Rebuttal of Wayne Madsen's hyperbolic Iran Affair

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Ref. your websites presentation of Wayne Madsen's article Here

The Chief Rabbi of England lets Tony in on the truth..theirs that is
I agree(65%) in what Wayne Madsen has to say in most of his articles..But this attempt at war-mongering stirs the anger and fury of people who are mentally stretched out on this subject in just listening to Rice,Cheney,Leeden,Krauthammer, The Chief Rabbi of England, McCain and a host of neocon wannabees

Why would Karl Christian/Christine Rove...Mr Aspartame.... or Mr Sharon(peace be with him in his hour of need/comfort) want to antagonise Mr Aspartame's Disinformation Department(MADD-ext 2476) any more than necessary when Madsen is running around the Internet and Radio Shows like a tired Trojan runner shouting.....
Some people will not listen to himprofusely that the Rapture blokes dream of a 1000 years of peace is imminent.

If you feel that Wayne's article needs no further exposure due to its inflammatory nuancing and incitement toward war,then I fully comprehend the rationale for removing it swiftly from the 'icon' location on the website...This, then, I would understand and would rather move on instead of being in the employ of the Bush Administration.

(Added...I guess I could not leave it pass as the rhetoric as of 24/4/06 is still quite deafening)..

Yet a further addition(29 Nov 2008).."FEMA sources confirm coming martial law by Wayne Madsen..Global Research, October 9, 2008 Wayne Madsen Report ..."WMR has learned from knowledgeable Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) sources that the Bush administration is putting the final touches on a plan that would see martial law declared in the United States with various scenarios anticipated as triggers. The triggers include a continuing economic collapse with massive social unrest, bank closures resulting in violence against financial institutions, and another fraudulent presidential election that would result in rioting in major cities and campuses around the country."



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Hyperbolic Rating Index..Article by Wayne Madsen=85%
(Hyperbolic..."To enlarged beyond truth or reasonableness")
Assume absolute truth = 0)

Original Message
From Troedyrhiw
To: To W.Madsen via
Sent: Wednesday, January 04, 2006 1:46 AM
Subject: "Intelligence Indications and Warnings Abound On Bush Iran Military Strike"

Image temporary removed ..Wayne Madsen..Look at the facial similarity with Gord..uncanny

Wayne Madsen..Look at the facial similarity with Gord..uncanny

What a bunch of codswallop Wayne.
The similarity in the warring and extremist writings(lies) of Gordon Thomas Typical example here. ...(a fellow Welshman)who may have received a weekly cheque from Tony Blair's advisors leading up to and including GW 2..and his inevitable lies that still 'ly' in print on the Internet, can be analysed by readers who will then find the thrust of argument/information in Gordon Thomas..Welshman living in Irelandhow WAYNE'S WORLD WIDE article and its content (names and places) is so psychotropically( affecting the mind or mood) typical of someone who is trying to impress and not necessarily inform.....Best Sellers are mostly fiction are they not.

However,along comes a 'retired/ al' ex-intelligence officer(an oxy in itself) with a bullfighters flair but not assumptively the intellect and accuracy of a Joe Vialls and attempts to convince the American Public and those from other areas that have not as yet been curtailed by 'their' local ISP..that Bush is 'madder' than 'mad'..

Ask yourself the very obvious question that whilstfully should be running around Wayne's site....With Kingfisher Bush's acceptability within the USA Military Generals complex at approx 50%, down from 64% and the Chinese and Russians getting drunk together, not forgetting that the NEW Iraqi Shia theocratic Government (religious democracy with ethics hopefully..if there can be such a thing) will have the ability and religious incentive to cut off any US retreat to Kuwait(per Joe Vialles)..And as Wayne admits,Putin being able to teach the Turkish Ministers some Look into my eyes my ass..thick as a 2x4 new Karate kicks with the Syrians to busy looking for their traitorous and corrupt ex-Minister and the Saudis protecting Osama's dying wish(keep the Americans out).

It becomes nonsensical to believe that the US can take on another country other than maybe Mexico,And only then on the condition that all the legal and illegal immigrants are tune in to CNN and/or Fox News...... or BBC on the mute button

To repeat....Truth and reality is never an op-ed or a continuum of a journalists essay...It must be sought in arrogant fashion if need be..As you are aware,the vast majority of people work hard all day and are starved of the rested hours necessary to search and research truth,thereby they have little option but to trust that meal that is placed in front of them(CNN al).....In truth, an optimist is lazy..a pessimist is a Cassandra(prophetic but never believed)...a neocon or terrorist is confused ..a policist is an enigma (brain-teaser).. a pacifist is irenic(conciliatory).. BUT the conspiritualist(no definition as yet) knows that the three hypotheses he has in the palm of his is the truth..The reality of today's problems is shared by is only the argument for truth that is different
Wayne gives the conspiritualist a very bad name.

Wayne provides a link with some really real 'Hyper Text'.. thus.. "Rangoon (Yangon) capital moved 200 miles north over fears of monsoon season Iran nuclear fallout? ... which sends you to ... Read it very carefully and YOU decide as to what the hell Wayne is up to(Gord Thomas never made 'gross errors' like this)..
Why would Wayne lie here when he actually provides the URL??
NOTE!!..Please be aware that Wayne's site does not carry above link..Somewhat curious to say the least(this line has been added.)
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From above URL.....BBC site dated Monday, 7 November 2005, 10:01 GMT
"Information Minister Brigadier General Kyaw Hsan said nine ministries had begun the move to Pyinmana, 600km (373 miles) north of Rangoon. "
"The authorities have chosen Pyinmana because it is centrally located and has quick access to all parts of the country," Brig Gen Kyaw Hsan said.
"Some analysts point to a paranoia among senior military figures that they might come under attack, potentially from the United States, and that a location further from the coast is strategically safer. ..."It certainly puts the generals closer to their frontline forces within the Shan, Chin and Karen states, our correspondent says. "
"But others suggest the military leaders are simply repeating the habits of the Burmese kings in pre-colonial times who built new towns and palaces on the advice of fortune tellers. "
"Pyinmana has been the pet project of the military government for many years. "
Strike one
The Bush preferred method of teaching the American kids ..Geography
Everyone has been informed(even by Wayne M.) that Russian delivery of Satellite Video and Images that will be linked to Russian early warning system already in Iran is schedule for the 29th March 2006 and that the Israeli Government wants Bush to sacrifice young American lives well before that date..
In his article Wayne M. tells us that the Chinese have warned the Burmese of the marauding winds and monsoons currents that envelopes that area..Just plug in 'monsoons Burma' into Goggle and find out why the hell(again) wouldn't Wayne check the obvious.
See here under "Burma adjourns controversial constitution talks.."
"The monsoon season in Burma usually runs from June to October"

Of course Wayne thinks that Twiggy Bush and his neoconvicts should be able to control the winds of change (ref.Katrina maybe), albeit Nuclear ,so that the courageous American kids in Iraq can mount the steeples of the mosques and watch (with shock and awe) the death clouds from across the border..What idiotic cerebral thought that is....Freud and Jung would be scratching their head if asked to analyse that thinking process.
Strike two

That inevable 900 lb bear is in the room again(royalty to Eric Margolis here) and the absolute precipitation and cause for all this propaganderous poppycock is mentioned by Wayne M. in the most microscopic,veiled,concealed,unperceivable,covert, masked,unapparent,deceptive, disguised, ghostly, vaporous, impalpable,unreal, inappreciable, indiscernible,obscured, and unseen, and seemingly in a somewhat totally inconspicuous manner...He appeared to have mentioned Israel/Israeli by sheer accident.
Strike three..and right over the plate

Wayne Madsen article is dominated with names and places..A combined lesson in Geography and Nuclear Politics,
This is part of the systemic methodology that 'spin' evolves within..Syllables starting with CAPITAL letters draw attention..If the word is that of Proper names etc,then moreso the rationalization by the brain..It can visualize a place..a person.. an object..These at first are regarded by the brain as probably/possible facts..This brain schematic if not representative of the neocon arrangement
The part of the cerebral cortex in either hemisphere of the brain lying directly behind the forehead is the Frontal Lobe..This is the area that controls what and how we say something..It also provide the emotional aspect in HOW we react and what compassion is expressed in what we say..The human brain historically has been regarded as a realist..

Occasionally,from time to time,once in a while,now and again..someone is accidently dropped on their head during childbirth..These are not necessarily always journalists and authors..

Some neuron packets want to understand more and question these names and places and that is generally speaking the domain of the Scientist and Research Engineer and not that of Mr/Mrs. Internet..

Wayne Madsen,as the reader may be aware of, has been 'trained'(NSA) in the art of Detection,Detention and Deception..He totally understands the need to offer a few sacrificial lambs (detrimental statements) if one is to be successful in infiltrating the confidence and conscience of that which may be the biggest enemy i.e. THE AMERICAN PUBLIC......The Nuclear cloud illustration in his article could be the parallel of statements in 2002/3 by Condi Rice, Cheney and Bush.. And we all knew even at the time that they were just downright lies.

Do you ever wonder how many of these overtly covert 'cowboys' are not actually using the punch-clock inside the aGeNciES..Could be tens of thousands..Who knows?............Maybe Rummy knows??

Note!This email rebuttal was originally sent(cc's) to over 30 Senior Journalists/Editors of the Canadian and Brit print media..
To establish as to whether these reporters were indeed conversant with the geographic aspects of this world and its potential "fallout"..there is a deliberate error(gross) built into this rebuttal of Madsen's screaming fest...Can you see it.

There were 12 replies..However,NOT ONE highlighted the contradiction in the geo-nuclear ramifications..This is quite frightening.
Some people are obviously not thinking out loud ENOUGH...Do you ever wonder why..

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