Circulation of the Nimmo-Madsen Syndrome..NMS.........(Not My Style)

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Why do I get that feeling that these are not the Nimmo and Madsen characters that I am talking about here Nimmo the puppet
Virginia Madsen..with nothing to hide..Figures speak for themselves

Note!..One or two(cc's) may receive this mail in error ..please excuse the unintentional misidentify...You are free to partake however.........Troedyrhiw

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From: troedyrhiw
Cc: Real History Radio ; Eric Margolis ; ; Mike R ; ; Prof Neve Gordon ; Prof.Henry Makow ; Prof Daniel McGowan ; michael hoffman ; Dr Julia Houston
Sent: Monday, July 16, 2007 9:27 AM
Subject: Circulation of the Nimmo-Madsen Syndrome

Ref...Article link Here or this Here at the foot of whole story reading page .


Is it possible to agree with you wholeheartedly with the detail .... yet?... Exception being the main thrust of theme running through the article...It will never happen ProfessorPaul..Young and foolish maybe

Your "Israel ready to bomb Iran " proclamation elicits yet further proliferation of the Newsmax...Fox and CNN's alternative method in systematically implying an orderly logical arrangement between the state of Israel(small 's') the US.......England and the Europeans.

Firstly Professor:-))..a major Historical oversight and correction is necessary:-)....This "England" you refer to..Are we collectively summonsing the bunch of They heard that the Welsh had gone to Rome for a football game..So they fell out of their boats and been doing it ever since apparently...Can you see the masts..The Yanks pinched everything the English had...even their empireGermans(Angle and Saxon) that invaded the Britons(Welsh) in 356AD whilst the Brit armies were abroad assisting Rome in the salvaging of the Roman Empire..Can you
understand why 10-12 million Scots..Irish and Welsh peoples get angry when their loss of ancestral blood is so casually discounted and then conveniently marginalised...I assume you get my nuance.

If one were to adopt an extremely skeptical or incredulous approach to your article,one could convince others (Jung's theory of proportional truth) that the relative acceptance of an hidden agenda ,can with skillful psychological endeavour overide that which APPEARS to be the theme of argument and not the thrust..

Your sentencing and paragraph identifies truths that are fully accepted by knowledgeable political users of the Net...Indeed, there are SO MANY potential Pulitzer pundits punching the pedals of political pornographic paragraph, that it all renders itself to experienced readers as agenderised rhetoric...... and becomes quite suspicious.

The methodical and perpetuated infinitum...of Israeli Nuclear Devices(always "over 200") is beginning to run the very same questionable gauntlet as the "Holocost"..
Can you Professor highlight any significant proof that indeed Israel HAS THESE SAID weapons of mass destruction and a delivery system..If ever the Holocaust is disproved,the Israelis can survive the consequences of its myth .. However ,if the "No Atomic Bomb" theory is recognised then that will be the very undoing of the Jewish syndrome.

I am a Scientific Research Engineer and have never seen anything that can be construed or interpreted as primary or even secondary evidence..Do you not think that Ajad realises this allusion and hence the taunting
Your own article highlights the deviousness and lie that Israel perpetuates .. Your article uses "dissembling" as a descriptive action ... pretending with intention to deceive ... So why would an academic accept nuanced rhetoric and historical chants and rants when we know that the vast volume of "important relevant facts" over the last 100 years are now regarded as nonsensical and sheer imaginary male cow feces.Mordechai Vanunu the new Christian believer..Believe that and I may have a couple of Saddam's WMD to sell 12 months guaranttee or money back..less 20% restocking charge

Victor Ostro(v)sky.... Israeli officials revealed in interviews with The New York Times 4/11/01..that Mr Rich was a 'sa-ayon' who 'financed sensitive operations and allowed agents to use his offices around the world as cover'..Have a look at the number of Google hits on Victor Ostro(v)sky.

Mordecai Vanunu and Victor Ostrosky are still alive and in good health .. Is it possible that Vanunu is being "re-screened" due to "design obsolescence"?? .. and Ostrosky freely walks the streets of Quebec with an arrogance and chutzpa that must really annoy those Mossad assassins and bravos..Do you really believe that Paul:-))

What "They" Said This link goes to a download page..FLV Video Player required(see site)..Also view video at site

Yes... we have all experienced the BBC,CNN and Fox hoax rantings during Gulf War 1 and the ultimatums from the US Commander to the British Special Forces (SAS) and US Green Berets ,regarding Israel using "the bomb" if they don't stop the "extremely accurate" Saddam's Scud missiles hitting Eretz,yet it appears that some people will not honour or see the truth even when its ram down their throat..They spit it up,clear their throats and start the verbiage all over again...Their choice of wording now cautioned by experience..[Unmitigated lies,pretentious humbug and the consummate dupery of their citizens].

It would be systematically painful and a global tragedy if the "scholars" of today do/did not investigate/explore an explanation of the fundamental reasons why so many US and Brit Politicians and Civil Service intellectuals are role playing and executing their democratic duties with such indifference, scented with the fragrances of pornographic corruption,subversion and devilish deprivation...It is only when that enigma is resolved,even partially ..then the problems in Palestine .. Iraq.. Israel .. Iran .. Afghanistan .. Pakistan .. Darfur... et al ...can be seriously addressed and possibly resolved.
Without malice or intent to injure


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From: Doc
To: Troedyrhiw
Cc: Real History Radio ; Eric Margolis ; ; Mike R ; ; Prof Neve Gordon ; Prof.Henry Makow ; Prof Daniel McGowan ; michael hoffman ; Dr Julia Houston
Sent: Monday, July 16, 2007 4:56 PM
Subject: Re: Circulation of the Nimmo-Madsen Syndrome

Mr. Troedyrhiw,

You seem to be suffering from bi-polar disorder. Instead of raving, in your manic state, you should be contacting your elected representative as an antidote (if you can get enough others to do the same) to the power of the Zionist lobbies. That will only work, however, if you take your medication and control your bluster.
Friends of Dr Paul Balles at the Internet Cafe.. Bahrain
The touble with intelligence as you display it here is that it almost always gets misdirected and is, therefore, useless!

P. Balles
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From: Troedyrhiw
To: Prof.Paul Balles
Cc: ; William Clark ; Eric Margolis ; Marc Phillips BBC ; BBC Cymru ; Prof. Henry Makow ; michael hoffman ; Prof Daniel McGowan ; Prof Neve Gordon ; Dr Julia Houston ; Dr Adrian Price... ; ; ; ; Mike R ; Rense ; Senator Byrd
Sent: Tuesday, July 17, 2007 9:47 PM
Subject: Re: Circulation of the Nimmo-Madsen Syndrome

Professor Balles...sir

your compliment
"You seem to be suffering from bi-polar disorder." .

Indeed that I am Mr Balles...A very astute and somewhat duplicitous observation ...I congratulate you.
Did you realise Mr Balles that Antarctica is twice the size of Australia and the South Pole is entirely beneath the Antarctic Polar Circle covered by a 13,172 foot ice cap...Secondly, the Arctic(the other pole) belongs to Canada according to Professor John(Spam) Cleese the principle OxBridge Researcher into the eating disorders of the Python Reticulatus in the East Indies and southeast Asia ...and Canada....They, apparently are contributing significantly to Global warming (povine gases I believe)..
Why they would single out the poor Python when there is so much other bovine and ovine excremental urinated feces wriggling through the Internet Portals of Cyberspace is beyond me??...Can you relieve my suffering and advise Mr Balles..

As a supplemental to your observation Mr Balles...but really to take care that I may have misunderstood the complimentary aspect of your sentence, I wish to confirm ,that indeed, I was looking toward the Roman deity and God of Doorways and Passages "Janus" ...for inspiration...Having two faces--one looking to the future and one to the past

"Instead of raving, in your manic state, you should be contacting your elected representative as an antidote (if you can get enough others to do the same) to the power of the Zionist lobbies. "

My raving days are over unfortunately Mr Balless:(Note to self::::::must check keyboard repeat setting) ..My children will no longer invite me to their local dance hall to see and groove with my fellow Welshmen...the "Manic Street Preachers"The Legend lives on see Here.......Apparently, there was a slight misunderstanding as to "age limit" with my children's kindergarten Principal.....I still say it was discrimination shown toward an old age pensioner or maybe anti-semitism(small 's')..Afterall..I am Welsh..
Why on in hell would you suggest Mr Balles, that what our 'representatives' require is an antidote, when we do not know how they have been conditioned..envenomed ....poisoned ...Moreover Mr Balles, that was the main question I presented to you for consideration.... and you come back with "Zionist" Mr Balles..............boooga boooga

Quote..."The Manics aesthetic - especially in these early days - also strongly embraced a philosophy of sell out as freedom and liberation, that by exerting absolute freedom of will and by being honest about your past, present and future, mistakes and all, double standards and broken promises were nothing to be ashamed of. For this reason, the Manics polarised opinion more than any other British rock band before or since. Some critics hated them for what they saw as superficial glamour, arrogant rock star posturing, aggressive intellectualism, and a nihilistic lack of traditional values.."

"That will only work, however, if you take your medication and control your bluster."

Let me get this straight Mr Balles..You are advocating that one should 'take their medicine'(socialised prescriptions of course) and then volunteer an antidote to the very people that are profiteering immensely from the said medication that reduces/eliminates blustering and free speech al....You may be on to something here Mr Balless(damn keyboard)...Professors are not so dumb as people expression)

"The touble with intelligence as you display it here is that it almost always gets misdirected and is, therefore, useless!"

"touble with intelligence "...Man..I heta wehn proimxity of erorr sepaks for isetlf wenh evreythnig afterawd semes unbvaebliele and "useless"

On a more serious note ............................................. I'm going to bed ............. or maybe take the dog for a walk .... Damn damn .. where is that Goddamn bottle of .....forgot its name now I have.

Troedyrhiw...PhD....AMI.Mech.E.....S1/S2-S3+A1+A2plusplus....FRsA.....4th RHA.....but no J.O.B
Ps......Your reply is indecorous and unbecoming a professional academic..retired or not..
Pss....You have just applied(above) the four protocols of smear and vilification designed by Abe Foxman and his Wikipedia cohorts.

Further reading Here Professor or abbreviated version below.

30th Jan 2007.. "Constant Amended War Rhetoric" (abbreviated)

"The 'trade winds' during the spring time "surges" directly through lower Russia and northern/western China..Needless to say Putin(our best bet for eventual Democracy and a degree of honest Capitalism) and the Chinese will not be just having a cup of tea.
Just realised the political irony of that last sentence... Yet the possibility is encouraging, considering.... et al .

Distances(Google Earth Pro)
(Assume 5,000mph for all missiles.....for argument sake)

Russia(Black Sea) Dimona 888 miles...Time of Flight(ToF) from back of truck =10.5 mins (approx)
Israel(Dimona) Tehran...................... .=998miles
Israel(Dimona) nearest nuclear plant(Bushr)..=998 miles
Israel(Sorek) nearest nuclear plant(Bushr)..=1038 miles
That Black Sea to Dimona 110 mile difference in Russia's favour means that on a launch from Dimona to say the Bushr facilities or Tehran ...the Putin missile(SS-27) will hit Olmert's front porch as a SET of warheads 80 seconds before the Bushr facility goes up in atomic smoke, whereupon the Cheney's shareholders and Exxon and BP executives will gasp in astonishment at the imminent probability of solar or wind driven automobiles and passenger jets and no future contracts for a thousand years............until Jesus comes back

Is it possible that Putin may have already hand delivered a couple of truck launching Topol SS-27 to Ajad (thats what he calls him apparently)...TWO would be quite enough...Has the Israeli+US intelligencio improved.

Very Important
From South-East Russia(tip of) to Tehran is 430 miles..The batteries of Russian defensive missiles can take out any incoming Israeli missiles or jets with that time of flight and distance differential.

That means the Israelis need to work from Iraqi territory..Shiites permitting of course:-)...Or alternatively,be quickly inducted into NATO and replace the Canadian troops in South-Western Afghanistan and hit Ajad up the behind...Ajad knows all this..This is possibly the rationale for the taunting of Bush and his Likudic Lucky Strikes.
Could this be the rationality why the Israelis would prefer the sons and daughters of the American Republic to do their dying....(They have) just the most arrogant audacity mixed with an abundance of insolence and unmitigated effrontery...

The Irani has proven that the loss of blood can be worth the struggle(1 million divided by 2)..Will the Israeli and American people have the stomach for massive casualties..Simple question..heart rendering contemplation..."


Rebuttal of Wayne Madsen's hyperbolic Iran Affair ...Sunday, April 16, 2006(abbreviated)

Further reading again Here Professor or abbreviated version below
to Madsen's

"Wayne provides a link with some really real 'Hyper Text'.. thus.. "Rangoon (Yangon) capital moved 200 miles north over fears of monsoon season Iran nuclear fallout? ... which sends you to ... Read it very carefully and YOU decide as to what the hell Wayne is up to(Gord Thomas never made 'gross errors' like this)..
Why would Wayne lie here when he actually provides the URL??
NOTE!!..Please be aware that Wayne's site does not carry above link..Somewhat curious to say the least

Everyone has been informed(even by Wayne M.) that Russian delivery of Satellite Video and Images that will be linked to Russian early warning system already in Iran is schedule for the 29th March 2006 and that the Israeli Government wants Bush to sacrifice young American lives well before that date..
In his article Wayne M. tells us that the Chinese have warned the Burmese of the marauding winds and monsoons currents that envelopes that area..Just plug in 'monsoons Burma' into Goggle and find out why the hell(again) wouldn't Wayne check the obvious.
See here under "Burma adjourns controversial constitution talks.."
"The monsoon season in Burma usually runs from June to October"
Strike one
Of course Wayne thinks that Twiggy Bush and his neoconvicts should be able to control the winds of change (ref.Katrina maybe), albeit Nuclear ,so that the courageous American kids in Iraq can mount the steeples of the mosques and watch (with shock and awe) the death clouds from across the border..What idiotic cerebral thought that is....Freud and Jung would be scratching their collective heads(or bottoms) if asked to analyse that thinking process.
Strike two

That inevitable 900 lb gorilla is in the room again(royalty to Eric Margolis here) and the absolute precipitation and cause for all this propaganderous poppycock is mentioned by Wayne M. in the most microscopic,veiled,concealed,imperceivable, covert, masked,unapparent,deceptive, disguised, ghostly, vaporous, impalpable,unreal, inappreciable, indiscernible, obscured, and unseen, and seemingly in a somewhat totally inconspicuous manner...He appeared to have mentioned Israel/Israeli by sheer accident.
Strike three..and right over the plate

Wayne Madsen article is dominated with names and places..A combined lesson in Geography and Nuclear Politics,
This is part of the systemic methodology that 'spin' evolves within..Syllables starting with CAPITAL letters draw attention..If the word is that of Proper names etc,then moreso the rationalization by the brain..It can visualize a place..a person.. an object..These at first are regarded by the brain as probably/possible facts..
The part of the cerebral cortex in either hemisphere of the brain lying directly behind the forehead is the Frontal Lobe..This is the area that controls what and how we say something..It also provide the emotional aspect in HOW we react and what compassion is expressed in what we say..The human brain historically has been regarded as a realist..
Occasionally,from time to time,once in a while,now and again..someone is accidentally dropped on their head during childbirth..These are not necessarily always journalists and authors..
Some neuron packets want to understand more and question these names and places and that is generally speaking the domain of the Scientist and Research Engineer and not that of Mr/Mrs. Internet..

Wayne Madsen,as the reader may be aware of, has been 'trained'(NSA) in the art of Detection,Detention and Deception..He totally understands the need to offer a few sacrificial lambs (detrimental statements) if one is to be successful in infiltrating the confidence and conscience of that which may be the biggest enemy i.e. THE AMERICAN PUBLIC......The Nuclear cloud illustration in his article could be the parallel of statements in 2002/3 by Condi Rice, Cheney and Bush.. And we all knew even at the time that they were just downright lies.
Do you ever wonder how many of these overtly covert 'cowboys' are not actually using the punch-clock inside the aGeNciES..Could be tens of thousands..Who knows?............Maybe Rummy knows??

Note!This email rebuttal was originally sent(cc's) to over 30 Senior Journalists/Editors of the Canadian and Brit print media..To establish as to whether these reporters were indeed conversant with the geographic aspects of this world and its potential "fallout"..there is a deliberate error(gross) built into this rebuttal of Madsen's screaming fest...Can you see it.

There were 12 replies..However,NOT ONE highlighted the contradiction in the geo-nuclear ramifications..This is quite frightening...Some people are obviously not thinking out loud ENOUGH...Do you ever wonder why.."

Paul's initial article

Israel ready to bomb Iran ..
Paul Balles

15 July 2007

Paul J. Balles considers how Israel, the Middle East’s only nuclear power, has persuaded the US and the Europeans, through dissembling and lying, to support an Israeli strike against Iran’s civilian nuclear power facilities.

The combined arrogance and dissembling by Israel, the US and now the European Union is so extreme that it's almost beyond belief.

Friday the 13th has always been a bad omen, but this Friday 13 July 2007 sees the omen become a daunting reality. A Newsmax headline reports: "Israel 'approved' to strike Iran".

According to Newsmax, "Israel’s minister of strategic affairs said he has received approval from the US and Europe for an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities."

Avigdor Lieberman is reported as having said, following a meeting with NATO and European Union officials, "If we start military operations against Iran alone, then Europe and the US will support us.”

In other words, America and Europe are going to supply the money and weaponry for Israel to destroy Iran's nuclear power facilities. That gets all of the attack freaks off the hook: Israel convinces the West of its lies about Iran's nuclear ambitions; and America and the Europeans only support the lies and provide the armaments and funding.

Is anyone paying attention to what's going on in the Middle East? Israel has more than 200 nuclear bombs; and for that revelation Mordechai Vanunu languished in prison for 18 years. Who are the Israeli leaders trying to kid? Or do they have so much control over the US and Europe that they don't need to kid anyone any longer?

Iran, on the other hand, has wanted to develop nuclear power. Does anyone not know the difference between nuclear power plants and nuclear bombs? Israel and its supporters seem to hope we're confused.

It's an extension of the same power wielding and dissembling they've been doing for years with the Palestinians. They tell the world that they're under threat from the Arabs; and they’re using tanks and helicopter gunships to massacre kids throwing stones.

The Israelis scream about the deaths of Israelis and the danger to Israel of the suicide bombers when Israel has imprisoned, tortured, maimed, assassinated or gunned down hundreds of times as many Palestinians.

In their unbridled arrogance, the Israelis continue to build illegal settlements, they destroy a legitimately elected Palestinian government, they build walls that deprive Palestinians of their land, they steal property, and force Palestinians out of their homes and into refugee camps.

America and the European Union are just as arrogant in their support of Israel. Just as the US and the UK proved by invading and continuing to occupy Iraq, the West is again exercising imperialist control over a people they consider a lesser breed.

That arrogant attitude of a chosen people moved the appetites of the British Empire, the occupation of Algeria by France, the conquests of Spain and Portugal. Imperial control is nothing new to the Europeans.

The sickening control freaks of America and Israel differ only slightly from the holier-than-thou Europeans in their conquests. Iraq wasn’t enough. They're all back in the same boat now ready to decimate Iran because its president dared to question the legitimacy of Israel.

Oh, yes, Iran also wants to develop nuclear power and preserve its oil reserves. The country has signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. And had its nuclear facilities inspected. Israel has not. Iran has no nuclear weapons. Israel does. America and England and the rest of Europe have enough to destroy the world.

They will continue to dissemble with lies that distort what Iran's president has said, what the Iranians are doing and speculating about what Iran intends to do. All of which makes Iran an easy target for the arrogant controllers of the world.

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Paul Balles is a retired American university professor and freelance writer who has lived in the Middle East for 38 years. For more information, see

Paul enjoying a tea at the cafe that he consults for


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