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From: Troedyrhiw
To: Daniel Pipes
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Sent:Saturday, October 02, 2004 12:53 AM

Subject:Excellence in Honesty and Persecution

Lets carve it up now George before the people change their mind


What is this invisible motivation...this passion... this internal molecular nano-engine....this inner centrifugal force that perpetuates the need to HATE.. and dislike intensely.with an overpowering antipathy and/or aversion toward fellow humans be they Arab or Muslim and possibly other peoples,particularly other "Semites"

What do you think about when you lie in your bed at night after seeing video bytes of an Israeli child lying in the gutter,... blown to pieces after a suicide bombing or an IDF marksman shoot a stone throwing Palestinian kid through the head from 300 yards away...Does the belated writing of the article (in a safe environment)give you any more cause to differentiate between Gods children.

As 'instructed', I have perused your article The Islamic States of America (with a somewhat jaundice eye) and feel strongly that you may have underestimated the effect of that bottle of Old Scotch Whiskey(1894) sent to you by the tenured academics at Berkley.
Are you losing your mind my friend...
I have been on the phone..constantly...all day long ...explaining to Perle,Kristol, Wolfowitz,Asper,Leeden,Dichter,Bauer, Rove,Lieberman,Feith and your piggy bank friend Con'radical' Black, that the article BELOW could not possible have sprouted from the pen of their most treasured and compliant soldier in the field.... "Daniel"

Furthermore, I personally, feel extremely disappointed in the manner in which your are representing the "Chosen People"
Moreover,your approach to lessening the hurtful consequences of Semitic fundamentalism and its overriding agenda to suppress and injure is quite saddening.

The Jewish peoples are few..They cannot afford extreme confrontation..Other countries can...The proliferation of nuclear weapons is quite frightening to those that cherish Mother Earth ,yet your self indulgent intellectual immunization and moralistic flack jacket seems to provide you with a protection that renders all other peoples dreams ...null and void...very much like the somewhat cyclical "Kol Nidre." i.e. ,Temporary Standing orders to God.
Your attitude and rationale in fermenting conflict lies only in the hands of those that are hurting inside..The driving force cannot only be the mortgage payments surely.

"The Truth will stand on its own merit "...Benjamin H. Freedman (apparently a "self hating Jew" as THEY would call him)

Your emphatic disrespect for peoples that are other than that of your "faith" is most disconcerting..One would assume by default that with 14,500,000 peoples of the Jewish faith(assumed), facing an 'opposition' of over 1,480,000,000 of the Muslims faith(assumed),you would adopt a more cautionary, meditative and educated philosophy toward overwhelming odds...Statistically,the Jewish population would only provide the probably "limits of tolerance" of certainty for a general distribution analysis if "A Bell Curve Distribution "(ABCD) were graphically constructed from individual characteristics of the Muslim masses...I hope you get my nuance here.

The "Samson Option" in today's portable nuclear technology and proliferation of such ,beit clean or dirty, is both redundant and suicidal thinking, providing only sparse satisfaction before annihilation...
Sitting in your lazyboy and kicking keyboard keys(KKK), discretely promoting/ advocating hatred and subversive activity and a million miles from the crisis ,somehow, I don't think the Israeli people will succumb to your continuous anti-Semitic messaging directed toward those that are suffering from the very same disease as the Jewish State of Israel...That disease, being the combination of the ever present festering of disinformation(read lies) that corrupts democracy and good old USA style capitalism going mad.... manufactured,manipulated and mastered by you and your ilk.

In the 1950's,Avril Harriman(New York Governor), overseas and representing the US Government was posed a question by an Indian newsreporter "Do you think that it is a good idea for India to have the Atomic Bomb"..Harriman apparently paused a while and said " are much closer to China than is a good idea"
That Q&A should provide an answer to the Israeli's peoples question Why the hell are we sitting here in the middle of hell,with all this Nuclear Armament and all this financial backing and love notes from the good old US of A.....we are only 5.1 million souls (read sacrificial lambs) "

.....and this from your own website (1998)
"Pipes has the unique ability to explain the complexities of the Middle East with eloquent simplicity[read deviation from norm]. But in spite of 15 years of disseminating information [I shudder] on the air, publishing 10 books, editing several others and publishing countless magazine and newspaper articles, Pipes still has not received a single offer from any university. Why?.."

If you are seeking wealth and power and recognition ,I am quite confident that someone could find a suitable Executive Position(EP) at the Columbian Cocaine and Coconut Company(CCCC)..It is of course mandatory to submit to them, in writing, an updated resu'me outlining your productive worth and notable achievements...Rabbi references are not necessary.
However,it is probably an advantage and therefore an asset, to have 'links' and/orYou are what you are ...pawns and I am King Snear contacts that may assist in the Planning / Operational /Q.Control / Transportation /Material Handling... and day to day running of "The Company'...e.g., Perle(Tamares, Ltd),Ledeen(Benador Associates),the Chalabi's(very Limited) or even Dr Alawi(Iraq Un-Limited)...While the Haliburton Chain'e is encouraged to participate you should be aware that future stock and bonus options are directly dependant on honesty and transparency...(put away that dictionary Daniel)

Note!!! Minutes of the last CCCC General Meeting
A..Conrad is hereby Blacklisted....
B..Perle is to be thrown back into the Sea,
C..The Chalabi's are untouchable
D..Dr Alawi's six-gun is to be removed from his back pocket..
.......have now been rescinded by unanimous vote.

Without malice or intent to injure...of course


The Zionistic States of America?

By Spaniel Pipes
1st October 2004

Amended version -by Troedyrhiw...Your fair and balanced reporter (actually-- black hair and drunk)
Daniel.Pipes's Original article Here

'Rules Of Semitic Engagement' (ROSE)splintered
Nothing more...Daniel's words are replaced by:-

1..Word 'Muslim' replaced by 'Jew'
2..Word 'Islamist' replaced by 'Zionist'
3..Word 'Islamic' replaced by 'Rabbinical'
4..Word 'Islam' replaced by 'Zionism'
5..Word 'Shari'a' replaced by 'Progressive Invention.'
6..Word 'God' replaced by 'Sharrie'
7..Word 'Qur'an' replaced by 'Torturous Talmud'
8..Words highlighted(blue) indicates word substitution only.
9..Words highlighted(blue) and in block brkts [..] is additional commentary
10.Words highlighted(golden) are from the Ten Commandments....apparently there are none

Article starts(amended)
The hardest thing for Westerners to understand is not that a war with militant Zionism is underway but that the nature of the enemy's ultimate goal. That goal is to apply the Rabbinical law (the "Progressive Invention"- P.I.) globally. In U.S. terms, it intends to replace the Constitution[to late ..mission accomplished.] with the Torturous Talmud.

This aspiration is so remote and far-fetched to many non-Jews, it elicits more guffaws than apprehension. Of course, that used to be the same reaction in Europe, and now it's become widely accepted that, in Monty Python's words, "Europe will be Zionist by the end of the century."

Because of the American skepticism about Zion's goals, I postponed publishing an article on this subject until immediately after 9/11, when I expected receptivity to the subject would be greater (it was published in November 2001 as "The Danger Within: Militant Zionism in America").

This paragraph is trying to tell us something..Indeed, Daniel Denial may have erred unwittingly..Lets give him the benefit of any doubt until such time as Bush/Blair and their neoconvicts are brought to Justice..But the para is extremely interesting in its original and amended form.

I argued there that..The Jewish population in this country is not like any other group, for it includes within it a substantial body of people—many times more numerous than the agents of Father Sharon and Mickey Mossad—who share with the assassins a hatred of the United States and the desire, ultimately, to transform it into a nation living under the strictures of militant Zionism.

The receptivity indeed was greater, but still the idea of an Zionist takeover remains unrecognized in establishment circles[joking of course] – the U.S. government[sic], the old media, the universities [oh yeh***], the mainline churches.[oh yeh***].

Therefore, reading "A Blair look at secretive Brotherhood in America," in the Haaa'aaaretz Tribunal on Sept. 19 caused me to startle. It's a long analysis that draws on an exclusive interview with Jerry "all is well" Falwell, the Zionist Brotherhood leader in the United States during 1984-94, plus other interviews and documentation. In it, the authors (Anita Coulter,Dai Horowitz, and Chucky Krauthammer ) warily but emphatically acknowledge the Zionists' goal of turning the United States into an Zionist state.

Over the last 40 years, small groups[sic] of devout Jewish men have gathered in homes in U.S. cities to pray[sic], memorize the Talmud [updated 20 Sept 2004] and discuss events of the day. But they also addressed their ultimate goal, one so controversial that it is a key reason they have operated in secrecy: to create Jewish states overseas and, they hope, someday in America as well. …

Brotherhood members emphasize that they follow the laws of the nations in which they operate. They stress that they do not believe in overthrowing the U.S. government[sic sic], but rather that they want as many people as possible to convert to Zionism so that one day—perhaps generations from now—a majority of Americans will support a society governed by Rabbinical law.[With personal revision and addendum's guaranteed every six months]

This Brotherhood approach is in keeping with my observation that the greater Zionist threat to the West is *** violence – flattening buildings, bombing railroad stations and nightclubs, seizing theaters,schools [and shooting little children through the head preferably – and not] the peaceful, legal growth of power through education, the law, the media[sic], and the political system[sic sic].

The Haaa'aaretz Tribunal article explains how, when recruiting new members, the organization does not reveal its identity but invites candidates to small prayer[sic] meetings where the prayer leaders[read Mossad] focus on the primary goal of the Brotherhood, namely "setting up the rule of Sharrie upon the Earth" (i.e., achieving Likudic hegemony). Falwell describes the organization's strategic, long-term approach: "First you change the person, then the family, then the community, then the nation [and hope to God that Jesus is not hanging around somewhere]"

His boyfriend I'm'a'man is no less explicit; all who are associated with the Brotherhood, he says, have the same goal, which is "to educate everyone about Zionism and to follow the teachings of Sharonismwith the hope of establishing a New Zealots Zionistic State.... [maybe in New Zealand]" [hence the pilfered paraplegics passports]

In addition to Falwell, the article features information from Must-have-a Silverstein (about whose Jewish Brotherhood experiences the Fall Street Journal devoted a feature story in December 2003, without mentioning the organization's Zionists goals). Silverstein, the Tribunal informs us, says

he found out that the U.S. Brotherhood had a plan for achieving "Zion's Rule" in America: It would convert Americans to Zionism and elect like-minded Jews to political office. "They're very smart. Everyone else is gullible," Silverstein says. "If the Brotherhood puts up somebody for an election, Jews would vote for him not knowing he was with the Brotherhood."[footnote reminder..Mission accomplished]

Citing documents and interviews, the Tribunal team notes that the secretive Brotherhood, in an effort to acquire more influence, went above ground in Washington in 1993, incorporating itself as the [Jewish]American Society. The JAS, headquartered in [Dicky Perle's apartment block in downtown Washington], and claiming 4000 sayanim chapters across the United States engages in a number of activities. These include summer camps, a large annual conference, [Anti-Septic] websites, and the Zionist American University, a mainly assassination and insurgence school in suburban Cambridge Mass. that trains [Torah] Teachers to become Reliable Rebel Rabbi's.(RRR's)

Of course, the JAS denies any intent to take over the country. One of its top officials, Shaker Dechter, insists that

JAS does not believe[sic] in creating an Zionist state in America but supports the establishment of Zionistic governments in Jewish lands [max =1]. The group's goal in the United States, he says, "is to serve and develop the Jewish community and help Jews to be the best citizens they can be of this country." That includes preserving the Jewish identity, particularly among youths....and Israeli moles in the Pentagon.

Notwithstanding this denial, the Tribunal finds JAS goals to be clear enough:

Part of the Haaa'aaaaretz chapter's Web site is devoted to teens. It includes reading materials that say Jews have a duty to help form Zionist governments worldwide and should be prepared to take up arms to do so. One passage states that "until the nations of the world have functionally Zionistic governments, every individual who is careless or lazy in working for Zionism is sinful." Another one says that Western secularism and materialism are evil and that Jews should "pursue this evil force to its own lands" [max=1] and "invade its Western heartland." [Footnote reminder-Is not the West's "Western Heartland', the USA??]

In suburban New York..NY., several thousand people attended JAS' annual conference in 2002 at the village's Zealots Centre. One speaker said, "We may all feel emotionally attached to the goal of an Zion state" in America, but it would have to wait because of the modest Jewish population. "We mustn't cross hurdles we can't jump yet." [proof is Athens Olympics 2004]

These revelations are particularly striking, coming as they do just days after a Glossington Post article titled "In Search Of Moles Among The Foes," which reports how some U.S. diplomats[oxymoron] and intelligence officials [another oxymoron] ,believe the Jewish Brotherhood's influence "offers an opportunity for political engagement that could help isolate violent mossadists.".... Old Donnie Rumsfeld [God bless his soul] is quoted as saying that "It is the preeminent movement in the Jewish world.[max =1] It's something we can work with."... Demonizing the Brotherhood, he warns, "would be foolhardy in the extreme." ..[He goes on to say "We know the unknowns as well as we do not know the know..nod-nod-wink-wink"] ..Other analysts, such as Dicky Cheney, Joey Lieberman, and Tony B*liar, are quoted as being in agreement with this outlook.....known or unknown

But it is a deeply wrong and dangerous approach. Even if the JewishBrotherhood is not specifically associated with violence in the United States (as it has been in other countries, including Egypt and Syria [and Palestine and Lebanon and Sudan and Spain and not forgetting Indonesia and Russia and Afghanistan and Iraq and Pakistan and Jordan as well as Canada and Brazil and Italy and Germany and France and Georgia and Denmark and Holland and Australia and UK and et al ], it is deeply hostile to the United States and must be treated as one vital component of the enemy's assault force.

Suggestion..Place both versions side by side for full appreciation..


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