The Bush--Blair Trial-2nd Sessions In Camera

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Ceiling of the Cistine Chapel, Vatican, Rome

Built with first service in 1483...Pope Sixtus IV...The Cistine is rectangular in configuration and measures 40.93 meters by 13.41 meters,exactly the same size as the Solomon's Temple per the Old Testament...Just hope we can keep ahead of the Israeli Archaeologists and their fascination for everything that belongs to others

Lord Justice.
Jesus C..Ph.D..AMI Mech E..P Eng..M.D..Torah Scholar(Grade 5). So that is Canuck Cameron in the Gallery eh.. Said that he was 'King of the World' indeed..I wonder if he could be the new Pharisee's Messiah..I see Hollywood has taken to him hook line and sinker so to speak...Godly Father will not be amused..A 'brother' thats something to excogitate

Prosecution and Investigative Committee.

Matthew.. CFR....Council For Religions.

Timothy Sebastian.. once BBC's HardTalk devils advocate...and rottweiler breeder.

Rosie O'Donnell..Release from TV contract and quickly co-opted by Matthew to team

Witnesses for the Prosecution.(if called)

M.Gibson...with original tapes and latest DVD of new strange war movie about unlikely "heroes"..Accompanied by personal make-up artist and two blondes carrying bottles of vintage spring water

John Paul II (on loan).With hard copy transcripts and shaking head while looking at his successor..asking the question..Is he a Christian??

Yasser Arafat...Special appearance,looking very healthy..with toxicological reports in top pocket of uniform
Babylonian Talmud..guaranteed revisions from 337AD to 2007AD..Personal Rabii signatures..$2 extra + shipping

Bibles..Old and New Testaments(still no Babylonian-Talmud)
Vlad Putin..The heart and soul(gas and oil) of Mr Bush's worst nightmare.

C.Powell ... with nothing but a disingenuous expression on face and looking at his latest urine sample testing positive.
What you see before you is a lethal combination of the two most dangerous,life-threatening,insidious and pernicious chemicals known to mankind.... Aspatame and Tamiflu....a Rumsfeld Product

Jacques Chirac...Talking to Putin as to whether they should consider changing their Constitutions so that they themselves could run in the next Presidential Elections as apparently Bush sees no problems with his current US Congress.

O.bin Laden ....Scrolls and own death certificate in hand,steps outside his Qumran cave complex Israel....CCTV supplied by G.Tenet Enter Prizes,now joined as a paid consultant by the British Minister of Streets,Pubs, Airports, Highways and all other areas covered by CCTV's or RFID's...including garbage bins

Ms Valerie Plame-Wilson and Mr Joseph even darker glasses and very same portfolios under arms explaining to journalists(a rare breed) that being Libby and being Liberal are the very same thing..They just cannot keep their mouth shut for five minutes.

Charged with crimes against Humanity.
A.Sharon..G.W.Bush.. B.Clinton ..D.Rumsfeld...B.Netanyahu...C Rice.... A.Blair ..R.Cheney..ADL's Abe Foxman.. and Jack(Sandy) Shaw.(aka..the singer)

Charged with aiding and abetting Torture..Murder and Crimes against Humanity.
US Media....Print...Visual...Audio.(ALL individuals enclosed in special Theodore Herzl...The man that taught Siggy Freud how to analyse Jews and Goyim and strip them of their humanity and identity..The devil's apprenticeplexiglass compound with Walter Cronkite and Ed Morrow guarding locked entrance..Ed is reading 'The Nuremburg Trials'..1st edition)

Congressional Communist Cabala (CCC)......Wolfewitz-Rhode-Feith-Ledeen-Perle- Pipes -Bolton -Elders of Zion(all)- Zakheim - Luti -Maloof -Negropointe- Dershowitz-Frum- Chertoff -Kristol -Woolsey-Wurmser -Podhoretz -Kagan-Libby-Abrams- Kissinger and Madonna ...With a bunch of Brits yet/still to be formally indicted.. Meanwhile Karl Christian(sic)Rove eager to attend these hearings apparently slept late ..An escort was provided
When will this image be 'current' and appreciated by the rest of the World...lets say 9-11-2008

John.Ashcroft..with out of date Southern Bibles in both hands sitting alone,,Still looking for Bare Naked Ladies,this time on the Cistine ceiling (Latest revised Talmud<1mar> in back pocket).
So brave long ago

New World Orderlies and protagonists - P.Robertson-W.Graham Jr-Jack Van Impe- J Falwell and others,including 200 Zionist-Christian Rab-Rev's not in good standing in THE BIG BLACK BOOK which is constantly revised apparently..As is the Talmud.

Note!...'President' Saddam Hussein was tried and a US led JUNTA(peace be with him)...see CNN's live and amended telecast from the Marsupial(kangaroo) Court ... 'The Hanging Gardens'..Babylon..RIP....Please note that this is not the "Saddam" who was flown from Baghdad to Belarus on March 29th 2003.

Saddam..They may have taken your life..but they did not take your manhood..Peace be with you... and anyone that you may have hurt
British Broadcasting Corporation(BBC)..via Proxy...
The Proxy....A consentaneous decision by the Commission(not ommission)for 911 Video Accuracy and Soundtrack Playback...(especially for WTC 7 transmissions)

Directed by...Mr Jeffrey Rense..
Produced by...Mr Michael Rivero.
D&P Assistants....Mr Paul Watson and Mr Steve Watson
Special Affects...Msr Daryl Bradford-Smith and Mr Wayne Madsen..Mr Doug Herman(Scream-writer)
Camera Operator and Gang Master..Mr Alex Jones.(shill Moore sacked by Weinstien Bros)
Stunt Cordinator/High Speed Chases...Mr Justin Raimondo and Mr Barry Chamish(ONFA)
Makeup.......Mr Does it MATTer DRUDGE assisted by CIA 360 "Anderson Cooper"
Wardrobe.....Vacancy..apply in person..Must have knowledge of Dark Ages dress code
Photography(stills) 911 Soloman Avenue Tel Aviv Israel

Advertising..Mr Richard Porter(BBC apologist,liason... and generally funny man)

Michael Rivero and his Torture Room Of Truth(TROT)

Colour Commentators and guests of Jesus.....David Frost and Peter Mansbridge(CBC)...with honorary Main Essayists and Superior Stream Internet Archivists and Hosts(MESSIAH) Messrs...Jeff Rense-Joe Vialls-Justin Raimondo-St Clair-Alex Cockburn??-The Watsons-Alex Jones-Henry Makow-Mike Rivero-most definately John Pilger...and many other Loyalists and Truthsayers and stalwarts of truth and democracy.
The Trust of Christians..Once bitten twice shy..O'h no...We just keep going back for more
Venue..The Cistine Chapel ..Rome.

Time..9.11 am....1 March 2007.(St Davids Day)..Subject to and assuming no war with Iran

Security...G.Tenet Investigative Enter prizes and Fred the security man from Costco (Apparently Fred left Wal-mart due to a disagreement concerning coffee breaks)

VIP's Gallery
...Hollywood's Sodom and Gomorah Directors,Canuck James Cameron and Israeli Simcha Jacobovici also a Canadian resident(just waiting to see Jesus in the flesh and if theres a fit)..Monica Lewinsky(the bagman,winking at Billy-boy)..Paula Bush(the baglady)..Ron Paul(Next President)..Hannity(convinced that Jesus is a Communist and a Liberal)..John Kerry(gloss now faded from front teeth)..Hillary Clinton(wearing latest wrinkle cream)..Jack Nicholson(front row seat..always)..Steven Spielberg(with four rabbi screenwriters).. Lord Levy Of London(with more dollars in side pockets,just awaiting opportunity)..Joy (Behar) from "The View"
Orator Supreme visits the Devils lair...MEMRI TV
Breaking News... Galloway crushes Perle on Abu Dhabi TV
Yes, Perle CAN BE at two places at the same time..He is not called the Princess of Sadness for nothing you know..If video is a little slow, you may want to go to the Greenroom Here..or if you are still using Alexander Graham Bell's 56k device go Here.. for download(see also new FLV vid player)

......and now back to the proceedings which are just about to start

Proceedings Starts.

Matthew(with Judicial Record in hand)
"Sirs and Madams..I will not provide a brief outline as to that which has passed our lips as the truth this far into the proceedings,as it is your duty to remember that which has transpired in the name of justice and truth.
Firstly,I apologise for the delay in reassembling at a much later date than anticipated.. This is partly due to the change of venue, moving from the Basilica to Just a dream..see belowthis beautiful fresco Cistine Chapel.. A move that was the result of a few enthusiastic Israeli archeologists and 'masons' who insist that the Temple of Soloman..etc etc... et al...Needless to say the Pope is not amused and intends to file for damages if there is no apology..The Pope intends to file for damages.
And partly, the animalistic savagery,barbarism and tragic taking of President Hussien's life has appropriated precious time required by the Lord Justice in having to minister and explain repeatedly the meaning of truth and compassion to some of the accused present here at the Cistine.. Indeed,the Lord Justice is saddened.
The 'system' identifies the man and the character I ask that when the Lord Justice enters,you remain seated and !!!!...Mr Cheney!! would you please return to the men's room and dress accordingly..Your fantasising is not really appreciated..Thank you Mr Cheney....
The Lord Justice...."

Jesus....(Facial witticism extends across the room toward the bone picking Hollywood directors Jacobovici and Cameron present in gallery)
"Hollywood directors Jacobovici and Cameron  (present in gallery)..Best pair of comedians I have seen since Laurel and HardyBless you All....As Matthew has pointed out..We pray that whatever is spoken in this Court of Justice(Bush shows wrinkled forehead)will be the truth(more wrinkles)..Anyone found to be telling anything other than that truth,will be escorted ASAP to the front door of Satan's firehall..He waits in anticipation ... Let us all thwart his purpose in being present here today....Mr Sebastian,would you care to call your witness..Tim your audience awaits you"

Tim Sebastian...(very concerned that maybe Rumsfeld will not be attending his own trial possibly)
"I call on Mr Cheney....Mr Cheney sir...Mr Cheney...Wake up Dicky you time has comeLet me see..If Haliburton can get say another 20,000 out of our prison system and line them up along the Irani border then Olmert provides another 5,000 out of their jails we should really be able to frighten that little guy Ajad..and the.. uh..uh..uh O'h my ticker..don't do that again limey else you'll get a bunch of buckshot in your face..O'h god(little 'g' for Cheney)
Mr Cheney,did you suggest to Mr Bush that it would be a good idea if the Office for Special Operations took over responsibility for the day to day security in matters dealing with Counter Intelligence and the intelligence gathering concerning the connection between the Taliban ..Afghanistan..Mr bin Laden and the now departed Mr Hussien "..

Cheney (Just finished his walking on water dream)
"It was just a hoax,but not a Holy one I might add....Somebody,I think it was... whats his name now... Zakheim? ...No no.. it was Libby of course..What is getting into me..Libby brought into the office one day a board game called Mono-Poly which means "one and many"..Anyway, Ms Rice thought that..No no that was Libby of course.. He thought that it would be a good idea if we changed all the squares on the board to Israeli Departments and companies who would like to help the Amer-wican people to understand that the soil structure that Manhatten and other areas inIn the land of the blind the one-eyed man is KingAmerwica had been built on,is just like the sands of the Negev Desert .. unpredictable ..with hidden consequences .. "Anything could fall down at anytime" ... said Libby and his Lobby
They,Libby and Lobby had much more experience at this kind of thing and were wanted on many fronts ... if you get my nuance(wink wink..nod nod.. hows your father)
So we give them the job of pulling all the important buildings together and that is why we came up with the "Mono-Poly Security Board of Directors" to oversea,I mean to oversee the dealings of many many shady characters who were contemplating 'pulling' buildings down brick by brick to build nothing in their place".(...then straight-faced Cheney finally blinks..

Sebastion (Sees his opening and pounces..Quickly glancing at doorway anticipating Rummy walking in)
"Mr Cheney..Your most certainly have balls.. I mean Chutzpa.. sorry my Lord(Jesus smiles knowingly)Did you give the order to shoot the passenger plane down on the 11th September 2001 knowing that it was continiously reported that the plane was getting closer and closer to Washington..I should tell you before you may perjure yourself that we may have a mystery witness..Did you press the button yourself Mr Chainknee"(Cheney wobbles on his feet with the force of the onslaught)

Cheney..(With snear on face that he taught to Rove who taught Bush)
"What are you talking about you silly little Brit...WE were led to believe that bin Laden was piloting that plane himself with all the 19 on board..terrorists.. insurgents ..Al Queerdo .. whatever they call them..The infor was reliable because it was made in Israel and anything they design is good for us-US,even if we design it first and give it to them..its way(sic).(Bush learns meaning of new word...he thinks)

Sebastian..(beginning to loose temper with the Halibut)
"Osama bin Ladin" had been ill and in a French Hospital receiving treatment just 7-8 weeks before this time Mr Cheney..Are you saying that Tenet's See Eye Aye Team were lying when they told you and Bush and Rice and Blair and et al that they confirmed this and struck him off their "keep tabs on" security blanket....Just so that it does not become a fatal shock to you Mr Cheney..Osama bin Laden died of apheresis dialysis complications and was buried 20 December 2001 .I suggest strongly Mr Cheney that you look up the linguistic and not the medical meaning of "apheresis" and apply it to yourself... as a "hole"
(For those that have no Dictionary or Talmud at hand...(linguistically) it means the omission at the beginning of a word as in 'coon' for 'raccoon' or 'till' for 'until')....Mr Cheney,do you remember your saying this in 1994..(a 45" Sony HD/Plasma TV pops up in front of a startled Lord Justice just as he was closing his eyes and thinking about his days as a four year apprentice carpenter and recollecting on how he hated things made out of wood and nails)
Here for

...Mr Cheney sir..Never have so few Crooks and Liars own totally so many lies as your tribe of Kabbalistic killers and murderous merchants..You are a disgrace to mankind..Your war mongering has created so much fear and death from depleted uranium shells and bullets and special chemical and accoustic weapons that it is possible that the Lord Justice may need to ask his father if another creation would be possible ...given the condition of Mother Earth today...(Jesus sheds a tiny tear)
Wow..didn't realise there were so many...and this is just my hunting partners..The Limey may have something here..Better get the Rove involved and see who can take the fall for this little oversight..Libby ..... What about CIA's procedures gone mad..Yeh thats it.. Tenet and his torturers

Jesus...(Seeing that Sebastion is also very close to tears, allbeit for the first time in his life...... intervenes)
"Thankyou Timothy..Mr Cheney.I have had a friendly chat with old Nick and I have bad news for you..He will not take you in when your batteries run down on the out of guarantee pacemaker you wear..In fact he tells me he does not even know you... We do however( provide emergency Ni-Cad cells for those that would be prepared to devote their remaining days to care of the poor and troubled people of this world that you have so readily disadvantaged".(Jesus has fingers crossed under table)

Cheney...( this the same deal he made with Clinton..No..Clinton(and Bush Sr) has made millions out of the Indonesian tusami)
No thanks..I'll see if Haliburton has a couple..They just about got everything that uses energy and beside,its Payback Time.....(INDEED IT IS PAYBACK TIME...Cheney grabs chest How ironical that the big Haliburton huckster would be looking just for a couple of lowly cellsand slinks to floor as Fred from Cosco rushes to help while Libby breaks his bonds(the - sign) and leaps the prisoners enclosure gate..on his way grabbing Tenet's video phone,taking the batteries out as he slithers down to his bosses side..DAMN DAMN they are "AA" size batteries instead of "AAA"..Cheney curses Libby and slips into a Sharonizer..This time there is no walking on water)

Jesus..(Deeply disturbed at the suddeness of the life of.... modern batteries..and how clear the TV reception was )
"Is there a doctor in the house......(complete silence)..Will someone come forward to assist Mr Cheney.... (no one moves)..Are you all going to leave this man die..(lots of mumouring and takes place...Dr Kissinger asks for his bonds to be released)

Kissinger...(looking for an exit already)
"Your Worship..this man needs to go to an hospital immediately,otherwise he will have no other place to go if what you say of Old Nick is true"(Kissinger realises that he just accused Jesus of possibly lieing..his blood is now running on cold)

Jesus...(Does not know whether Kissinger is a or witch doctor ..but takes the chance)
"Mr Tenet..Please arrange transport immediately and escort Dr Kissinger to the Saint John's Hospital..Stay there with Dr Kissinger and take the "- sign" with you for security purposes..We would not like the good doctor to be lost in this beautiful Italian city would we...No Mr Libby you cannot go with him for Survelliance Eyes provide by British Labour Government..only to be used when Blair is on show and tellhumanitarian support..Yes yes I know you are devoted to the promotion of human welfare and to social reforms...but this time let us use some honest Italians at the hospital to help Mr Cheney"..(Ledeen goes commie red with rage at the nuanced assertion and bites Perle on the finger..the abusive one)...

Jesus...(Glancing at the 'Elders of Zion' and thinking what a great/corrupt team of scriptwriters)
"I welcome Ms Rosie to the Court of Truth and I would warn attendees beforehand that there should be no appreciative clapping or shouting from Fox News Reporters in the Gallery..I should also like to say that Rosie's conversion to Political Truth is truly a mark of compassion and motherness and is possibly the prime reason for everyones continuing View in being able to handle the truth(Jack Nicholson nods head knowingly) and that which supports the handling of that truth..Faith......your faith.......Ms Rosie,"

Rosie...(watching Cheney's feet disappear out of the doorway...holes in one sock...waves to Joy.)
"Thank you my Lord..It appears my Lord that the "long life battery" is also a big corporate lie..and one to many for Mr Cheney my Lord.
Before we proceed my Lord, I would remind the Security Officers of the Court that Mr Hannity is sitting in the wrong seat..The Gallery is a courtecy for Public Viewing not for criminals (..Big Fred from Costco ambles up to Hannity,grabs his jacket,lifts him clear and dumps him alongside Bill o'Reilly in the media dock..Joy is ROFL..Jesus winks at Matthew..Rense shouts action(quitely)..Alex Jones gets his YouTube camera up Hannity's left nostril..there is a little panic)

There is an interruption...Panic inreases slightly as Rumsfeld strides into the room CARRYING HIS NEW BOOK just off the press..."the Press has been off for many a year"(one can hear Clinton muttering under his breath)

Rosie....(thinking..this Proxy Team is good..Glad she started listening to them and not Barrbaaraa).
"My Lord I would like to call Mr William Rodrigues ..janitor,working in the World Trade Centre on the 11th of September 2001..thank you mul-Lord

............ (to be continued)


One works for the peopleWHATS IN A WORD...The Socialite and the Socialist....So close yet so different

Has not used his memory in twenty five years...It is reported...Truth needs no memory banksPresident 2008 ?...If you people really understand whats is going on in North America...After watching the Aussie reporter on Youtube asking questions of American people,maybe we should introduce this ex-surgeon from the Veitnam War..His name is Ron....Ron Paul..He is a rare breed apparently... He is honest

Rummy's ghost will haunt many injured service wo/men for the rest of their lifeThe storm clouds darkens over his head....Just a shadow of his once proud self..But wait till the book offers hit his desk..If the Iraqi/Afghani's don't get to him first.

Somebody give this guy a playing card and keep track of him....As should all others that seemingly have floated out of sight and sound bite range...The American/World must never forget these people...Accountability has no expiration date.Who said that this man will not reach out....or is he trying to switch the TV set off...??..Only he knows

Young and foolish..SureThe two D's..Dick and Donald ... This proves Jung's part Theory of Human Development...YOU CAN BE STUPID ALL OF YOUR LIFE.......2x4 rejects..rotted to the heart

Refurbished McDonald's in New OrleansRome exploited the Britons(the Welsh)to assist in performing their pestiferous deeds in the 4-5th Century AD..AND they were awarded Roman citizenship..It was at this time in the Dark Ages of Historical conflict that the Brits, having no substantial army remaining at home to defend their own country conceded the British Isle to the invading Angles and Saxons, a Germanic tribe, eventually to be called the "English"...History always repeats herself ....It is the memory bank of Mother Nature

He just does not understand...Somebody take him away ...PleeeaseNo George..Pulling your finger out is all the American People wanted of you...No need to show it to us

Whatever happened to the 'Labour' tag this man was entrusted with..Traitorous man and deserves maximum penaltyPolitician's Right of Expression is ultimately the signature of their character and respect for their followers

Man of many feces...Lets see how much more Hillary amasses in her campaign drivesKlingon Clinton- the Beast in the East...Where did the donations for the tsarmi Indonesian peasants disappear to...Yea sure

Not even the voices of the dead servicemen will be heardKick them out and get a multi party system running..But firstly modify your constitution legitimately..That will be a very differcult task

Next four pleaseAbe Lincoln Conspiritors set the Precedent for Presidents

Must be Osama having a burger..or just avoiding a Bush recruitment drive..His CIA contract has expired..would you know it...Could be just Cops acting in their normal mannerAnd Bush is looking for another 40,000 troops.

What the hell am I doing among this lot of perverted losersThis must be a misplaced image..surely

Okay..okay..already  I know it smells a bit but the Yanks have had it..Not such a bad run though. China!..well I was really looking for a small plot of land, bigger than Albania,that can take 14,000,000 Chosen people..Guess who gets to choose these people of peaceSo what if I did go to see the Chinese..They are honourable people are they not... and most haven't read a newspaper in 96 years...So we SHOULD be okay.......Or maybe long as Putin and those Russian people keep their noses out...Besides Chosen Peoples Choices(CPC) are at a new low..

Look Jack ..Dont't look at me now....then we can say we never met...BTW..How's that New Orleans Casino land deal in France going I never had any inter(action) with that man

Let's briefly recapitulate as to what has
transpired so far

If Jimmy would build in the West Bank...then they would all talk to him in the god old daysMan of Peace..Just wanting to build another house.....Fault that...What has Clinton And Bush 41 DONE lately...accept the American and Indonesian peoples

They have turned their backs on you Jimmy...They ran out of questions apparentlyMishniac and Talmudic Telephony and hotline to Abe and Elmud(wired ..not remote)...Forward,yes,but very un-Orthodox really

RIP...Your passing will be avenged...Your children will be given satisfaction and closure....promise Bush wants more boots on the ground indeed.... and more Americans under the ground

1940's...Brit Gov (Churchill)manufactures chemical munitions in Welsh Valleys..Female workers are lied to by military and management..Auntie Lillian 5th from rightWonderful Wales and her angry workers...Memories now to old to be taken seriously

Married to Landra Reid (nee Lei Goldfarb)in Las Vegas...after a knock-down drag-out fight with Mr Goldfarb...Harry and Landra are now Mormons...but not the door to door kindMr Smith's apprentice goes to Washington... Joseph Smith that is...Do not get confused with the Hollywood comparison

CIA Analysts NOW say that Saddam was innocent of the Kurds accusationYou died like a man..... Tony,George,Donald and Dickey boy sends their regards...The 2cc Powerhouse (condi/colin)are quite upset...See you soon

Google this... Pelosi D’Alesandro RooseveltDemocracy gives you the freedom and authority to change your mind....from time to time

If the book sells well, maybe I'll give Condi a reminder about 2008..If she doesn't screw up before thenJust a hint of scandalous secrecy and compulsive lieing

Work in Progress,the 'spot' will be designed and modified to carry hinges underneath...aka quick justiceAll accused will stand on this spot that BBC technicians have so judicially designed for maximum exposure to audiences thoughout the world..Important..see mouse over(point to pic)

The start of all the Worlds problems..For some reason?? this pic sometimes never comes through (RH click and show picture) Why did just one man with a three year apprenticeship in cabinet-making exacerbate so many intellectuals, religious scholars and professional people..Was he the very first anti-Semite?..Did they ever call him a 'self hating son of a ...' ..probably...Some still do

A fighting attitude erupts before astonished onlookers..confirmed by many of his fearful staffThe cameraman apparently captured a glimse of the 'embedded' RFID running down George's trouser leg...God knows where it actually rested..Generally and genetically speaking..Words tend to emit from the mouth..Some people however..etc..etc??

One Marx brother missing..But they will put on a show you knowWhat must they have been thinking..Seems George had no thoughts on anything whatsoever

Words..words..words...The trick is welding them together in the right sequenceWE were wrong he WAS thinking about something...

Abe..The Jewish Inspector Clouseu..or the local kosher meter readerWent to China(in disguise) with Elmud for sayanim interviews and selection..Very satisfied with positions and strengths of applicants

No words needed..To many have been said already..But where is the help..Talk talk talkTry looking at this child for 20 seconds and let your mind wander and wonder

Matthew ensuring all things be lawfull and scripting Jesus's return visit for Heavingly Tabloid which now outsells New York Times apparently

Rumsfeld does not want Bush anywhere near him..He regards himself clean now

The Prince of Blackness..Conrad's Bro..Give this guy a card(joker) AND an ankle bracelet


Just waiting for Bush and Blair..Guaranteed 100 amp at 5000 volts..To be fitted by the Iraqi and Afghan people

The forgotten agent of death and despair..Working as consultant for Mossard and previously



Furthering the Monty Pythonic School of Education and Discussion.. Bringing comedic relief and satire to those that need a little smile or relaxation and not necessarily salvation after a hard days work..


Make your peace when you can

And much to come

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