Scottish Herald's Neil Mackay doing a Thomas-No doubt about it.

Neil Mackay.
Sunday Herald


Ref your....
Editorial Commentary "America's war on the web"(See here)
(byScotland's award-winning independent newspaper)..

Apparently you do not have anything to offer those that see the Net as the ultimate democratic welding machine for citizens to take back their own backyards..

As an Engineer and Research Scientist I can assure you and your staff that the hundreds of thousand of "hackers' and 'crackers' and 'phreakers' at large, are far too powerful/intelligent for a couple of hundred/thousand shirt and tie Pentagon Staffers who (some)still attempt to work with the "Pentium 2" machines...and Norton Virii software...Shameful... and third world spending, yet the $trillions go missing...Write about that when you get the time and journalistic inclination.

The strategy of the 'nasty nerds' is very well documented and have infiltrated..... many years ago any functionality of that which government can devise..They are already(according to sources) within the structure of government..George B is not the only leaky freaky person in the White House you know.

Your fear mongering is just deplorable and irresponsible,,Have you no "Scottish News" to publish..albeit rumours and innuendo..Just keep out of the Technological World of Surveillance and Security and clean your ACT up..You attempt to make the news and not report it is quite saddening indeed...and it smells to high heaven.

Indulge in your memory...You are 'reporters'...just reporters..nothing more...Never forget it..Stay in your pigeon hole.
Wishful thinking on the resurgence of print and video media by attempting to induce fear and smearing of the Net is quite fool hardy..Move with the 'young kids'...This be the end of the Renaissance... albeit just 460 years.

For the young, will be the responsibility for your welfare and possibly your latter day pensions..Heed the warnings now and not be caught with your pants/knickers down... around your ankles.

This 'Editorial' is the rhetorical thinking of Bush/Rumsfeld in Feb 2001..Are you aware of this ..You have all the OLD 'buzz' material and colloquial phraseology down pat...I strongly suggest that you put down the Harry Potter or the Book on Goats and decide to perform dedicated research and conclusive fact generation...

Your "
known as pysops"(sic) quite 'inciteful' and indicates that Mr Bond(your nationalist) is indeed looking over your shoulder
Your "and seen by the Sunday Herald"...Quite laughably and disingenuous..Recommend a brief stay in the phoning of Gordon Thomas the Welsh writer living in Ireland.."Seeds of Fire" et al.....

You should be extremely careful and diligent as Menwith Hill (situated just off the A59 between Harrogate and Skipton)...could be listening in..Just cannot trust those Yanks anymore will certainly be looking at this mail..

On closing..Here are some pointers to a 'potential' REAL story that has enormous ramifications and concerns the US Auto-Union pension investments..Google..Amdocs(again and again)...Tel Aviv...Extortionate salaries...and the co-founder of Sun Microsystems...Then forget about your Pentagon hyperbolic article.

I will look-in.. in about two weeks..Now go to it and comeback with the Willy Wallace would say.

If I decide to blog this reply I will need to employ better grimmer grammar and a little sophistication maybe..

I will email you a copy...Promis(without and 'e' of course)


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