King Caradoc (Caratucus)... and The Welsh Cymry

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"The First Christians" and who they may have been..Has anyone ever considered the Britons(Welsh peoples)
King Caradoc...that is Caractacus(Latinised)..(Welsh)Cymric name,of the Silures(South East Wales)and his father[Bran] fought many battles during the period AD26 to AD49 against Claudius Caesar and others...He even when captured(betrayed) and on trail in Rome,convinced the Emperor and Roman Senate and people to release him and his family..which they did

For Caradoc(Caractacus)to become King his, father Bran relinquished his title and went back to the Druidic and their teachings which as you may be aware is very similar to that of the Hebrew scriptures. and follows a similar course to Christianity.Not as some historians make believe and indulge in fantasies as they being the sons of the devil himself..
If we are to believe that Joseph of Arathemea who apparently had Caradoc leads the British Royal family into the Roman Senate..Cheney was out hunting.. thank Godmany tin mines in West Wales(Cornwall) was as rich as some is quite logical for he and Caradoc to have feasted/dined at some time or other...That be the case the most obvious question arises..what did..... they talk about ..Not to forget that Caractacus(Caradoc) had spent over 20 years in the teachings of Druid religion,laws and philosophy.

Paul the Apostle wrote a letter to Timothy(Tim II:4:21)and gives his best wishes to three people Pudens, and Linus, and Claudia..................Linus is Caradoc's son and Claudia(Gladys..Welsh)his daughter..Puden a Roman Soldier is married to Claudia....Gladys whilst living in the Emporia Court in Rome adopted Caesar's name...Pudens and Claudia's home still stands today....I have seen it
Caradoc's great great grandson,King Lucius ,declared Britain a Christian country by public announcement, three hundred years before Augustine ever set sail for the British shores and about 150 years before Constantine declared Rome a Christian Empire.

Caractacus was the Welsh King that fought the Romans 40-51AD..His daughter was Claudia who married a Roman Captain called Pudens..Her brother's name was Linus...Caractacus was firstly, a learned Druid,with 20 years of Druidic schooling under his belt before becoming King...He was also the FIRST Christian King...see Apostle Paul's letter to Timothy (2) 4:21..KJV

It was left to Caractacus's great great grandson Lucius (d.156 AD)to first declare the British(Welsh)nation to be Christian....The Angles and Saxons and Jutes conversion to Christianity came three hundred years Augustine and not to friendly Welsh and Irish monks.

This is the captured Caradoc(Caractacus) that gave the speech to the Roman Senate that saved himself and the lives of his family(as you know)...Caractacus resided in Rome for many years,during which time he became a believer in Jesus before returning to Wales..Some argue that Caractacus was the same person as Arviragus...Some say they were cousins?

The Angle Saxon called the language 'Welsh' (in Welsh,...y Gymraeg) and the people 'Welsh' (y Cymry) and Wales (Cymru) ...Just remember that "Welsh" is the old English(Germanic) word for "foreigner/alien"..The Welsh,(2.4 million of them in 300AD) are the original Britons and don't let any one persuade you that they were 'absorbed' by tens of thousands of Jutes,Saxons and Angles..Do the words genocide and ethnic cleansing come to mind

Fact...Welsh and Wales are derogatory words meaning "the territory of the alien race",used by the Anglo Saxons
Fact...Welsh are indigenous people.These are the original Britons and they live in Britain and they are British...They are all that is left of the British People.
Fact...Welsh and Wales are Germanic expressions (German Wälsch)
Fact...English people came from Germany...the Angles and the Saxons.
Fact...Wales(Briton) was Christianized by the Romans almost 2000 years ago
Fact...English people (Anglo Saxon)tried to eliminate/destroy everything that was British Welsh Romano,even Christianity....Find out when the English(Anglo Saxon) became Christians,you will be surprised.
Fact...Britons invited the English(Anglo Saxon) to their country to fight the Scots and the Picts from the North,they turned on the Britons and eventually pushed them into Wales.(Dementea ...Silures) Caernavon Castle Wales...
Fact...Strathclyde was one of the Welsh Kingdoms of Britain.It was in SW Scotland and Dumbarton was the principal town.
Fact...Cornwall was at one time called West Wales
Fact...Remember,the English(Anglo Saxon) gave you the derogatory word.."Welsh"
Fact...St Patrick was born in Wales,in the same "shire" as St David patriot Saint of Wales.(March 1st)
Fact...Anthony Hopkins was born in the same village as Richard Burton(Jenkins)Welsh Nationalist....Richard must be also turning over in his grave..God Bless him.
Fact(maybe)...When the Normans came and conquered the Anglo Saxons in 1066...the Welsh went down the pub to celebrate:))))May have been led by King Arthur...Rumsfeld don't know,so who could..Yes Yes See Here

To the Welsh I say, if you really want to get back at Bede and antagonize any of the other "British"people...Claim, with one big loud...ever so loud voice..."We are British" and put your mark down for posterity(The 2001 Census ) I am quite sure that English people will not want their check box to read "Anglo Saxon" .....The German people must be having a good laugh at the expense of the Welsh Assembly and the British Parliament.

Claiming and voting in one voice to be British and saying "No to Bede":)))would indeed create attention in the rest of the World....Assuming in the fallout, the Scots, English and the Northern Irish would lose the "British" tag...and Bede would turn over in his grave(no disrespect intended)
Why not??,the English,Scots and Irish Historians and Scholars must be quite embarrassed and annoyed at being called British or Brits from Britain,after all, it was the Britons that succumbed(never beaten :)))))) to the English way....Maybe ask an Englishman his opinion:))

It occurs to me, that again I am witnessing AGAIN the ostracizing of the Welsh People.This is what Bede appears to done in his "Ecclesiastical History of the English Nation"(731 AD) to the Britons.(in the 4 of the 5 books I have read so far )

Bede an Angle Saxon Theologian and Historian and Christian(as you may know) introduced the method of dating events from the birth of Jesus Christ...Most Scholars, past and present, insist that he provided reliable information that by Historical research,some can be corroborated....One can argue that this is not true..It is the nature of presentation that I find as a Brit...offensive.
Bede was not a time traveller...a vast amount of his work was based on "Pliny thePliny the Elder......Gaius Plinius Cecilius Secundus Elder"......Gaius Plinius Cecilius Secundus a Roman Scholar and Encyclopedist..It is maybe significant to remember that some of Pliny's works have been classified as "useless"..

The Briton, King Lucius the great great grandson of Caradoc(Caractacus)declared to Rome and the rest of the world that Britain and Khymri/Cymry(Welsh) were a Christian Nation

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