"Is This The Last Memorial Day..et al"...Greg Szymanski asks??

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From.... Troedyrhiw
CC...... Rense.com
To.......Greg Szymanski.....semantics,semites, sitcom slaves and solicited silence..see here
Don't listen to him Greg..He's like Bush ..never right
Normally I would agree with Greg 90% of the time....but this spreads between the remaining percentage as an aberrational abnormality...lets say

Get that old cold déjà vu feeling .......Re 20th century US hype... communism.. atheism... cuban and argentina invasions..christian and jewish jails... under the bed, black-op operatives...libya and saddam's nuclear missiles...and the worst scourge..'welfare'...et al...(forgive thee no capitals)

Let us be remindful that Greg's scripting appears to correspond so vividly with "Gestalt's Principle[Law] of Organization"....that being the caveat emptor (principle of buyer beware) of psychology that perceptually identifies factors leading to particular forms of administrations and their system of rules.

Freud, before Jung called it "preliminary elemental schizophrenia", where the brainset assumes that 'exclusive' data following the same repetitive "train of thought"(research) to be correct and "a given"....At this stage, the brain will Please be warned !!!!!These co-ordinated qualities of the brain's layout is not ..repeat NOT typical of many peoples makeup..Zionists,Politicians Lawyers,some Rabbis and Pastors and last but not least,the four bloody vets that diagnosed my dogs ailment and symptoms incorrectly and charged enough to shame a derivative seeker/seller on Wall Street
not accept anything that 'corrupts' that which it has been already formalised and prepared for 'publication..if you get my point.......In other words 'real historic rhetoric'..

Having said all that,(horrible expression that)...you may think that the logical and rationale conclusions from apparently two of the worlds greatest psychyatrists is to be believed..That was then, this is now.....
Recent investigation and reseach indicates that "Freud and Jung" with their mentors and pupils were talking out of their rear ends..... ....see here..Issue 123 June 2006

"Anyone who has undergone traditional psychoanalysis will know that it is not about finding a cure for an illness, or even relieving the symptoms of one. In this occasionally marvellous, often painful, and sometimes absurd enterprise, the analyst whether Freudian, Jungian, Kleinian, or Lacanian does not tell you what it is that you've got, nor does he or she explain how you will get over it. Instead, you embark on a personal exploration during which you find that you Front Row L to R.. Freud..Hall..Jungdon't only suffer from the symptoms you thought you did, but also a range of other conflicts underlying them. The process is classically driven by two mechanisms, and these are essentially all there is to the technique (though not, of course, the theory) pioneered by Freud."

What has Greg S and some others to do with this one may ask..The pushing of an agenda

This philosphy of psyhcoanalysis developed intially by Freud started around the time when influencial Jewish leaders(Zionists) in Britain were 'discussing' a new homeland for the jew and using that as a pretence to further their personal ambitions

However..the terrifying aspect of self induced paranoia is the possibility that given a slightly different approach,(and I do mean "slightly"), to the underlying factors that trouble we as individuals and collectively ..could .indeed, would have been the solution.

For those that surf the Net most every day-night..one should ask the question ...."I know/or have seen all this before..So why are the authors not researching the details with names,places and identifying overt/covert companies/ organisation and stop repeating in glorified sentence and paragraph that which they and all others have said before"..that is the question.

A chance to provide information for further analysis...Greg quoted an actual
New World Orderly(NWO).yet choose to secret his name..Now hundreds of genuine research people..(professional and amateur) will wonder "what's the real message here"
.......Greg....."It won't be pretty and that is why I am going to Europe soon," said an elite member of the New World Order who is passing on information since it matters little any more because, as he put it, "it's all over but the shouting and screaming."

To further explain their motives for creating this 'hypertext' that people are distressed with, only furthers their famous/infamous name and character..
Moreover...remember that most of the 'notable' authors of political intrigues need to pay the mortgage..It's their job...

Disagree or agree with him,at least John Kaminski had a stab at probable theories and possible solutions or actions.


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