The ultimate tergiversatism(beating around the Bush)

More often than not, 'facts' become temporary and directly dependant on the contemporary nature of their usage..They die or fly depending on the conditions that motivate their existence,
They are manufactured to "win the day", fully aware that tomorrow these "facts" can and will be modified as political expediency is re-assessed..This is not the exclusive domain of the Politician..

It is also the stratified language by which..... 'Authors of Books".... Journalists....News Reporters....Talking Heads(always looking at/talking to someone off camera).....( Likewise, some Website Jockeys and Bloggers)...keep the reader in mental turmoil and all seemingly elevating the conditions of danger, insecurity and uncertainty......NO RETRACTIONS are ever offered to the mis-informed reader unless scholarly embarrassment is at hand....
They can,will and do issue statements of opinion that cannot be corroborated or immediately verified.Yet the following day, these purveyors and gazetteers of print just nonchalantly moves on, exhibiting complete disregard as to the consequences of the previous 'days work' ...
The consummate willful lack of care and attention...The ultimate tergiversatism(beating around the Bush)

The primary purpose for this therefore to bring these 'casual liars' to task and remind them of their historical opinionated transgressions(read lies) that have contributed to the confusion and understanding toward the reader....and especially ignoring and taking advantage of the open mindset of the younger people.... wanting to believe in something good and wholesome

The Writer do not apologise for recurring phraseology and/or repetitive wording...The use and exaggeration in linguistics and its nuancing will be discouraged...emphatically

New word for 2006
"Noesis"....'The psychological result of perception and learning and reasoning'



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