Joe Vialls..Who Will Now Follow This Man Of Eutectic Steel

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Gulf War One..US Commander asks British SAS to find Saddam's Scuds, else Israel threatened to enter war..Has anything changed?

Truth and reality is never an op-ed or a continuum of a journalists essay...It must be sought in arrogant fashion if need be..As you are aware,the vast majority of people work hard all day and are starved of the rested hours necessary to search and research truth,thereby they have little option but to trust that meal that is placed in front of them(CNN al).....

In truth, an optimist is lazy..a pessimist is a Cassandra(prophetic but never believed)...a neocon or terrorist is confused ..a policist is an enigma.. a pacifist is irenic(conciliatory).. BUT the conspiritualist knows that the three hypotheses he has in the palm of his hand..One is the truth..
The reality of today's problems is shared by all.It is only the argument for truth that is different..(Troedyrhiw 2004)

Joe.... You my friend ARE the better ..
Now I will have to changed my Home Page for the first time in three years.
You have set the bar very high for those that follow Joe.
As you have said before .."There are some good young kids out there who knows what is happening in this terrible world of ours".......Indeed there is and we all wish them well.

A very very sad day for truth.
The Mysterious Mr Vialls..Which one do you think
There was another guy almost two thousand years ago who .....
..... Like Joe,strove bravely for the truth and faced the very same enemy that JoeFamed Alan Wilson Welsh Historian and English Geneologist Baram Blackett's Verified Cross of King Arthur..From the 5/6th Century..Uncovered during Archeological dig in South East Wales..UK has encountered..
He like Joe was thrown out of many sites.
He like Joe attempted to point them in a direction where the eyes could see freely.
He like Joe was way, way ahead of his time.
He like Joe fought for every word, every sentence to be heard and not distorted by his enemy..
He like Joe did not fear those that poured scorn and envy in his direction
He like Joe knew the truth would eventually overcome lie and deceit.
He like Joe understood the peoples frustrations of war,want and wastage.
He like Joe worked 24-7 to bring truth and understanding to a World wrapped up in the image of avarice and acute greed.

He like Joe had millions of followers who will spread their word.
He like Joe took the time to talk to people and induce positive thinking.
He likes Joe and has much to talk over with him...He and Joe are very unique men.
He with Joe still has faith in the young people to carry on their never-ending message..Truth first,then Peace and love.
He who thinks this way,be-devils the World

Maybe this man will carry on from where Joe left off..Worth the wait..This is how Parliament should be ..ALL the time..Answerable



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