Letter to William Safire..Stop telling lies..already

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William... dear chapA 'Language Buff' indeed..What do you think occurs when that chunk of the Neural Structure(the brain) carrying (say)Hebrew neuronic philosophy, gets short circuited and finds itself inside the doors of the Islamic left..Does one bow courtesly and graciously beg forgiveness and depart..or just start a war?

Your noetic nonsense negates Nobel nominations
Here dear chap is your interlectuall qualifications

Suggest you stay within your bounds of editorial 'expertise' and refrain from the tantalizing,tenacious, tendency of technological tort......I am a Scientific Research Engineer ...you are a newspapers writer..Never forget that.

To infer....no, to categorically state that a "mild-mannered economist" called Weiss ...."helped the US" win the Cold War..... (note the capitals,least one discredit an Historical period) is to bring broad cynical grins to those Engineers and Scientific scholars who view the Cold War(note the caps) as a time-frame of utmost importance and not to be delivered into the spin cycle of laundrymen as a "Mr Weiss"...

Your inherited(it seems)the status quo practice of the "rinsing" of true fact(which were terribly dirty) and to further perpetuate the 'mud slinging' (read lies) of that period in political time...

You must perform more "Googling" research and establish the percentages of scholarly practitioners(read Sci's and Eng's) that were NOT American,yet chose(read dollars) to circumvent their national inclinations to 'serve' the US Military and Intelligence machine..Surprisingly, so very few Israeli, if I remember correctly.:-)) were assisting in this effort.

To assume that the Soviet scientist and engineers were that redundant is extremely naive of EVEN newspaper men..Good copy is no different in high tech duplication as it is in your duplicating processes...its reads true.......Wishful thinking by you and those who chose to accept your spinning cycling of 'things' that are out of your cerebral reach is to say the least, expected ...yet saddening. You are a News Reporter buddy.

Your chance to 'three-quarter' involve the Europeans in your article and involve the "Weiss" man in the "engineered" plan is duly noted and conforms to the standard neocon concept of EEU dissolution by marginalization...separation.. domination
Do you think that this time France were the good guys because,
"In 1976, he[Weiss] was awarded the French Legion of Honor award for his work facilitating a joint venture between General Electric Co.'s aircraft engine division and the French jet engine company "...Search Google engine in 2nd gear

"Gus Weiss died from a fall a few months ago"

Of course,I can understand the non-committal sanitised aspect of that sentence...Do you not think that you as a 'reporter' should follow the actual circumstances encompassed in your weird statement...We don't want a BBC Gilligan "Kellyrization" here at the NYTimes...do we Mr Safire.
Check this out
"I loved him. And I don't believe for one minute that he killed himself. "
I Loved Him..

I do agree however(suspiciously) with your "Here is the unremarked story of ..et al"Is it not totally feasible to assume that SOMEBODY found the need to bring attention to "Weiss"..The hits on Goggle for "Farewell dossier..... DUPING the Soviets"...resulted in 21 0f 27 hits all stemming from one original article.Do some research Mr Safire and maybe you will be honoured by the French for services rendered.
Indeed Gus Weiss was a fine man...but no strategerial honoured scholar

26 Oct 2008 Added
As you will notice this link directly above has been taken over by some filthy woman who just cannot help indulging in herself...So go Here(hopefully)..It may be the very same woman who said those words above "I Loved Him" ..Check the date on the forum..Just two weeks after I took Safire to task above.

OldLeftieLawyer (1000+ posts)
.."and the Watergate (which is not only a hotel, but also a coop residence)?
Google the name "Gus Weiss," and keep in mind that
1. he was a friend of mine for more than thirty years;
2. he worked for Kissinger in Nixon's White House;
3. he was getting ready to speak out against the invasion of Iraq.
See what you find about Gus Weiss, and then consider Republicans and the Watergate in DC. (There's one in Virginia, too"


"I loved him a lot.He loved life, and no one will ever convince me that he wasn't murdered".

14 Apr 2010
This story has become a mystery in itself as the "lady"(OldLeftieLawyer Annette Appollo Porter aka "Tangerine LaBamba") I refer to above... died the beginning of December 2009..The "theorising" at this juncture is "suicide"



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