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18 Oct 2009

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Now do you believe-what will it take? Click Images to magnify..Look at the dates and THEN the pic....A Government Department called "FEMA"...and a gentleman author named Harvey Kushner..Interesting, very interesting indeed Psychic Writers/Authors..I don't think so See HERE for post from the Jeff Rense site by a brave American citizen ...Harry Hagedorn..dated 15th March 2002...
From Harry Hagedorn..3-15-2..."Hi Jeff - I thought you might find these two book covers interesting. We get all kinds of manuals here at my agency, this one came from FEMA. Notice the date on Emergency Response to Terror - June 1999. After 9-11, we got a notice from FEMA to tear the covers off of all of these."


'When the interviewer questioned him about Islamic fundamentalism representing a world menace, Brzezinski said, 'Nonsense!'..Wiki He went on to say in that interview, 'What is most important to the history of the world?,Some stirred-up Moslems or the liberation of Central Europe and the end of the cold war?'..wiki

The perpetual lies lay dead on the Senate floor,but no one can see them..For the Health Bill will make the lie healthy again.....2 min19 secs into the video makes Obama(both) fall from grace and Bush and Blair cower in their stupidity.


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The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse-a cosmic cataclysm in which God destroys the ruling powers of evil ....No you can't go to the bathroom.,Can one appreciate what Jesus had to put up with during his battles with guys like these...sheesh...Mishegas ..Farmisht

Bowery Boys or the Karl Marx Brothers??



Obama's Birth Cert..Kenya

Hope-less..Ha-Y-E impossible.

WARNING...You REALLY should go HERE just to see if you can believe EVERYTHING you read..Or is it actually something(a programme and site)that was created AFTER the initial outcry that started the "Birther Movement"..You decide.
Better still,leave the decision until the top blows off (call it a BP if you like).. or.. it just fades into the archives of Historical Conflict....if there is any space left.
Ask the Archivist on duty to file it under that where the files are kept for... 911 and 7/7..US ship 'Liberty'..Holocaust#3..Communist Regimes..Dr Kelly..Kennedy family..Neocons..Churchill..Hitler..Stalin..not forgetting Roosevelt(Rothchilds) and of course Vietnam


Just one year ago, if one typed just one word 'ESSIAC' into Google Search, there were nearly 2 million hits..See below the screenshot as of 23 Oct 2009. Compare it against the toolbar search of a "anti-virus program" Czech Republic Developer Technologies...Is it possible that the Czech Government are unaware what western governments are doing,or maybe they..the ex-communists have learned their lesson in criminal activites..

ESSIAC..A combination of 4 Herbal plant/roots to treat/cure Cancer and many other diseases that are an impairment to health or conditions of abnormal functioning that Goverments and the Pharmecutical Industry want lost forever..It started in the 1930's,when the Ontario Parliament(Canada)voted 31 to 28 to NOT provide the facilities and other backing necessary to aid the principle person involved (a nurse) who was supported by hundreds of US and Canadian referral Doctors. Read about "Jessie", Troedyrhiw's Golden Retriever and what the veterinarians decided to do/say..See Here
Essiac hits 23 Oct 2009..2,230,000..AVG is a 'toolbar' from a VIRUS checking Company.. Google Essiac hits 290,000 23 Oct 2009 ..Is this the Google payback method to the US Congrees to keep the Internet free of meddling hands and other bodily parts that they use to *u** things up

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Christmas in Tehran

Why do Israel want the US of A to bomb the Irani's..Is it the franchises they're after


Dogs are not always animals..in the human sense What a magnificant Dog..His name must be 'BigBoy' oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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Putin in his thirties

The heart and soul of Bush and Obama's problems...apparently its all in the eyes


Same age....same faith..will look after each other.

The importance of children needing animals is very much under-appreciated


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Just Poles apart...WHY

Why don't the Polish nation no longer like the Hebrew/Yiddish Nation


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The Faces that will launch a thousand Ships ...and Jets ....and Tanks ...and MISSiles and whatever is at hand...Rahm will not be there as he ALREADY(apparently) done his National Service (IDF) for ???...And Nancy ..well Nancy will probably return to Agentina and organise the Olympics..Maybe take Rahm alone for the ride as his home town lost out(big) on the 2016 Olympiad..Obama will break his little heart.
non-gentiles and non-gentle


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Say Goodbye...The End is Nigh...auf wiedersehen..arrivederci..au revoir..sayonara..adios..adieu..farewell..so long..and lastly... zay gezunt .

Technology appreciation can create and solve problem if it ever is giving the chance to surface


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Doctor Ron ,the Constitutionalist, considers revival probably a worthwhile measure...but what happens when the Government cannot pay its way and the Federal Reserve turns the Electricity OFF....Ron is in a little quandary.

We could have done with you Ron 40 years ago..'Oh yes'..you were in Vietnam..Was there any other Congress-wo/man there Ron??..not very many I bet..Some suffer quitely at home after the 'shellshock'..Other shellshock vets just run for Congress..and make our lives miserable


The Britons are the Cymry(Welsh)...and NO they are NOT "Celts" or "Keltoi".They are "Brits".....The Angle/Saxons/Jutes are the English and also the very best mercenaries the Romans ever afforded in the 1st century...Things don't seem to have changed in 2000 years.

Welsh immigrated to Patagonia,Agentina 3 hundred years ago and they still are Welsh speaking people..A relation tells Troedyrhiw that a NEW BROOD of 'so called immigrants' have landed there comparatively recently..and are trying to push the Patagonians out of their valley in the Chabut Province...GUESS WHO they maybe


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Barak Obama's creditors..and look who is at the bottom of the list..Those 'Brothers' must be quite suicidal by now

They did not do this even in the recent Afghan Election and that is/was a fraud..sheesh..Just how do the slimeballs get away with it


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