after the war, I still meet families who are calling their newborn sons Saddam.

Greg.....pray tell HOW YOU would have approached Saddam's screening committee with a view to interviewing their President..What would be the nature of your questions and what would you accept as a given so that..... indeed you have the opportunity (scooping all) in finding out as to what makes this guy function...
Let it be known that George was not the first to address Saddam in this manner.. ask Old Rumsfeld and his assistant...Before them,another George.....Shultz that is.. But I don't think he made reference to "Jerusalem" [if you get my nuance]
Where do you think Rummy got the advice from...
I am afraid old chap that you show your Americana inexperience at this juncture .[Also see "England" below"]
Never underestimate the power of 'bullshit'..It may smell a little only when other journalists/politicians visualises the 'scoop' and their opportunity lost..
[And your toilet paper is showing]

Galloway and others with Host Timothy Sebastian
If preferred go Here for URL

[I said it before and I'll unashamedly repeat myself].....Truth and reality is never an op-ed or a continuum of a journalists essay...It must be sought in arrogant fashion if need be..As you are aware,the vast majority of people work hard all day and are starved of the rested hours necessary to search and research truth,thereby they have little option but to trust that meal that is placed in front of them(CNN ..Fox..et al).....In truth, an optimist is lazy..a pessimist is a Cassandra...a terrorist is confused ..a policist is an enigma.. a pacifist is irenic... BUT the conspiritualist knows that the three hypotheses he has in the palm of his hand...one is the truth...Do you know where/who you are Greg???

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you said.... at your site gregpalast.com
"The real question is, do we need to send our kids to die on the street corners of Baghdad and blow up Iraqi cities -- what did we kill last time, 100,000 people? mostly civilians -- to stop a guy who is no real threat to us."
after George.G said...... Here"Senator, in everything I said about Iraq, I turned out to be right and you turned out to be wrong and 100,000 people paid with their lives; 1600 of them American soldiers sent to their deaths on a pack of lies; 15,000 of them wounded, many of them disabled forever on a pack of lies."
Two different 'wars' [GW 1&2]... while reminding ourselves that these lower figures are NOT in keeping with 'Official Statistics' from non-profit NGO's in the field,one should ask oneself the glaring, magnifying and most obvious question..Why are ALL journalists so terrified in calling, even suggesting, thatBeware and Prescott Bush and/or "Tailgunner Blair" are 'drunkards'..'rich white Brit-holes' ..'swamp-things'...'monsters'...'self-promoting farts'...'evil'...'scuzball is this hard enough George..or give hime some moreliars' ..'bloodthirsty killers'.. 'lying thieves' ..as they so generously dispersed toward those that seem to take no notice of them..It appears Come and have a look of the view from here Tony.. Rumsfeld was rightquite childish and disingenuous ... Yet all those[yours] descriptive 'accolades' should be manually pushed down Bush and Blair's throat..Unless of course the evangelising journalists / reporters are waiting for Deepthroat to return .. That be the case .. then The Big Guy In The Sky says two-thirds will perish...Amen.

"In 1990, Saddam executed a troublesome reporter, Farzad Bazoft, of the Observer newspaper of London. You complained about it at the time. Some time later, Saddam finished off about 100,000 Shi'ites and Kurds. "
Correct me if I am in error here Greg..Are you saying that THEY have discovered ... uncovered ..found...evidence..graves..mounds...of these 'murdered' people..The last time I tuned in to the American Dream THEY could only account for 2500 +/- 100..This is quite irresponsible quoting such numbers...Maybe this is why THEY have relegated this allegation to 4th most important accusation in Saddam's continuing trials..I am very surprised that Chalabi,Rumsfeld and Myers cannot remember where they were supposed to be...They had pics of the sites in 2002 did they not??..Quite quite disturbing that.

"After this effusive praise for Saddam, the two of you shared some Quality Street chocolates and some funny stories about Winston Churchill.."
QS chocs. have deteriorated quite considerably since being manufactured in China..don't you think so..Alas Saddam knew he was getting other goodies from China..So what's in a chocolate.

Now "Churchill" is a much more serious matter... I am quite confident that you have benefited (as I) from the chilling passageways of the Internet, albeit in the annals of historical revisionism.
No...I am not speaking of David Irving or Ernst Zundel or the 900lb gorilla in the room(royalty to Eric Margolis on that one)..I am referring to Churchill...WW1...same Kurds...gas...All documented for your immediate attention and something I doubt an American would remind the USA and/or the Brits of, as I think that only John Wayne...Audie Murphy..the Roadrunner and [the complete deductible] "Churchill" remain their heroes.
To a lot of British kids(young and old) Galloway(like him or not) is a hero and you want to spoil all that for the sake of a little cash on hand...You must remember Greg....there is/was only one Jesus.

The American Cunninghams..Abramoffs..Franklins .. Libbys ... Delays .. Frists .. must be delighted with your swashbuckling approach toward one more enemy of the White House establishment
Who have you really helped today Greg....pray tell.

"Friends and comrades, this is not about George Galloway. He's just another self-promoting fart. Six months from now, even his smell will be gone."
I say again words twice.."Who have you helped today Greg....pray tell..or forever hold thy peace"
Place a bet with you Greg(a Starbucks Special)..In six months time the odour will be so overpowering and acidic that the Israelis will bottle it and sell it to North Korea and/or the good US of Pay
Plentiful pulpit indicates that..see here
"But we have to be very careful. I mean, there is plenty of evidence that Saddam Hussein is a bloodthirsty killer, lying thief. He hides weapons of mass destruction and probably has several Mason jars filled with ugly little bugs. To me, we have to be careful going to the bait -- that the issue is not whether Saddam Hussein is, you know, keeping some botulism in his medicine cabinet. The real question is: "Is war the answer?" ...et al.. I bet you wish you could erase all that codswallop from the Net..eh Greg.

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You like so many other scribes of war only live for the moment at hand and that which enters the vicinity of the dollar sign..
Credibility today cannot be utilised as a tactical tool for informing the reader..It is a very delicate attribute and must be earned honestly..The Net is the great equaliser,for the public can reseach and verify that what you posit

And then you insist on staying on message
"We've always known that he's had weapons of mass destruction. The reason we know that is that the United States encouraged him to begin that nuclear weapons program, as I disclose in my new book. We gave Hussein a wink and a nod to manufacture a nuke because we believe that he was going to vaporize the Iranians in the 1980's during their war. That's how we know he has a program -- because we built it for him. And no one wants to talk about that, especially Mr. Bush since his daddy was the architect of the Iraqi program "..et al..

Once upon a time I had a very good friend, a fellow Welshman(true story)..He also worked for the BBC..You probably have had lunch with him..He produced excellent 'shows' like "Tomorrows World".."Man Alive" and many more and wrote best sellers.. He is the author of, among many others, "Enola Gay", "Pontiff", "Desire and Denial", "Journey into Madness" and of course "Seeds of Fire".Some have been turned into award winning movies..He was convinced as were you Greg ,that Saddam was out to annihilate the world..
He like you Greg did not question those that brought the message as the message fermented into sales and new memberships...I question his assertions constantly to such a degree that we started shouting very loud at each other...We have not spoken for over 2 years..He has been very ill apparently.

.I am a retired Professional Engineer and for that privileged occupation one do not.....repeat-do not accept data..design and/or computations unless one is 100000% confident that people will not be injured or die due to laziness and/or incompetence.The responsibility of a Journalist maybe even greater..far greater than the value of his/her mortgage.

"The thing is that the average Briton likes Americans, and Americans like the British"
JUst AMERICANA GREGORY ....just Americana ...You have forgotten about WW1(1914-1918) and WW2(1939-1945) already [save for Doris Day.. John Wayne and Audie Murphy]..And as a matter of TIMING,where were you blokes for 6 of those 12 years....50% attendance do not a friend make, particularly when the friend has their "Empire" stolen.......We Brits, at the time, wondered whether the Americans were using the Caesarian or Gregorian calendar Greg.....just a thought beachboy.

Gregory,apparently you do not know what a Brit is ..see your "The United States essentially has only one major ally that's supporting this attack Iraq agenda, and it's England "... WE will, for historical rationale, ignore your igno-rant rant on the composite "British" ...... However,since we the Brits are responsible for ALL your history.(even starting your Civil War for you)... Listen in attentively...
1...The English are the Germanic tribes Angles and Saxons with some Jute thrown in for stabilisation (note!!..without a 'Z')..
2...The Scots are a Irish tribe called the "Scotti" plus some "Picti", again for balance...... albeit sobriety this time..
The original Britons were the Welsh
3...The Welsh(Old Germanic word for alien/foreigner/barbarian) are the original Brits(then called Kymry in Caesar's time..no not George W)
4...The Irish are 'Keltoi"(celts) from Northern Europe mixed with Scandinavians(you look it up)........ and St Patrick was Kymric(Welsh).

The population mix today(in the UK] is/will be superior to that which showed Bushpilot and tail-gunner Blair how to assassinate that which is critical in maintaining life on this planet..Freedom...Compassion and Knowledge.

If you are a man of conviction and integrity, then posit your argument here..and stop hiding/shrinking/ behind the book-leaves of literary commerce,Separate yourself from the 'other' Americans who live the life of "double agents"..Be they Hersh, Chomsky,Madsen,Moore or others yet to show greater visibility.

Ignorance for a writer is not an excuse...It is inexcusable,unpardonable and unforgivably egostical if they chose to print that which is foreign to their knowledge and intellectual ability and/or discipline.

Without malice or intent to injure[of course]

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