Wash.Post's...Steven Pearlstein..."Can 'Old' Europe Preserve Its Prosperity"

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Subject: "Can 'Old' Europe Preserve Its Prosperity"

For Pearlstein's article at the Post ...If you don't mind the Avenue 'A' tracker looking at your footsteps for the rest of the day...If you have Spybot..it pops up 2-3 times per visit..Same as our(canada)Top Lottery Website ..Told you that you cannot trust anyone:-)..Lets see what happens at the Falwell and Roberson's sites shall we?...For Pearlstein's article go here

If it troubles you and/or they may have archived and are looking for your spare change...then please...
go here

"Can 'Old' Europe Preserve Its Prosperity" article whilst filling two W.P. pages indicates vividly that you should
at the first opportunity sail over to good "Old Europe" and establish first hand the economic nuances of 420 million citizens and their hard working bread providers..Depending upon (word edited out- by Troedyrhiw) friends to provide you with 'data' only brings the fear of "bad information" for personal gain and the possibility that plagiarism is ..... becoming rampant and probably an occupational hazard. Take "Old-man Rumsfeld" with you and re-introduce him to his Germanic kinfolk.

There is a 900lb Gorilla in the room(Note!..send royalty to Eric Margolis),yet you and your associates remain somewhat blinded by neocon naivete and ignorance and/or suffer from cataract polymetrics..Do the initials E.G mean anything to you..
No Steven,it does not mean "Exempli Gratia" or "Emergency Generator" or Equal Gain" or "Europäische Gemeinschaft" or even "Economic Geography"...It refers to an "Old Soviet" colony that found there were still family bonds that an Iron Curtain could not divide...The German people...That's right Steven,"East Germany".

Answer this question,albeit,in total honesty...Just suppose,through the portholes of and this is what the US Congress is afraid of..another Iron Curtain..No Problemo...Let Israel decideCongressional debate,you have a proposal on the floor(ultimately passed) calling for the full integration into the United States of America,of say.....Mexico.
The population ratio is akin to W and E Germany...The standard of living also shows the same differential.
What do you and your mentors believe would be the social,financial and political affect on the US of A.
That dear Steven is what you should have been mentally cross referencing when hitting the keyboard..Maybe you did...alas that would only be a maybe.

Ignoring East Germany and its influence in the article is very much analogous to saying that Israel has no influence on US Foreign Policy in the corridors of power in Washington...the 900lb Gorilla so to speak.(another royalty)Is he real

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"Meanwhile, DaimlerChrysler's union has accepted pay cuts and longer working hours for select employees in exchange for a promise of no layoffs for the next seven years and a ban on outsourcing the work of security guards and cafeteria workers. To seal the deal, top management agreed to a pay cut of 10 percent.
While for many Germans these reforms are nothing less than traumatic, to American eyes they look almost trivial when compared with the size of Germany's competitiveness problem.".

For the first part, the American worker would (if only he could be heard and acknowledged) give up his SUV without the slightest regret if he could stop the outsourcing of professional,skilled, IT and movement of Scientific Research Technology to the European Eastern Bloc and China and other Far Eastern Countries.
Just remind me again of the "Projected" new job forecast and this weeks shortfall of 175,000.
Do you think that those responsible for being astray as much as 700% has the American workers interests at heart...Gimme a break Steven.......The Europeans KNOW what is going on in the rest of the world.Hence the detail understanding of what "Globalisation" is doing to their family, their Country and the rest of the World.
For the second part of your sentencing..You must have extracted this from The Jon Stewart Show script..I will not even attempt to bisect such nonsense..When the fingers get tired of the keyboard,they are terribly susceptible to error and failure.

"The reforms suggest that Germans remain in a defensive crouch, prisoners of their past success. Rather than embracing the challenge of making the sweeping changes needed to lay the groundwork for a globally competitive economy, their aim seems to be to try to hold back the forces of globalization and maintain as much of the old German model as possible."

You mean the Reagan "Trickle Down Economics" philosophy and the gathering of people who must be extremely patient(by default) and wait for the pennies to fall from the will they share it with us
machine...a machine that they built with blood, sweat and tears.
Remind me again Steven, how many US citizens are without medical insurance and how many are below the poverty line.......42 mil and 20 mil, is it not...Not counting "Aliens" (as you like to call them)
Sit back and keep a curious eye on this "German Model".You will see it morph into that which will bring Europe to the forefront in all things commercial and should I say it.....democratic..
The Euro 1998 (IPO)..81cents US....now $1.2056 and climbing.Now that is progress Steven,don't you think so?

Did you not know that "Old "Saddam had just converted all Iraq's monetary and mineral resources to Euros away from the US dollar just 6 months before "Old Rummie" was going to drop his "special" MOAB's (Mother of all Bombs) and his super-duper "special" anti-communications magnetic blaster..
Do you know that the Saudi Family has the US Administration(and "Old Donald") by the short and curlies with the inference that they would "Go Euro" if Mr. Bush is not protective of them in this devious world of insurgents, journalists(Oooops),terrorists and NGO's

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"Particularly telling is the attitude many Germans have toward the fast-growing economies to the east. Instead of viewing Poland and Hungary as fertile new markets for their products and low-cost production platforms that can make German companies globally competitive again, the public discussion is fixated on lost jobs for German workers. "

Get the "Goggle" engine in gear and look for the country of origin for most "foreign workers" residing in Germany and then revise your Magyar and Pole scenario.
Steven,you MUST do your own research before publishing the article...Spreading rumour and innuendo must be left to "Old Mr. Aspartame "...for he knows that what is not known and what is known is known only to those that know the unknowns and will guess at the knowns....so to speak.

"People don't see the vision of how things will eventually get better if they accept these changes and reforms," said Gabor Steingart"

"Eventually get better"..What an optimist..eh
Recommend that you strongly suggest to Steingart that he should visit Moscow and mention that to the Peoples of Russia...all 150 million of them, then head for the nearest exit...
Europeans will ,not by nature or by faith or by default, but by past history and personally experiencing the "fleecing of ones country", be ever so vigilant in the extension of ALL powers to the politician and beaurocrat....Its called democracy Steven...That's right,just like what the US of A had in the "Good Old Days"

"And the law mandating that workers hold half the seats on most corporate governing boards has been a major barrier to industry restructuring while reducing the value of German...et al "

Ask yourself the obvious question Steven..
Some twenty five years ago,approximately 12% of the working American public held shares in one company or another..Today it is 54%, with many investment contributions being deducted from their paypackets by company chiefs.
For convenience of illustration we will not refer to Enron and the rest of the US conglomerates that have taken ordinary Americans to the proverbial cleaners...So,what would you prefer

1...Be an equal partner,with voting rights on "corporate governing boards ".. where major " industry restructuring" is discussed so that the affect on your home mortgage and children's education and the green trees at the bottom of your garden are not compromised without your prior knowledge....or
2...Remain completely in the dark as to what,when and why should an officer of the investment company update you and your co-workers in regular discussion..An officer just like "Old Kenny Lay"

Restructuring USA style..(10 of 411)
1..Outsource and more Outsourcing...
You can achieve anything you attempt as long has you have the right experts behind you
2..Get those Coal Mines working again...
3..Lets strip Alaska...
4..We can't prove that China is patent irresponsible,keep shipping(and importing).....
5..Lets get that Army Recruitment programme going again...
6..Do we need any more F18's and bombs manufactured ?....
7..Vacancies for Breast and Cosmetic Enhancement Engineers climbs 300% in 6months...
8..Don't tell Lou Dobbs about our little contract with Brazil and quiet on the Mexican made 'body armour' thingy.
9..Wal-mart will not be beat on price...If you have a job producing US dollars then visit our store.(yen also accepted)
10..What's with all these Mexicans,Arabs and Oriental people crossing our borders..Just ensure they get out into the Heartland of America and vote.

Other than that Steven(with a "v" and not a Ph.D)...Not a bad article at all:-))

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