Subject: Doug Herman ..A Resume of deceit... Mockery versus the Truth

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The below email was channelled to 19 friends and acquaintances..
It is primarily directed at a "Douglas Herman"..Apparently,a semi-failed Hollywood wannabee writer and (Hermit..reclusive)'exclusive writer' to the Rense site...and aLets hope that Douglas Herman takes his volunteer job more seriously than hitting the keyboard for a living Qualified FireFighter residing in Florida.

It outlines the tentative and tentacled grasp that Herman has on the serious-mindedness and sensitiveness of all things "911" and WAR..This bloke applies a sickly and sallow humour to peoples most honourable thoughts and deliberations by jeering and mocking in pathetic,hapless(not very good)Pythonic fashion,such that it qualifies as the First Law in ADL's Debunking Policy...the "BLACKGUARDING" to laughter and ridicule...

Herman's 'headers' are going to get himself noticed.. and into trouble..He had better have the ready cash on hand as do the National Enquirer(US) and the News of the World(Brits) have in their vaults.. Just think ,holocaust revionists languish in cold and damp jail cells for years on end for just 'cerebralising' on similar lines of thought as that which Herman is publishing..

Having analysed approx half of Herman's "exclusives" to I find that this guy is really a boring fraud and pseudo maggot creeping around inside the serious business of "establishing the truth"..(Note my use of the Second Protocol of Zzzzed' the 'smear')

To continue...We,the people, have been warned many times at the under-handed manner that these slime balls of decency will attempt to infiltrate honest debate..Here is one that should be dispatched ASAP.

Herman has obviously being contacted /warned by one of my contacts(and I know whom) as his very latest "Exclusive" attempts to make up for lost time.......agenda time that is...The mask had slipped and a fellow Sayanim rode to the rescue.

Sidebar...Just as an exercise try this(from Brits newspapers)....Read the below sentence at normal speed and then re-read it..Then ask yourself how many times does the letter F occur in this sentence(answer at foot of page)
Finished files are the result of years of scientific study combined with the experience of years.”

Speakers of Welsh that live in Ysceifiog...Aberfan..Caernarfon.. Ystradfellte ... Carreglefn...Trawsfynydd...or even Trefeglwys may have a slight advantage here(about bloody time you say) :-))


----- Original Message -----
From: Troedyrhiw
To: douglas herman

Cc: ; Prof.Barry Evans ; Prof Alex McBride ; Prof. Alan Arkin ; Richard Gwynne ; ; Peter Worthington ; Fr.Thomas Rosica ; Eric Margolis ; BBC News ; BBC Wales ; Marc Phillips BBC ; Prof.Peter Williams ; Neve Gordon ; Prof.Henry Makow ; Dr. Dai Lloyd AM ; Adam Price MP ; Leader Plaid Ynys Mons ; Elfyn Llwyd MP ; Dr Adrian Price... ; Prof Emily Galian ; ; ; Mike R ; Rense ; Judith Moriarty ; ; George Monbiot ; ; Senator Byrd

Sent: Saturday, December 30, 2006 2:21 AM

Have you ever wondered whom may be telling the truth and who
may be not telling the truth..Let us classify them.. as say:-
1..Tells the truth and knows and believes it themselves.
2..Tells the truth,but unsure if its ALL factual.
3..Tells the truth(tiny bit) and knows it is the truth but prefers it be all lies.

It is the latter person's belief/agenda, that should really be our focus and of interest to us.
The truthsayer has an ability to analyse another persons body-(English) movements and is attune to recognising the smallest changes and inflection in voice and respiratory functions(breathing)Textual touch and scripted thought provocation are no different..
My experience with the "agenderised believer" (AB's) is that they contribute an enormous amount of crafted literature to a subject or object that has the potential and ability to aggravate the powers that be...sufficiently enough as to persuade the "honest believers" that they are "one of them"

A well known Pastor/Reverend(?) put it this way..(paraphrasing) "Sometimes the Haliburton pays 'their army' snipers over $200,000 a year..What the hell happened to the Constitution of the United States of America..Jefferson and Washington must be scratching their collective heads(or bottoms)fireman deliberately starts smaller fires so as to gain control of the larger forest fire"
This is how a 'shill'..'agent'..'black-op'..would approach a tenacious "ongoing conspiracy" that is closing in on the Truth..
They, the 'agents',will attempt to gain acceptance to the truthsayers inner circle by 'sacrificing' a calculated degree of factual data so as to portray assuredness and breed confidence and passive patriotism.

Like the Main Stream Media(MSM), these sculptors of paper phonetics instantly regurgitates either hatred or sympathy in a fashion that can be anticipated...Bad-cop-Good-cop playscripts.
Douglas Herman's Hollywood debut is that of the 'controlling fireman' and that of the "good cop" sympathising with and looking for control of the "Truthsayers" before that inevitable and inescapable day of judgment comes when the "Powers that Be" will experience the Power of Electrical Current...P=V*I

Below, I have taken, at random, approx half of Herman's "Exclusive to" articles and threw them through a conventional word analyser..This is just the simplest of analytical findings..While if required,further word nuance,sentence and paragraph structure analysis will be carried out...If the need should arise..

Here is the Simple Analysis only ...Just remember that Herman's articles covers Iran... Iraq...911..GOP..Democrats..Blackops etc
Articles(21) .....Total number of words= 21,621
Word............... Israel or Israeli used = 11 times

Herman's articles are the Oxymoron Department......... at the Rense's Basement Distillery....

Using Logic To Counter 911 Non-Thinkers ....11-21-2006 (article exclusive to good site)
WORDS=788.. NOTHING ON ISRAEL-ISRAELI ....But ensures the making of Pakistan ,a predominently Muslim the fall guys..

Predicting The Neocon Plan To Nuke America ...2-28-2006
To anyone who cares, the NPT is some worthless piece of paper the US or Israel ignores completely. Probably by the end of the month (or before) we'll hear of air Another worthless piece of paper here..But they knew which side of the bread their butter was on..strikes, signaling another war-without-end

This is Herman attempting to get the war going yet again in Feb 2006 (Laws of Probability)because he failed 2 years earlier(its now Dec2006)..
Note the US/Is-he-real association again and again while in the mean time Herman hammers Bush and the admin for "ordering a "stand down" on September 11, 2001," wait for it " because US military exercises just happened to occur the exact same day Arab terrorists planned to strike America"... Is that the type of sentence one should expect of a self proclaimed/boasted "essayist" who apparently is trying to believe and convey to the reader(in his own queer manner) that it was an inside job..There is no need to trip these guys up..They forget that lies require 'memory'..Truth does not.
Yes of course..the Burning Bush knew they were coming because Indigo told him and that they also would be Arabs ......Of course..silly us.
Can you see how the truth surfaces quite accidently at times..These blokes are just amateurs compared to Rivero,Vialls, and bla bla bla..They push out words and periods as if they know that people will not read a sentence twice and compare the paragraph structure and sentencing.

Are Aliens 'Droning' Earth? Or Is It Simply The State Perfecting Secret Spyware?....2-13-2006

This is about "aliens" and UFO's and Douggy boy attempts to convince the space virgins that again the Governments of the world shoots these ten legged creatures out of their super advanced machines and patents secretly all that they can copy......Hear me out please.
I have been a Research Scientific-Engineer for over 40 years and know only to well the advances in nanotechnologies..particle beam experimentation..synthetic structured atomic compounds..composition and 'shadow' aspects of "blackholes" and associated anti-matter on protons..and the metallurgical definition of eutectoids of over 200 base-metals/compounds and on and on...There are many such Sci-Engs..They work very diligently and eventually master that which provides the problem/object challenge......85% of all new "inventions" they "processes" or "devices" do not get to the market place as would be expected by lay-people...
The release of a manufactured product or system is totally controlled by the Money Men and Maximum Marketing Effect(MME)..That I thought would be most evident to Herman and his ilk and any sensible chap that just sees UFO's as just a possibility..
'Material falling into these black holes at high rates generates huge amounts of light that can be detected in different wavelengths. These systems are known as active galactic nuclei, or AGN.'..Is it possible that these 'galactic nuclei' is responsible for the taking of much of the MSN's time up...and the effortless reporting they seem to enjoy

Cases in point..
1..Plasma and LCD TV screens What you spend so many dollars on now could have been made available in 1972 with a marketing retail cost of approx $80....34 years ago.
2..International Space Station....Achievable 1978..notwithstanding the Cold War...approx cost $150 million
3..SSCI..Advanced Integrated Circuits.. 4 layer ..1952..... Dell, Microsoft and Apple eat your heart out..Was Billy Gates and Steve Jobs/Wosiak even born then?? as Mr Dell was 4 years old.....No no ....Sorry that was Israel(same thing really)
4..Google Earth quality imagery(todays) was available in 1959...Prepulsion and satellite programmes suspended at over 90% completion.
5..Transportation Imaging. Star-Trek 'Beam me up Scotty' style... available now....Dematerialises>>>> Transport>>>> Materalises (just objects at this time..needs another 7-10years)
6..and on and on and on.........................literally thousands

Read News(15th Dec 2006) regarding Type 1 Diabetes in Canada at the b l Post site...a Newspaper that apparently Canadians relate to the Zzzzzeds..See Here This was the ORIGINAL SOURCE ..(Did not work on 13 Aug 2007)
Work around..Using the National Posts line"In a discovery that has stunned even those behind it, scientists at a Toronto hospital" plugged into Google...hit 92,200 times with sentence starting to break up after the 23rd hit..Try it

Critical extracts from the National Post's article were:

1.."In a discovery that has stunned even those behind it, scientists at a Toronto hospital "
2.."I couldn't believe it," said Dr. Michael Salter"..."Mice with diabetes suddenly didn't have diabetes any more."..."Some have remained in that state for as long as four months, with just one injection."
and then
3.."While pain scientists have been receptive to the research, immunologists have voiced skepticism at the idea of the nervous system playing such a major role in the disease"
(they said the same about bacteria unable to live within the stomach.which it did....then Zantac came along and proved them wrong)
4.."The researchers caution they have yet to confirm their findings in people"
5.."Any treatment that may emerge to help at least some patients would likely be years away from hitting the market."
6.."Nothing is for sure, but "there is a great deal of promise," Dr. Salter said."

Can you see the gradual implementation of caution and dollar language being exercised here.

So one can appreciate what currently could be available at this moment in time if the US,,Britain and Germany(mostly) could correctly apportion the Capitalist exhaustive efforts to increase the bottom line....with the word Democracy...
Please remind yourself that physicians and family doctors with total support from their respective Associations and their mortgage brokers(Big Pharma) have with full knowledge and deliberation, KNOWINGLY diagnosed many many symptoms as "Diabetes" when they cannot find a closer/comparative in the classification of those specific symptoms..A close friend is one such victimThe loan that broke the camels back..But they STILL have the National Health Service..Politicians were elected on the idea of tax reduction..Little did the Brits know that the USA loan was coming to a conclusion(final payment)..Hence the tax cuts.. Nobody tells the Truth anymore and Herman is no exception

Many people have made their fame and fortunes , sometimes unknowingly and perhaps unconsciously deceiving the public with stories of 'site seeings' and other strange things that go bump in the night..It is what interests many people and for that one cannot condemn those that believe...Jesus had a rough time in the beginning to if you can remember.
Some years ago,I received an email from a Professional friend and Broadcaster who admitted that to prove the "experts" wrong he said "You might also be interested to know that eight years ago I used to make crop formations/crop circles and many of them were said by "experts" to be of "alien design".....I rest my case! "

The Absurdity Of The Official 9-11 Account Comparable Examples of Fictional Media Reports Exclusive to
NOTHING ON ISRAEL-ISRAELI And one would NOT expect to find anything in this advanced childrens story book...Is Herman really trying to "take the piss" to speak..This is undoubtedly the belittling stage of the Triad it not. Many people have taken precious hours researching their story and submitting them unsuccessfully to various websites..Yet a silly-billy hillbilly like Herman gets a pass every time.... it seems.

This is a very serious/crucial time in the life of all Americans and Herman chooses to play his ridiculous fiddle..There is no humour in death and war..ask Sheehan and many other mothers who will not see their children ever again...This bloke HERMAN is giggling and laughing his way through a war..Is he sniggering at the American Here is one of the very few busts of the infamous 'Nero'..Do you think he would have left Rome burn if Doug Herman were around..Which one would adopt the Fiddler On The Roof approach??...if you get the nuancePeople....Who would think of doing such a thing..Of course...Silly me.
I can think of very few countries that's maybe laughing with Herman at this juncture..But Douggy Herman refuses to key it in...Ask yourself the question WHY WOULD HE NOT DO SUCH A THING...Total distance to travel by index finger on keyboard is only 17 ins.

Confessions Of A 911 Hitman ..How & Why I Helped Blow Up The World Trade Center.... 10-13-2006
WORDS=1603.. THRICE ON ISRAEL-ISRAELI ..Quote "I'm retired now. But five years ago I helped blow up the WTC complex. I was paid a half million dollars, tax free, for my time and trouble. I don't know what the rest of my crew was paid--maybe a little more, maybe a little less. Not that I care much." ...."Who were we? Americans, Israelis, South Africans, Brits, Irish. All top specialists. The best of the best. Like that popular TV show, the Mission Impossible force, that was us. Quite a few former special forces, several top intelligence men, financial wizards, some foreign mercenaries, Israeli demo specialists, electronic specialists, security specialists. You name it."

Another fictatious admission of a fictatious operative..
I have said it before and will say it again..The pedophiliac cigar puffing Sigmund Freud calls it "the normalising effect"..Whether something is accurate or untruthful, throw it in front of people who know nothing in contradiction and they will believe it .. akin to Goebbels interpretation..

NEVER FORGET..Goebbels and Hitler read the "American books" published on this subject..THE ORIGINAL BOOK AUTHORS WERE AMERICAN..SWISS and BRITS

Try it out yourself..Given a class of say 20 people..Ensure that all read a paper of some catastrophic event...One interpretation fashioned around the actual truth and the other in semi-comedic fashion..Modern day researchers,psychoanalysts, psychiatrists , have found that a relative small percentages who know the subject matter in detail.(.but greater than 30%) will convince 95% of those that initially believed the actual facts...The methodology has been tried and proven fully successful....believe or not.

Why 'Debunkers' Help The 911 Truth Movement ....10-11-2006

Quote "All truths passes through three stages, said the philosopher Schopenauer. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident"...Herman is at the first stage of the Life Of A Lie (LOAL)and will undoubtedly write/indite his next literary work when he accumulates and modifies completely the paraphrasing from Genuine Unfeigned Researchers Sites
'Schopenhauer' example above is a precursor/harbinger..Herman's next title is "How To Paraphrase Without Being Caught With Your Pants Around Your Ankles"
Maybe Herman should go here for some inside information..HERE

The Mad King Of Wonderland...9-23-2006
Good reading if you like a Pythonic fairy tale for 6 year olds..I will have to... it appears... give Douggy boy a few lit.lessons in the finer artistic nuances of Monty Python's "Spam" and the "Dead Parrot" past pasquinades and proper parodies.

911 - A Modern Fairy Tale 9-6-2006
Quote "We'll get past Israeli security at Logan airport in Boston by posing as Arab terrorists"...and "Sure, they never received their certification in small planes but they had outfoxed NORAD, Israeli security and the combined resources of the US Air Force in the airspace over America."

Herman is really beginning to push the "ARABS" out in front now...Does Herman suffer from paranoiac type schizophrenia?..No....Just agenda seeking...and the layout is quite transparent.

Proof Positive - Neocons & 911.....2-7-200-6
To treat Israel and Neocon and 911 as a triple oxymoron is just moronic..Is it not

NWO Master Plan - Nuke Texas? 3-27-2006

Read this story if nothing else..Here
This bloke "Herman" hits keyboard in a manner reminiscent and remindful of how in 1940 the advance Special British Forces (precursor to the SAS)sent their target Some people are never thoughtful..never happy..never satisfied..never giving...never hopeful...never compassionate...and sometimes never wanted information with grid references back to London for analysis and subsequent bombing..Why would "terrorists" waste time and effort in searching the Internet for American weaknesses when Herman's Hermits spells out(Black-ops training maybe?) through a third party the best places to hit and the logical rationale for doing such..Does Herman really have paranoiac type schizophrenia?..Now I am unsure.. totally... Somebody please tell me he is not an American

Quote..."Douglas Herman believes eternal vigilance is the price a citizenry must pay to guard itself against its own government" But NOTHING ON the ISRAELI Government "
Quote..."That tiny little shitty country " that runs the UZ Government."
Quote.."Herman is the real thing,our very own "Rozenberg.".right here in our very own back yard....Give him a list of names to confirm and we will purge the whole system"

Iraqnam - Those Who Got It Right.....3-23-2006
But I enjoyed the article..Was it the swear words...maybe it was...

Traitors To A Tiny Nation...... 5-31-2005
But extremely interesting piece about a(nother) fictional country...quote "Even more ridiculous, suppose the tiny warlike nation of San Berdoo contributed no soldiers to the war with Mexico and Panama. Nor did San Berdoo spend any money. Nor did she expend any equipment. Indeed, all of the sacrifices, all of the injuries and deaths and displaced families, all of the future debt to taxpayers, would be absorbed not by San Berdoo but by others, young American men and their families with absolutely no stake in the war"...
Herman mentions Mexico, Panama,Nancy Pelosis, John McCains, all the Bushes,the Cheneys, the Colemans, the Boltons and the Powells,the Clintons and the Gores and the Kerrys,the Delays and the Frists and all the Kennedys and Democrats and Republicans but NOTHING ON ISRAEL-ISRAELI ...BUT WAIT Herman ends with this
"Well, that is the politically 'correct' mindset of the people in Washington DC and New York City and, especially, of the American mainstream media--Traitors all--who loyally serve a foreign nation HALF the size of San Berardino County! "....WOW...Almost there..Does one call that 'inference' or interference? .Sideline judges call. maybe.....Close,but no cigar..Perhaps Herman does not have a QWERTY keyboard..Yes!! that's it of course.

Goodbye To The Golden Age Of Motoring?....dated 5-4-2005
But advertises/plugs Mike Ruppert's, "Crossing The Rubicon"...peak oil etc...Can Good stuff always point to heavenyou hear Putin and the Russian people laughing here...The Russians are down to 51,000 feet as of Jan 2006...Even Texas is trying to buy their new equipment..but its a niet..

Survivor Iraq? Future Reality TV Program..Photos courtesy of Dahr Jamail...dated 3-23-5
Yet Another fictitious story about Iraqi and US soldiers.
Asking Hollywood to do something(Herman looking for break)... Uses Dahr Jamail as reality check

Dangerous Words... 8-5-2005
Because they, apparently, are not "dangerous words"

911 - The Movie Exclusive to
"the dereliction of duty between high officials, the suspicious actions of Israeli "allies," and "Will we see dancing Israelis celebrating in Liberty State Park"

T Is For Traitor NeoCons, Meet Your Accusers 10-9=2005
"According to Charley Reese: "Perle, Feith and Wurmser joined other neocons in the Bush administration. Perle was especially vocal in pushing the war on Iraq. They had two pretexts: the attack of Sept. 11, even though Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with it, and the mythical weapons of mass destruction....At a cost of My God this could be Ariel no its a 70 year old Charley Reese and his articles are carried in 85 newspapers nationwide..Reese says Dr. Paul doesn't have a chance of winning then goes on to complain that 'Then we will join the heap of has-been empires like the British, French, Dutch and Soviets.'..and..'That's why I have no interest in the presidential race...then he takes the rest of the 2/3rds page talking about it..He is a 70 year old afterall
$200 billion and nearly 1,000 American lives (Now 2,000+) Israel did achieve its 'strategic objective in its own right' removing Saddam from power
The quotes are Herman's... and he is quoting Charley Reese,,Remember its only plagiarism if the statement is found to be untrue and the punctuation is suspect..Perle's first law of Straussian Dictionary Terminology

Amazing Ironies, Striking Similarities & Curious Coincidences Of Two Suspicious Events..... dated 3-4-2005
Herman attempting to be scholarly and quite serious(fails terribly of course).Quote.."New York police arrest suspicious characters near the WTC murder site, so-called 'Israeli furniture movers.' and FBI releases them without charges. ".
Herman's 'Israeli' quotes...This from(apparently) Herman's NEW JFK assassination Book.

Day One - The War With Iran .....dated 1-9-2005
Fictatious war ..With US and Israel together bombing Iran..This was an article dated 1-9-05 and Herman is STILL trying....Innocent by pre-emptive association maybe.

High Crimes & Cruel Treasons: I Accuse.... dated 2-5-2004
Herman at his pathetic worse and most speculative.

Death's Head: Piracy, Plunder and Foreign Policy...dated 2-1-2004
Quote.."some critics see a darker side, suggesting the "double cross" of the black flag signifies a truer ambition, similar to the more explicit motto of the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad-"By way of deceit, thou shalt make war." has publish only ONE Herman article in 2007 to date..13 Aug 2007...Also understandably,Herman has moved two gears..Double de-clutching and straight into the "quite obvious" scenario..the Third Protocol of Zzzzed

Air Bases..At this time,just after the war the British Empire had now vanished into thin air..The thought of US bases flooding the green countrysides of Blighty were a shocking realisation to the Brits that it was indeed true..Churchill had sold them out..For his treasonous acts they kicked Churchill out of the door at 10 Downing Street....and Neville Chamberline must have been pleased..where ever he was


Sidebar Question...Answer 6 times...three in "of"...............How many said 3 :-))



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