For once, George Bush is absolutely correct..I say not as yet'??

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Intelligent man...years ahead of most Journalists
"Don't Fear Ports Deal...February 28, 2006 "


You said .."For once, George Bush is absolutely correct"

Alleged plagarist Jerome Corsi says..See here-(now defunct..insert Corsi in Archive Search
engine,then follow your nose-but get out ASAP)
...27 Feb 2006
"INVESTORS from the United Arab Emirates helped fund the $23 million Neil Bush raised for Ignite!, the learning systems company that holds lucrative No Child Left Behind Act contracts in Florida and Texas."..........Neil Bush’s frequent travels to Dubai are documented by Datamatix, a Dubai-based information technology company that has featured Neil Bush as a speaker. The Datamatix website features several prominent photographs of Neil Bush addressing a Dubai conference, identifying Neil Bush as “the brother of U.S. President George Bush.”....

[The rest is not flattering to the younger Bush or his family]
Should one believe an accused plagarist,afterall,they normally look for true they not

Your belief in saying that George is right assumes quite ..... massively that George has the same good intentions as you are hoping for..To differentiate along the cerebral stem,one requires the assistance of retained correlated knowledge and be systematically remindful of that at that moment in time when a clear thought need to be expressed...George is likable...but dumb...a lost cause.
He has also spewed out "Democracy"..."Respect... "Free people".."Love and Honour" ...."May God be with you"..."Cherish life"..."Help them"...Can we say that he has been proven correct on any of these political flattering "Christian" statements.....
One need to be steadfast and again remindful as to what evil deeds and devilish lies has past into the historical 21st century books... already.....Hope we will have some revisionists around to highlight all our errors and suppositions...if you get my digression.

One must not be taken in so deliberately and visibly by the early political canvassing of the other party(forgot their name)..Give them another 1-2 weeks and they will see that they cannot spin any more web out of this "yarn"....and 'seemingly' acquiesce.
EVERYTHING that the pundits..bloggers and talking heads have said regarding their "lack of spine"..(i.o.u $3 royalty...1999 comment regards Clinton + Chechnyan independence + Yeltsin) has been held for this years elections to ensure a sweep..This is where the US political format stinks to high heaven...and not in keeping with that of the Founding Fathers intentions, I am sure.

Interestingly,Leon Hadar,(you know him I believe ??) ex-bureau head of the Jerusalem Post, and adjunct scholar in the Cato Institutehad this to 1992

Policy Analysis no. 177..."Not surprisingly, foreign governments, including those of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, India, and Pakistan, have reacted to the evidence of U.S. fear. With the end of the Cold War they are concerned about a continued U.S. commitment to them and are trying to exploit the menace of Islamic fundamentalism to secure military support, economic aid, and political backing from Washington as well as to advance their own domestic and regional agendas. The Gulf War[GW 1] has already provided the Turks, Saudis, Egyptians, and Israelis with an opportunity to revive the American engagement in the Middle East and their own roles as Washington's regional surrogates. Now that the Iraqi danger has been diminished, the Islamic fundamentalist threat is a new vehicle for achieving those goals."....

Do we think times and attitude of Corporate America and Middle East shared dictatorships have changed?? I really don't think so...Just diplomatic camouflage and Rovianic Newspeak..

"It is preposterous to claim tiny Dubai will threaten the U.S. "
The general statement is obviously true.....but(always one of these and also) one paralysing black-op...and one who benefits the most....cui bono
Appreciate the defense of Arab and Muslim peoples and their continuous struggle to avert that area of "democracy" embedded with capitalistic greed and porn that even we dislike..And this is where the 900lb elephant covertly enters the ops room(another $3 royalty..will send cheque) and has exceedingly surpassed their norm for pre-emptive false flag flying.

What is required to achieve "the tipping point" (most used term for 2006) of this falsely generated yet inherent fear in the people of the al..??, The Western populace have already been primed ...viz.. cartoons and mosque bombings and "TALIBAN" resurgency" and the extremely clever Karl R.and his most scholarly manner in 'persuading (unknowingly) the Democrat Partygoers to shout 'FIRE' in the crowded toilet(for that is where it originated)..Urine The Girl that ensured that Boys would florish as Men..She was ALWAYS there when your girl dumped you everywhere.

One can curse Karl Christian Rove in which ever way one prefers ..but this guy would bring Freud, Jung, Mahler,Klein, Fairbairn, Erikson, Winnicott and Jones and all the other pedophilias and drug addicts to their feet, for Karl's "super-ego" alone would prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the approaches of ALL these psychoanalysts are indeed ALL correct....Kay C Rah C rah...what ever will be will be.... (Royalty to my girlfriend ..Doris Day )

"U.S. President George Bush did not have prior knowledge of the deal but backs it and dismisses such claims as nonsense. He is absolutely correct. "

This may be perfectly correct ... "Prior knowledge"..George ain't got any..
Let us not forget our own "thick as a two by four"... The American Clone/Clown shipped to Canada with all their unused yet filthy polo-neck sweaters "Harpo the Hapless
The Neocons did not even have the courtesy to re-vamp the 2000-2005 agenda.."As is" was.
Notice the spontaneous and prolific appearances on Canuck TV of Senior Military personnel and the Talking Heads and their "canned speeches"..These are speeches where no questions appeared to be being asked and the "head" always seems to be speaking to 'someone' off camera to the left or right of the screen..Their NGO affiliation screen nameplate has been changed in some instances..What gall.

"American port security is run by the Coast Guard, FBI, and Homeland Security. All three agencies and the Pentagon cleared Dubai, a very close U.S. ally, to run the ports. "
I don't believe this is the case ?

"Congress would do far better to cease pandering to domestic lobbies and focus its intention on that yawning gap in U.S. border security – the entire southwest border with Mexico. Over one million illegal aliens flood into the U.S. each year while Congress fusses about P&O and browbeats Canada...."Why? Because, as usual, gutless Congress fears angering Hispanic voters. It's safer and easier to fulminate against Arabs."
31% Hispanics...2% Arab/Muslim..The only way in the Sinhate..sorry....Sinuate ..sorry... Senate , to bring about a condition that will neutralise any preferential SHIFT in the Hispanic voting machine would be 22 Dems and 22 Reps saying YES..with the same split saying "NO".....Eleven Reps abstaining or going sick with Spanish Flu...and the sole independant saying yes or no..Plus/Minus a sinhater of course....Cheney may also get a vote(whose to say)
Whatever the best strategy..guarantee that Karl(call me KCR) will piece the pieces together for the benefit of the Nation...of course he will.

There is no evidence that Osama and the cast of 19 (less the four(alive) that are moonlighting on Abramoff's yacht) did the 911 job..Don't give the Arab/Muslims such a hard time..Be fair
If anyone has proof..then stand up and be witness..Leave the book signing until another day..

Have a good day



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