Constant Amended War Rhetoric

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To:Jeff Rense
Date:-30 Jan 2007
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A Case to Doubt the Constant Amended War Rhetoric of Agent Provocateurs and Politically Perverted Word Processors.

This is what is called bravery..Just a young American lady that had hope and compassion for other people...Where were ALL the Politicians and Press at the time...bloody shameful Sorry dad..Just one more time..Forgive them.. for they STILL know not what they are doing..Pleeeease have another word with them

It really challenges the mindset when we witness that which the German people will probably not acknowledge for some time ,that being, what the hell really materialised before,during and after WW2(and WW1) really does chafe the cerebral muscle.
The Poolitical Houses and German scholarly Historical Ph.D's appear to be of the Yiddish stigma..A Newspaper cutting taken from the Nuremburg War Trial Archives

The Russian people never knew..the German people never knew..But today, this World has the Internet...This will be your biggest sustain and protect with your life the complimentary nature of the blogger.

There is an excellent article "Stalin Intended To Strike Hitler First"..By Henry Makow on the Jeff Rense Site Here
Professor Makow also provides a link to another site that discusses the origins of Russia's demise which chills the thinking process,yet screams out loud the remedy for conditions that exist today...if you can find the book recommened.

One should not get further demoralised with the Iran/US state of affairs..This War will never happened...
Russia-1918 and its "Bolshevisms".. that be the making of the Communist or bringing into accord with Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili... aka a youthLenin and the mob

Communist principles and control by the Bolsheviks, is/was ostensibly a carbon copy of current circumstances(as other writers confirm) that revolves around the same, yet another incubated brood of neoconvicts and many other writers also corroborates.

Throwing Nuclear Weapons at Iran ,be they from Israel(if they have any codes) or out of the US arsenal will produce a physical environment which will make the Canadian Manitobian..Saskatchewan's and Albertan prairie grain farmers really smile in anticipation.....even the Albertan tar sands moguls maybe
If George Bush decides to hit the button in a bout of hysterical neurosis..the Russia 1919..Germany 1933..USA ..1988-2007.Frau Condi does her rice recipe strip showSplit Personalities..or the Combo-Sexual Candidate for 2008...what a drag

dictation will not be adhered to by the Armed Forces for they understand the logistics and subsequent consequences of such a manic decision...(see below)

The minimum 'fallout' from modern nuclear weapons is on an entirely different scale to that which was dropped on the Japanese......"Minimum fallout" is just an axle spin for the orientation of missile penetration...
As some may be aware, the Mini Nukes and DU weapons fall-out, being used in Iraq
the skeletal of civilisation...By MSG's ..yet all by choiceand Afghanistan have been detected as far away as Britain by Scientists and Engineers ....although Mr Blair will not confirm.

The 'trade winds' during the spring time "surges" directly through lower Russia and northern/western China
Needless to say Putin(our best bet for eventual Democracy and a degree of honest Capitalism) and the Chinese will not be just having a cup of tea.
Just realised the political irony of that last sentence... Yet the possibility is encouraging, considering.... et al .

Distances(Google Earth Pro)
(Assume 5,000mph for all missiles.....for argument sake)

Russia(Black Sea) Dimona 888 miles...Time of Flight(ToF) from back of truck =10.5 mins (approx)
Israel(Dimona) Tehran 998miles
Israel(Dimona) nearest nuclear plant(Bushr)..=998 miles
Israel(Sorek) nearest nuclear plant(Bushr)..=1038 miles
That Black Sea to Dimona 110 mile difference in Russia's favour means that on a launch from Dimona to say the Bushr facilities or Tehran the Putin missile(SS-27) will hit Olmert's front porch as a SET of warheads 80 seconds before the Bushr facility goes up in atomic smoke, whereupon the Cheney's shareholders and Exxon and BP executives will gasp in astonishment at the imminent probability of solar or wind driven automobiles and passenger jets and no future contracts for a thousand years............until Jesus comes back
If Israel sends missiles at Tehran,the Russians OR the Iranians can knock them out right over the center of Iraq and the heads of American kids..Same applies to ANY target the Israeli choose..that is..the Chosen People should choose..of course..Their planes will be taken out even earlier in Western Arabia or Western Iraq

Is it possible that Putin may have... already hand delivered a couple of truck launching Topol SS-27 to Ajad (thats what he calls him apparently)...TWO would be quite enough...Has the Israeli+US intelligencio improved.

Very Important
From South-East Russia(tip of) to Tehran is 430 miles..The batteries of Russian Same F16 that killed 4 Canadians kids in Afghanistan..and no apology this very daydefensive missiles can take out any incoming Israeli missiles or jets with that time of flight and distance differential.

That means the Israelis need to work from Iraqi territory..Shiites permitting of course...Or alternatively,be quickly inducted into NATO and replace the Canadian troops in South-Western Afghanistan and hit Ajad up the behind...Ajad knows all this..This is possibly the rationale for the taunting of Bush and his Likudic Lucky Strikes.
Could this be the rationality why the Israelis would prefer the sons and daughters of the American Republic to do their dying....Just the most arrogant audacity mixed with an abundance of insolence and unmitigated effrontery...

The Irani has proved that the loss of blood can be worth the struggle(1 million divided by 2)..Will the Israeli and American people have the stomach for massive casualties..Simple question..heart rendering contemplation.

It is all a question of Common Sense..Humanistic Understanding and Logistical Thinking.....Nobody really wants to die..

Ps...Apologise for website presentation..Hackers or blogspot ???... many stories are missing apparently


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