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19 December 2006

Frances Harrison for the BBC See Here

To the BBC From Troedyrhiw below


Your reporter at large Mr/Ms(?) Harrison..shows a remarkable depreciatory,uncomplimentary yet albeit predetermined,tendentiousness bias/prejudice toward/against those that MAY agree(if they chose to)with the Tehran Conference Speakers, be they... white-black-yellow-atheists-disbelievers-nonbelievers-believers-unbelievers-radicals-liberals-conservatives-young-aged-new-old-pastors-rabbis-Ph.d's-laymen..whomever

I exhausted(in peace time-1950's)several years in Bergen-Belsen with the 4th Royal Horse Artillery..7th Armoured Brigade(Desert Rats)at the Hohne Garrison..It is still there(see Goggle Earth)..I NEVER EVER seen any "gas chambers" during my Military Service whilst in Bergen Belsen... I am a Scientific Research Engineer.

Moreover,what is more significant, there was no discussion,casual or detailed or inference or awareness by local residents and/or the Military Personnel stationed in and around the Belsen Camp..The nuanced joke or referencing was also non-existant in the Belsen area....It was a very big Garrison..

Whomever "Frances Harrison" is, or is trying to be..He/She should ASK THEMSELVES NOW........"Do I want to make/be the news or gather the news".."Do I want fame and riches or do I want a satisfying life"..."Do I want wonderful scoops or do I want the truth".."Do I want to tell my kids the Victors version only or do I want them to find the truth themselves(McCain and Internet permitting)"..."Do I want to perpetuate yet another conflict or should I endeavour to be an arbitrator"..."Do I have the knowledge to make this a lead-story or do I have the capacity and time to research further"..."Do I want to pursue my agenda(fame and riches) or do I really want to know how Jesus would handle this.....And finally ....."Do I want to end up in College(British slang for prison) or do I have the support of my Colleges and Managers in searching for this enigma called truth"

The TRUTH is screaming for its capture..Go and find it...and you will find that the MEMORY need not be defragmented as there is NOTHING to remember...Your Children will look up and smile in awe...This is possibly the rationale for the Orthodox Rabbis attending the Conference..a little known fact that Frances just 'happen' to miss.Yet is was reported elsewhere on the BBC site.

Being a pre-WW2 Welsh-born-Brit(no oxymoron there)yet now living in Canada..I find it absolutely ignominiously disgraceful witnessing from 7000 miles away the total crushing affect and subsequent curtailment of "freedoms" and cogitating processes(thinking) in the British Isles with the retrenchment of the "winners" interlingual renditioning of that terrifying War .....and persisting even to this very day..

We all at one time or another visited the local cemeteries to show respectfulness to the fallen.They being.. Russian..German.. Brit..Yank.. Jew..Romano and Slav....Many residents/prisoners died from Typhus Fever and Rickettsial disease and other maladies, primarily through a complete lack of food and clean water..Those agonising photographs (skin and bones)taken by the British Forces at that time were distributed around the Hohne Garrison in the 50's..I can still remember and commemorate those thoughts and feelings I had at the time as did my room-mate and fellow Welshman "Tommy"......It was one of complete shame and a state of dishonour existed , acknowledging full well that the lack of food and medicine was not the fault or blame of the Germans....or Russians..
Being relatively naive and unknowledgeable in the TRUTH and COURSE of WW2, we as a group..two Taffys..three Paddie..two Cockneys..two Gordie..and a Brummy.. all between the ages of 18-23 had already ascertained the truth ...... from our Staff Sergeant.. "Mr Bendar"

You may very well ask how do I know this, other than from Staff Sergeant Bendar.
My 17 year-old German girlfriend(from Bergen) told me the story told to her by her father...of her uncle's and aunt's cruel struggle to get to the camp every day to labour under terrible conditions..One was a cook and the other.... a mass grave of many apparently.....They were Jewish....

Trial by Truth will always battle the successfulness of War and Death....By Genetic Design we all(but a few)very consciously and deliberately repress and muffle the sounds of the killing fields and the raping and ravishment of the children and the women too weak to fight back..
Facing up to the reality of War and Death and pre-emptively extracting the evilness from each consecutive conflict , will give caution to those that attempt to spin an agenda for profit or power.
You amputate any particular freedom/svoboda and you will witness a people set for insurrection...It THEN only depends on the rapidity and speed of the bullet to keep it at arms length...An enlightened and knowlegable public will always succede.....the more the better.....Do you know what your kids learned at school today?

Without becoming "Anti-Brit" or "Anti BBC" and there is no cause to even think otherwise..let us just analyse a half dozen sentences scribed by Frances and see how the 'reporter' tries to BECOMES THE NEWS

1.."Quite the contrary - all publicity is good publicity for these sort of people"

"these sort of people".. Wow...profiling by the reporter..Bang goes any pending "racism" charges against David Duke..Does Frances realise that (s)he would be charged with "Multiple Racist" offenses if there wasn't a double standard being exercised here..... There were several ethnic and culturally different people speaking at this Conference..I believe there was at least two hedonist or was he a Corinthian....two Jutese..three West Saxons, four AngloSaxon ,one Angle and only one Infidel, not counting any journalists...and the five Rabbis of course .

2.."but also white supremacists and anti-Semites."

Obviously Frances is not aware that many many Arabs and Muslims are "Semites"..Some still speak Aramaic in.southwestern Asia..ask Mel Gibson..Far far more that what Israel can muster..So our journalistic journeyman/woman is saying that they hate themselves(Self Hating Arabs-SHA) and should seek psychological counselling from the Austrian neurologist and cigar smoking pedophile and paedophile Siggy Freud or the Swiss-knifeman and psychologist Carl Gustav Jung... ASAP... Frances also does not know that Abraham was an Arab from Iraq(Mesop..) and Moses was from Iran(Pers..)..So we Christians and the original People of Judea(where ever they may be now) can thank those nasty blokes with long dresses on for our belief in goodness and decency....Some catcher should be standing behind our corresponding correspondent when someone informs the embattled emigrant that they are factual realities..

3.."it took my mother more than three months to get a tourist visa for Iran."

There..Mum was feeling quite comfortable in taking an holiday in the Land of tenacious Nuclear seeking Engineers and Scientists...Yet our Globe trotting hero/heroine was less frighten of "suicide bombers" and "tsunamis"(see 4)..By this admission I can assume(by default) that Frances arrived in the areas of 'conflict' AFTER the terrible events took place...except the "suicide bomber" of course,unless of course Frances is not telling the whole t******...No must get those thoughts out of the way

4.."I have interviewed suicide bombers, sexually-abused children, raped women - I have seen the devastation of war and the tsunami. But I have never reported on anything like this"

How does one sit down(comfortably of course), take the tape and note pad out your pocket and talk to a "suicide bomber"..Pre-emptive Journalism maybe ... Frances may be onto to something here afterall...All of a sudden the WHOLE story-line comes tumbling down...This always happens when a 'professional scribe' does not trouble themselves by reading what they have just put to paper..."Its the storyline that matters stupid"

5.."There's a photograph on the internet of a young David Duke wearing a swastika on his arm."

There were more of Old Rumsfeld arm wrestling with Saddam the Sad... yet got very limited MSM coverage when the going was good and the good could not get going.
David Duke has said dozen of times over these last 10 years that he does not hate Black people anymore...He even(last year I believe)admitted that his life as a KKK leader was his shame...If he is not telling the truth....then I nominate Frances to research these allegations and report back here in 8 weeks..with or without Rice and Powell in tow....OR...Establish the identity and car registration plates of all the landlords and landladys who rent their bottom of the garden toilets out to the Masonic Lodges that have forgotten what they were originally established for(the Masons that is)....OR..The Bildebergs.... OR... The Illuminatti ..OR..The CFR.... OR.... The West Sussex Old Age Bingo Hall that are apparently giving the Sally Ann Jumble sale Organising Committee a hell of a time by accepting credit cards off non-believers.

Extracts from Internet
" Almost every race, religion and continent honored the swastika -- a perfect example of the universal spread of a symbol thru the collective unconscious used by American Indians, Hindus, Buddhists, Vikings, Greeks, Romans, Celts, Anglo-Saxons, Mayans, Aztecs, Persians, Christians, and neolithic tribes. There are even Jewish swastikas found in ancient synagogues side-by-side with the star of David!"

"Rudyard Kipling used the swastika as his coat-of-arms, Coca Cola made a swastika-shaped lucky watch fob,American pilots used it on their planes when they fought for the French in World War One, it was the symbol for the Ladies Home Journal sponsored Girls' Club and the Boy Scouts. A town in Ontario was named Swastika in 1911 because of a lucky gold strike."

"The swastika was associated with the hammer of Thor which returned to him like a boomerang, the footprints of Buddha, the emblem of Shiva, Apollo, Jupiter, and even Jesus Christ! The swastika was the first Christian symbol and is found in the catacombs in Rome. Hindus and Buddhists to this day still revere the swastika as their sacred sign. Jains make the sign of the swastika similar to the Christian sign of the cross. "

6.."But when all the delegates were taken to see President Ahmedinejad for a mutual admiration session, the BBC, unlike other foreign media, was excluded from covering it. So much for Iranian freedom of speech. "

In Frances start of column we read .."In the BBC there's a lot of talk about impartial al"..That dear friends is the crux of the matter at hand..If there is chatter then there is most likely someone or something that is deviant from the norm..The "norm" at this stage has not been identified/fixed as the status quo..If it is a "someone" then the chatter would NOT be prominent if the person was NOT in a elevated and/or influential position..So what can one, with a degree of certainty obviously conclude...That someone... powerful in position(but naked when out of position)may not be identifying the long term social and political benefits for the British People and that Making The News(MTN) originates from the Top....What we call in North America(soon to be renamed in 2010) as "Fox-ing... sly and lie-high"

As a Scientific Research Engineer for many years,One can only shudder at the prospect of (say)the Chief SRE cultivating an agendum that induces fear,uncertainty and unwarranted prattle in the labs and conference suites...If "there's a lot of talk about impartial broadcasting" in the offices of the BBC and that chatter is caused by a "something" then that would indicate that maybe a "small group" of people are manipulating the ultimate direction of news-reporting and news-casting..Some of the news-casters and news-reporters support the group,but ordinarily the majority will not...It is a humanistic trait that the majority will always be led, notwithstanding the rights and wrongs of their differences or challenge..If the pressroom and newsroom can ascertain the conflicting aspects of the problems/cases, then sure as hell will never freeze over..the populace and Irani Presidents will identify it just as quickly ...........even without an American stylistic leak

Only other quote on BBC site(limited search) attributed to Frances Harrison on the "Hate Conference" was:
"Iran knows this conference is going to cause outrage abroad but it says it wants to test the limits of the West's commitment to freedom of speech, says the BBC's correspondent in Tehran, Frances Harrison. "

"Cause outrage abroad"..Yes. undoubtebly...There will be by at least 6 million(perfect digits per New York Times 1921)) out of the 14.6 million Jewish people in the world that will not be happy at all with was has transpired in Tehran..There will be far far more gentiles and goys in a world population 6.25 billion that will even not be aware of this conference even taking place...We should never forget "perspective"..It is the manner in which all good people should use that cerebral contractile organ when confronted with propagandarised poppycock.. beit from Tehran or Tel Aviv.or Treblinka....... or even White City.

The new paradigm = One agendarised newspaper and websites = 3 million readers = Profit = Satisfaction = Status Quo = Repeat every 8 hours
Since Iran or any other Arab/Muslim nation has no monopoly in this sphere,then it can anticipated,they that own and control the media, control what is said and how it will be said...Not necessarily what and how it WAS said.
I wonder what the appeal would be if(say)The Vatican or even the Church of England, having a couple of dozen large megawatt transmit/receive towers, thought that it would be good evangelistic licence to spread "The Word" to the rest of the world via the airwaves...Alas ..Faith, Honesty, Love and Truth is not spread that way.......ask Jesus.......or Moses.......or even Swaggart, Falway and Robertson if it comes to that:-))

I appreciate the treasured clock time that you spent interpreting this rebuttal of a "character" that is not known from Adam..:-))
Now...after not being influence or moulded by the character itself and the super-structure that surrounds those that necessitates academic isolation, the time has come to Hit The Google Buttom and discover more about this fascinating interviewer of 'suicide bombers'.."Frances Harrison" ........Hope to God there is no relationship to George

Frances Harrison apparently is female. Frances Harrison
"Born to an English banker father and a half-Pakistani, England-born and bred mother in London, and married to an Iranian whom she met when she joined the BBC World Service Radio (South Asia region) in 1989",..Sunday Observer UK)

Instantly recognisable now...Frances and I met via a BBC broadcast on this Friday's BBC News fron Saudi Arabia(29 Dec)..Quiet embarassing really for the lady from the BBC..Frances and her camera man (an Austrian)were filming the crowd at Mecca..
Speaking as do all BBC reporters with that Italianic emphasis on hand and elbow movements and that quite horrible "semi-posh" pendulumic English "White City" induced accent ..and that is not Frances's fault(and I.. an English loving Welshman)..
The surrounding crowd mostly men seemed restive and their "body English" suggested that they were a little angry..It was apparent to the veiwer that they were affronted by a "woman" who unknowingly(obviously)was exhibiting a very low hairline(so to speak).
For a brief moment Frances recognised her dilema and move faster "up the hill" with her voice raising just a couples of decibels..The men started to restrict any possible getaway(it seemed)..yet that "Austiran"(sp?) camerman kept that expensive Japanese model PR-ZZ666 as steady as a rock(brilliant focusing)...The Producer who is also called the "fixer" at the BBC then followed that clip with Frances talking to a beautiful black Muslim(Somalian possibly)with a phenomenal smile who so gently put her hand to the side of Frances's face and calmly tuck her hair underneath the headcloth..
It was quite wonderful to see..with Frances thanking her with a beam that needed no script...I just hope that the French were looking in at that magic moment of understanding.

God.. I now wish that "Frances" had been a man...Much easier(and justifiable) to critique...After all,they all like to think they are a Dimbleby or an Attenborough(Richards or Davids)

Good Night and Good Luck



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