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Hi there friend

Wondering if the comment(below) I sent was out of order so to speak in response to William Saletan's

Be obliged if you could highlight the reason for not publishing..
Hope it is not yet again my "punctuation", as I did the best I could knowing that North Americans have a different dictionary to us Brits.
If you feel it was
too technical
too abstractionist
too ignorant
too racist
too complicated
too personal
too rationale
too precise
Then please advise, as this writer will most certainly not take it personally or in any manner that undermines the policies of your administration


Subject:-Race, Genes, Intelligence - By William Saletan Troedyrhiw

Intelligence Quotient (for us dumbbells refers to "I.Q") is the measure of someone's 'intelligence' as prognosticated by a supposedly scientific statistical administrative body intelligence test; and relates the quantitative relationship of a person's mental age to that person's chronological age(actual)..and then its multiplied by 100.

Why multiply by 100 one may ask....Else we all will appear rather dumb, inarticulate and stupid and get allied with the lower life maggots, snakes and monkeys..Which illustrates the point that not all people should be afforded this enhancement...Is Bush,Blair,Olmert and Cheney listening

Question..Did any of these brilliant genetic 'progressive' biologists/scientists ever think of checking to determine whether or not God had filed a patent claim on his work in DNA and genetic research...Was their God better than our God, for that may be the difference.:-)

Evangelical Genetic Biologists will now take up this challenge possibly.

Among Research Scientists and the biologist who specializes in genetics,there are many differences in their approach and evaluation technique which if leading to an agreed fact or principle is a good thing
One of these "good things"(agreements) shows how Short Term Memory (STM-sensory memory) eventually morphs into long term (LTM) but is subject to a number of factors. Primarily, repetition of theme , and over learnedness,..

Possibly here we may experience the delight of achieving a straight 'A+' passing with the additional knowledge that you have reduced your number of neuronic hubs and connections by a proportional amount...Not unlike the old computers memory banks

Making the assumption that bigger brains carries and delivers more information at any given moment in time can be interrogated when one equates the yesterdays large (comparative)type discrete capacitor, transistor, resistor and inductor electronic circuits to contemporary small scale micro integrated circuits...and nanotech 'motor-circuits'..
The important parameter which is also the enigma of Design Engineers is storage and retrieval times and "total distance to push this information"

Smaller does mean faster information for a given circuit , All values being equal for both big and small components, the speed will be slower with the "bigger brain", ignoring heat and inductive energy affects.
With the larger head , the motoneuronic electrical impulse to the nerve need to travel faster as they have to journey further in a larger head..
There are 'apparently' 100 billion nerve cells in the human brain Each cell is connected to some 10,000 others.. Connection and electrical signals in your brain are over/around 1000 trillion..(figures will vary of course, depending on the necessary academic and political agendas)

The method of accurately enumerating or estimating the number of connections and signals is the greatest suspect in this articles genetic illustration ..It is ONLY when accuracy is guaranteed that one can evaluate the bigger head with a bigger 'effective brain that MAY have more connections than its smaller counterpart..
Currently the articles writer has assumed by default that this is a physiological process..How sad,when one finds that even the famed Ivan Petrovich Pavlov was convinced that everybody was agenda guessing........ and preferred to observe the conditioned salivary responses in dogs

Could it be that the articles paranoiac assertiveness specifically toward the "American Jew" indicates that ALL OTHER Jewish peoples in all other countries of the world are comparative imbecilic,as we whites, blacks and Asians seem to be..Tell that to the Brits Foreign Minister and then sit back and just await some kosher words of farm animal wisdom.

The brain is made of 60% fat...lard..blubber whatever (intellectual sources do vary on percentage here )... Fat serves as a source of energy..It also cushions and insulates/isolates vital organs.

Ann-Charlotte Granholm of the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston..
"presented the results of the study, which showed that trans-fats adversely affected rats’ learning ability, at the Society for Neuroscience meeting in San Diego, US, on Monday."..New Scientist

To keep the fat of the Bigger Brain in 'prime' condition, one would imagine that it is necessary to eat Kosher food repeatedly or when the Rabbi reiterates the benefits of the eating habit .
That be the case,are the American Rabbis genetically and intellectually superior to European and Israeli Rabbis??
Remember the Geneticists findings on "repetition" and "learnedness"

So this is the rationale for New York getting rid of its trans fats..Are they falling to the level of just a "White American" or God forbid the lunacy of a white Brit without his Oxford Dic.

Professional Researchers and Practitioners ALL AGREE(100%) that the understanding of the human brain is extremely limited and for that we should ask ourselves the explanation for the articles writers purpose ,agenda and order of business that seemingly stirs the cauldron of hatred and malice..Does he gain anything from putting out such infantile theories of human kind

I ask the writer to ascertain the location of his aggressive behavioral stance on Genetic Superiority....It is kept in the "Amygdala" and located on the inner fold of the temporal lobe
When the time comes to write yet another hatred and insulting sentence and paragraph, the writer whomever, should scratch behind his ear vigorously and wait a few minutes

For all young Black kids that are beginning to believe the intent of the article ..GO HERE


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