Letter to David Lindorff at Counterpunch.Org


Your journalistic currency has just been cashed in for Euros..The Irani's favourite.
How can ANYONE with an education,(assumed-yet not verifiable at this point in time) scribble an article (1426 words in length )where the main theme of such is WAR,USA and IRAN and make no reference to or the printed word ISRAEL or ISRAELI.......
I have search for .... Zion ....Yisrael.....Palestine ...Eretz...Philistia....Promised Land....Galilee (Jesus signed warrent for search)....Judea ...Samaria...and even the "land flowing with milk and honey" et al.... But no luck.......
Iran is mentioned 21 times...
Saudi Arabia=2
Kuwail is mentioned
U.A.Emirates is mentioned
Korea is mentioned
Israel is not even mentioned as existing on the map.....How totally discusting

What possibly and precisely is your order of business David(agendum)...
Many readers will see this anomalousness and wonder if the Israeli's have taken a well deserved vacation in Aruba in the Netherlands Antilles
The overwhelming attempts (ignoring the nuanced ) to push Bush and Cheney to the front of the French-Vietnamese like guillotine line-up is duly noted..This is the crux of your future Internet legislation ..is it not.........
Bush takes the blade for all, leaving the reprieved to live another day and possibly move on to ...say... China.......or God forbid.......back to the USSR...(lots of Christians...still to kill)
Alas a bloke by the name of Putin happens to know all their tricks and more importantly ....their treats.

Strongly advise you ,read your article lento (very slllllllowly) and then enquire of yourself (self diagnostic)as to whether the US are in a position to strike first...Notwithstanding the state of affairs constantly erupting in Iraq and the magnificent defeat of those terrible Afghani fighters...thee Taliban..
The USS Enterprise would be at the bottom of the Persian Gulf within 30 mins on striking at Iran..
Do you even know the weaponry and systems that Iran has in its possession..I do...as did "Joe Vialls" at the time....and that was back then.
Do you even know the transport and channelise corridors that are aviable from Russia/China/ Pakistan and the Ukraine to the country of Iran...
Do you not think that Russia would not "jam"(always have) any US satellite tracking mechanism when transporting ANY missiles to Iran through these corridors.......they do/they have /they will..
You are writing a children's fairy tale for the sake of filling in blank space...
Same sentencing with minor variations in paragraph structure that you and many others have transcribed many times before.....Nothing original........CNN/Fox in text..

If I remember correctly, your previous article articulated the very same intimacies with just the timeline interchanged. from even a previous 'expose'
In the current article, your admission to this fact does not provide any respite or a nuanced divagation, but just furnishes a hiatus from that journalistic enigma ....called "truth"..
This is called self-denial plagiarism is it not !!!.. Self-ish Plagiarism...

Why do writers of script like your contempories Nimmo and Herman and Palast and Madsen and Fisk(recently) and many more "wordsmith processors" regurgitate(chuck up)this already habituated(used) and depleted rhetorical language of war and death with a thousand bomblets..If your combination of syllables are not in good order, then it is DEAD...just as dead as Monty Python's parrot.

Place a bet. with you David(Dai in Welsh...pronouced Di)..for a Can$100 bill .
I say no war within the next year ....What will you say..Give me a date before... say....1st March 2007(St David's Day for the Welsh).....and don't forget the USS Enterprise burns a lot of fuel every day. and is a very very large target at sea level. ......and 2,000mph
Then we can have the same bet this time again next year......Agree
If I lose this bet.(strange things do happen you know)......Double or quits on Israel having no Nukes..Just the most arrogant audacity mixed with an abundance of insolence and unmitigated effrontery...

Bush is desperately looking around (as is Blair) for a life/face-saving presidential "legacy"...Even a 'fluke' hit on any ship/envoy-troop causing injury and death is a nightmare to him.....This is one time that Bush does not want a "Pearl Harbour"..But will Cheney convince the Israeli's
His administration ,"the comeback kids", could not care a dam,,for they will be employed by big bribes..big oil..big pharma..big security.(UK probably)big distillery and even bigger assholes

If you are looking for questions to get your teeth into..see blogger at foot of page.


Reminder to self...He never answered the letter , so I cannot collect the bet:-)


19 Sept 2010
It is almost 4 years since above "linked article" was deflated by yours truly..Now we see a very "Different" David Lindorff 4 years later..
Has he recently read my listing...questions 392 to 399 FROM 2002.AD
He writes here on Rense
Then Here on his shared site with a few others

This is the very same David/Dave..see wiki..Wiki Here



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