Response to Prof Daniel McGowan's "What Does 'Holocaust Denial' Really Mean"

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What Does 'Holocaust Denial' Really Mean...
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The Professor's particular expertise is forensic economics and personal finance and retirement planning

From Hobart and William Smith Colleges website
Professor McGowan says, "In keeping with Simon Weisenthal’s observation that ‘hope lives when people remember,’ the suffering of the Jews has been rightly acknowledged and memorialized. But there are few memorials for Palestinians who died in 1948. The history, in which the massacre at Deir Yassin is a very significant event, has been largely buried and forgotten. And yet, like [other victims throughout history], the descendants of Palestinians want the world to remember what they suffered.” Based on this philosophy, McGowan has founded and leads Deir Yassin Remembered. Its board of advisers is comprised of Jews and non-Jews who share this belief and commitment. McGowan has been a speaker at the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee and has conducted lectures on Deir Yassin in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Washington, Boston, Jerusalem, and Ramallah."

To:Daniel McGowan
Professor Emeritus
Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Geneva, NY 14456



Excellent presentation..
Abrupt,factual and in your face truth...I like it.. and without the now cursed and legacy of detailed Scientific and Technological truth that so many courageous researchers have performed through many years of ridicule and derision of their Works.

So how does one get across the SLOWLY expanding truth to the people who may have the impetus and guile that does not fracture when subjected to the smear and the fear..Possibly by constant and the perpetually throwing of truth/facts and information verifiable by dependable Internet research at reasonable people who could have a 'rolling down hill' affect that eventually will extend to others..

If the "Holocaust" tale is entrenched into the secular fabric of a few Search the Net for the Christian Armenian Massacre..Not just one sitecountries(and it is a powerful few) and I do not think it is...then it can be "opened" for inspection by the persistence of MANY MANY writers that fully understand the nature of clinical web research..The holocaust ironically, is written by the victors in this instance ,unlike the Armenian Christiansyet it is quietly coming to light as to the truth of events at that time in our history... How does one accelerate peacefully this truth process,distinguishing the fact from the lie.?Satan's Triad
When one is "out there" by oneself at one moment in time ( e.g Mr Zundel and others),very visible and alone,then it is extremely comfortable and inviting for the attack dogs to snarl and bite and cause injury..

I would advocate/suggest, for starters, that the Academics of Historical and Literary Review and Composition(you blokes:-)) collaborate and write a paper(not unlike your recent exposé on Rense) with their name and qualifications fully visible in the CREDIT SECTION of said paper...The greater the credits and credentials ,the greater the impact..You can be guaranteed that many many websites would promote this work and I am sure that advanced web advertising(no fee) over a period of say 7-10 days would enhance the coming presentation and impact of said paper..The attack dogs and their scripted responses would be taking to task immediately by those that are your support team...The Internet Blogger..and anyone else who can hit a keyboard effectively...A little selected planning and cohesion can hound those attack dogs back into their habitations......lairs for lie-ers

We ALL from time to time repeat known and accepted facts that readers have just read on their previous website link..They are not necessarily 'stirred' by OUR rhetorical dramatisation of those truths/facts...WE need to change
Why not totally and CONTINUOUSLY discredit the BASIS of any lie that exudes from profiteering Politicians, Zionists,Academic assassins or shill 'Experts' etc etc ,..There are many more of us than there are of them..They can only but attempt to parse whatever may come their direction when their actions and words are under constant scrutiny..That means they need be "angered" or irritated somehow...They and we, know ,that their communicative visibility is their one weakness that can be exploited until good reason can be agreed upon.

Possibly our biggest dilemma and non-understandable fact in this crazy world we live in, is WHY are SO MANY POLITICIANS...Talking Heads and Academics.. et fearful of the lobbying forces of evil..What is the this fear that dulls the logic and other senses of otherwise intelligent wo/men..Most people will apply a suitable name/tag to this paranoiac induced psychosis that these people fear .....then shut-up......They say every man has his price..Not if paid in dollars...So what is it that strikes intelligent people down so readily?? Some cannot bear to watch..It will haunt them for ever...until such time they are indicted anyway....Cowards all
That sure does look like a pod underneath..maybe..could be..can't be... et al

Do these evil forces have plans to blow-us-all-up(say)in Chicago or Baltimore or London or Moscow or Milan or Brisbane or Paris or Berlin or Vienna or Belfast etc...Or can they do it ALL at the very same the push of a button...or a zipper on a suitcase.. For that would be the ONLY scenario for these politicians etc to be that fearful and cowardly.. UNLESS ALL their children and families have been directly targeted at the very same moment in time?..This is the underlying question that all must address...Why are they acting with such strangeness.

Do we know the weakness of our enemy..YES indeed...Not so much as their truth and lie in ethnicity and truth itself ,but the mental strain necessary in perpetuating their conviction..We should go after it with THE TRUTH and pour it on until they cannot accept the flood....Blow them out of the waters...metaphorically speaking of course:-))

What follows is an attempt in rooting out the basic elements of "cause" that which has stimulated anguish and uncertainty for thousands of years..The Canuck-German who will never give up his right in speaking out against the Ashke-Nazism

It compliments Daniel's detailed defense of the patrioteer "denier" and those other brave citizens,web-masters and academics that speak out and speak often.

The 'Jew' and the 'Celt'(to a lesser extent)

The "Jew" forfeited their right to goodness and truth,(NOT the likes of Rabbi Dovid Weiss or the Neturei Karta and many non-Zionist Jews) the day they visited the taverns and whorehouses of Sodom,Gomorrah,Hollywood/Vine and Tel AvivNearly 2000 years of pain..A thunb nail of grief

Lets NEVER FORGET (Just be remindful) that the "Jews" were non-existent in that name until 1775AD with the amendment to the first English Bible translations( The Wiclif) in the 14th century which was finally completed in the KJV of 1611AD...It is an English translation/description of those that opposed,smeared and eventually crucified Jesus...At that time no tribe, cult or sect existed by such a name ..."jew"

From the 4th century Vulgate Latin "Iudaeus" and the Greek "Ioudaios".... to the 18th century...the English "jew" included and was called successively: "Gyu", "Giu", "Iu", "Iuu", "Ieuy", "Iuw", "Ieuu", "Iwe", "low", "Iewe", "Ive","Ieue", "Iue", "iuew", "lew", and eventually in 1775, "Jew".
The earlier English translations for through 343AD were "Giwis", "Giws", "Geus", "Gyues", "Gywes", "Giwes", "Iuys", "Iows", "Iouis", "Iews", and then finally in the 18th century, "Jews".. That period in the Historical calender was from the Old Briton (Welsh) and Germanic(AngloSaxon-English) to (say)pre-Victorian English.

As a sidebar and possibly extremely interesting...During the initial battles in 354AD between the invading Germanic AngloSaxons(the "English") and the Britons of Britain(the Welsh)...The Kymru(Welsh) of the mid 4th century actually referred to the English marauders as the Giwis or Gyues..An interesting snippet of Dark Age historical fact.
Authorised by King Henry 8th...GreatLeaf Bible 1540AD and 'thou art called a Iewe'

Furthermore..Shakespeare wrote in the Merchant of Venice....(SHYLOCK.)...
"What is the reason?.. I am a Iewe, hath not a Iewe eyes?" ..and that was around that period the KJB was originally published (Shakespeare died in 1616AD on the same date he was born).
Throughout the history of time and documented references of the so called "Ashkenazi jew",be they in poems,writings,religious records or census undertakings,British historical literary fact is laced with the above progressive alternative naming of the Ashkenazim.
Whats in a word...How many people know that the word "Celt" or "Celtic" was introduced by the English ..also in the 18th century....Yet many British Historians(tenured of course) still insist that they were in Britain for at least 2000 years...There were NEVER any Celts in Britain EVER ...This is what the dusted archives admissible to the search engines is finding for those that can access privileged libraries....IF people knew their history they would realise that there were the Britons of Britain(the Welsh) ...the Anglo Saxons (the English) and the Picti(Scots)..There MAY have been some Celtic tribes in Ireland that provided the Picti their eventual name "Scotti"?..So one can envisage the political clambering for "getting the house in order" in the 17th and 18th centuries....Now we have the least, for the time being

KJB and the word "Jew"

John did not put it there..
Mark did not put it there..
Matthew did not put it there..
Luke did not put it there...
Neither did ...Augustine....Bede....Caradoc....Linus....King Henry the 4th,7th or 8th(16th century KJB financiers..and James)....Richard III...Moses... David.. Solomon...Rabbi Bernstein... Canute.... Beowulf....King Alfred...Luther....Hengist.... Gildas...Josephus.... Bran......or any of the historical Popes...
The outcast and lonely Ashkenazim Jew of the 18th century put it there, so as to fraudulently associate themselves with what they knew were the real people of Israel..
They did not do it from ignorance..They fully understood the Torah, Mishnah,Gemara and Talmud better than any other ..
The question should be asked...Why did so many Teutonic religiously devout Brits and Germans of the Christian faith leave their homeland to find a new beginning in the Americas in the 17th and 18th centuries.....King George was mad??...I don't think so...Maybe it was the political influence and pre-emptive rendering leading up to the 'Herzl' philosophy
I can fully understand and agree with peoples apprehension in seeing the KVB revised...For the political whores of today would not be able to resist the temptation of "Religious PorkBarrel funding" into that Holy Book..... Foxman and Co would be salivating at the starters gate

The ancient peoples that had Jesus put to death were not the "Judeans" that follow the "Torath Yahve"(Torah or the Tanach)..but the Pharisees..aka Talmudic Zionists in today's descriptive..So now one can see the rationale why some real "Jews" cannot stand Zionists and their Talmudic Text of Hate and Incest (3 years and 1 day indeed).
Again, how many people are aware that the Vulgate Latin and Greek translation into English on THAT cross reads... "Jesus the Nazarene Ruler of the Judeans" AND NOT "Jesus..King of the Jews"....again I suggest people do their own research and try to keep an open mind as the truth is hesitant when fronted with a closed door....It is they that will be aggravated when the truth eventually slaps them on the cheek and they just get annoyed with it..Truth and facts always brings out the anger that flushes through the veins of every Zionist Talmudic believer..The TRUTH really does hurt at times and I fully understand that emotional collapse..

The Judeans practiced "Judaism"..a word non-existent in that era...but provided by the Jewish General and traitor Flavius Josephus to his Roman pay-masters to distinguish it with Christianity and eventually Islam....Todays Zionist practices Pharisaism...the constantly rabbinical modified 'Babylonian' Talmud...Those that attempt to weld Talmud and Judaism together only invites scorn,sadness and the label "thief"... It is those Talmudic practices and the 63 Books(and increasing) that is the requirement for being thrown out of nearly every country in the World....not the Torah/Tanach abiding Jews..Yet the Torahical people have suffered these last two thousand years due to Pharasitic genetic sicknesses. The Zionist is caught in the process of stealing the Jewish religious philosophy and using it for political and territorial gain....and the Internet is ensuring that they realise this theft.


From the "Online Etymology Dictionary"
"from L. Palestina (name of a Roman province), from Greek. Palaistine (Herodotus), from Hebrew. Pelesheth "Philistia, land of the Philistines." Revived as a political territorial name 1920. "
Palestine was already there and very much in the news for many years... way before Arafat had a dream..The Arabs and the minority Jews were very contented (prior)..They lived next door to each other and visited the market places together ..........until the BritJews and EuroJews ,"the Ashkenazim", broke yet another covenant ,this time with the Brits.(See the Balfour Agreement)

They were..they are..they will be
Philistines are mentioned in
Genesis..21.32....21.34.....26.1 up to =7 times
Exodus...2 times
Joshau...2 times
Judges...31 times
Samuel..123 times
Kings.....6 times
Chronicles.29 times
Psalms....1 time..
Isaiah......3 times..
Jeremiah..3 times..
Ezekiel....4 times..
Amos......3 times..
Obadiah...1 time..
Zephaniah.25 times..
Zechariah..96 times..

These all Old Testament references....and Philistia 3 times..The non-semitic Palestinians( Philistines) were very much prominent right from the beginning... Genesis.
Their complete defragmentation,dispersement and marginalisation may have confused many bias religious minds through-out the passage of the historical ancients..The Palestinians were just as semitic as the 90% + Jews of today..Are the Zionists of the Christian Zionist partnership semitic or of another stripe??...So one can say that they have been in the "Holy Land"...from day one.
The Brits were totally aware in the 18th century that Palestinians and JUDEANS lived and worked side by side in what was called Palestine..There was NEVER any conflict during that period of time..There were no Zionist "Jews" in Palestine in the 18th century...This can be Googled and related to the 18th century

The Balfour Agreement

"British Foreign Office.
November 2nd, 1917.
Dear Lord Rothschild.
I have much pleasure in conveying to you, on behalf of His Majesty's Government, the following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations which has been submitted to, and approved by, the Cabinet:
His Majesty's Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country"".
I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.

Yours sincerely

Arthur James Balfour"

Never Forget

WE should NEVER FORGET..(Just remember) that this word "Jew" was ORIGINALLY applied by the Brits in the 18th century in the English language in their Revised KJV Bible Texts and Encyclopedias and there were NO Sephardic Judeans in Britain and/or Europe at that least other than the Marranos(Jewish convert to Jesus)
The Brits,during their historical evolution, applied the name "jews" ONLY toThe land that people want to forget about Eastern Europeans that had taken the faith of Judaism in the 8th century as a political move so that the King of the Khazars would not anger the many Muslim and Christian peoples of that period ..The Khazar KIng brought many Rabbis from Mesopotamia for the purpose of religious education... This can be "Googlised" and verified from may sources

If ever, purely for arguments sake ,one were to accept that the "Ashkenazim" were the descendants of the Biblical period then if one were to say nasty thingys about would expect to be called an anti-Japetite or anti-Gomerite...not anti-Semite..(see below..Genesis 10:1-8 )..For the Ashkenazim,which is how the Jewish Encyclopedia refers to the 90%+ are descendants from Japeth and Gomer.....NOT from Shem ,who were actually called Shemites until corruption of translation raised its ugly head. American citizen would call someone "anti-American" if their people was scorned by someone who was not an American ...not anti-Christian or anti-Brit or anti-Islamic or anti German or anti-Jew..
That weather beaten "anti-Semite" tag is so pathetically offered by Talmudic Zionists today that even Abe Foxman is considering rendering it obsolete...For Abe fully comprehends that there are 90%+ Ashkenazis posing as "descendant jews" .. spread all over this wonderful world of ours..Most of these Ashkenazim are good people,but are NOT Semitic peoples..While very few descendants from Biblical Times still exist..maybe an handful...
How many Americans realise even today(with the Internet) that the 101 Airborne and the 22nd SAS(Brits) ran through the 'town' in Iraq where Abraham was born .......1..2..3..4..??..
The religious teachers did not provide geography classes to their congregations..It was not taught until such time as when parishioners started to ask questions..and even then they did not tell their parishioners the truth.

The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia Quote..
"The primary meaning of Ashkenaz and Ashkenazim in Hebrew is Germany and Germans. This may be due to the fact that the home of the ancient ancestors of the Germans is Media, which is the Biblical Ashkenaz...Krauss is of the opinion that in the early medieval ages the Khazars were sometimes referred to as Ashkenazim...About 92 percent of all Jews[today] or approximately 14,500,000 are Prof.Alan Dershowitz real slimeballAshkenazim." ..end Quote

The ancient ancestoral home of the Ashkenazim is Media..indeed..That has a ring of journalistical truth about it not?

Note!..Only descendants of Shem are "Semites"(Shemites)...see below from the Old Testament
Genesis 10:1-8...
1 Now these are the generations of the sons of Noah...Shem, Ham, and Japheth: and unto them were sons born after the flood.
2 The sons of Japheth....Gomer, and Magog, and Madai, and Javan, and Tubal, and Meshech, and Tiras.
3 And the sons of Gomer....Ashkenaz, and Riphath, and Togarmah.
4 And the sons of Javan...Elishah, and Tarshish, Kittim, and Dodanim.
5 By these were the isles of the Gentiles divided in their lands; every one after his tongue, after their families, in their nations. al

"Christian Zionist"

..Do people really not appreciate, that this would be the ultimate oxymoron.
The word "Zionist" is not even mentioned in the Old or the New Testament..It eventually came into being 600 hundreds years after the Ashkenazi Jews had been thrown out of the ..
British Isle by Edward 1 because of blood rituals (alleged) and excessive usury, which Edward was really responsible for..They were gone for almost 400 years ...Eventually they begged re-entry to Oliver Cromwell, who without committee approval gave them the okay while ignoring the outrage of the British Clergy and committee members in that era...
I know that some people may say that these are not the Jews that they necessarily represent or agree with..However(always one of these),within this cluster of 'immigrants',over the next two hundred years these immigrants( pre-Zionists) formulated a political system that evolved into "Theodore Herzl and his cruel and despicable philosophy of "antisemitism" and stipulating maximum suffrage for the jewish people which led to the assassination and blackwash of everything Palestinian
The western "Zionists" (Herzl and Co) were out voted and out-maneuvered by the eastern "Zionist" Jew....the Bolshevik's ....who I should remind people were DIRECTLY responsible for the deaths of over 20 million Russian CHRISTIANS and 7-10 million Ukraine'e's ..So where indeed is the honest relationship between the Zionist and the Christian...(See released Russian archives)..Honesty is Truth is it not...Google this ..It is all there in coloured pixels
It is the very same Soviet Zionists(descendants of) that are currently bedding the Christians in a relationship that was doomed from the start...and only the Zionists and Christians leaders know that fact...But it provides them with authority, wealth and 'respect' within their communes.

The "Christian Zionist" (around 40 million), are primarily in the Southern United States and represents a very small portion of all Christianity (1.3 Billion)...Does this not indicate some form of manipulation and brainwash by those that cannot exist in the greater scheme of events.

Semantics or Semitics

As already said...Ashkenazim Jews represents over 90% of all jews in the world today and none of them or their descendants are from the Holy Land..They are/were,principally, from(as EVERYBODY knows..or should be aware) Russia-Ukraine-Poland and Germany . However, the Sephardim Jews(more ethnic than the Ashkenasim will ever be) are regarded today by the Ashkenazi Zionists Jews as part of the lower class in the Holy Land(Canaan)...In Israel today, an Ashkenazim marrying a Sephardim is totally frowned upon....

So if one wants to assume by default of convenience but lacking in Religious and Historical Truth and accuracy that Jesus was also an Ashkenazi and thereby a "Jew"..then one should heed the warnings of Matthew writings...This is one of the biggest mistakes that Evangelical Christians, almost entirely in the USA are making today....They are supporting the "wrong jew crowd"
This is the problem, in that the greater part of the people whose faith evolved within the Tanakh/OldTestament believes that the Almighty discontinued his promise to the Jewish peoples because of their sinful transgressions..The greater part of the Christian Community accepts this interpretation...The "re-iteration" is balanced by the "nuancing" within both bibles....Protestants and other factions of Christianity always wonder "whatever happened to Hagar" (Abraham's Arab wife)..after the book of word no trace..Was she marginalised.......History repeating itself ??..What word did they use at that time I "anti-Semitism" was not born until the late 1900's

Jesus was a Judean and studied the Torah...Jesus was not a Pharasitic "Jew" for they studied the Pharisee's Talmud
Semantics..I really do not think so..He that says so,is afraid of the implications in todays world..Truth can be subjected to euthanasia..but one cannot kill it.
There should be NO AFFECT on a Christian's religious belief, for the only mistake that they may have made is that they got off the bus at the wrong stop....and now the hard slog in walking all the way back home...But maybe the Lord will guide those footsteps this time

For many,this simple fact of truth in historical revisionism is understandably extremely differcult to live with or digest...It does not however excuse us from seeking that Truth..
Honesty is Truth and no memory is necessary when applied..
The most worrying aspect of all this "functioning religious" allegiance to Israel is that the brainwashing is complete and has to be leached from the mindset...That could be quite unmanageable . Maybe a thousand Psychologists and Psychopharmacologists could work out a solution:-)

The Ashkenazis were a warring peoples from the Khazarian area of Ukraine, Russia and Poland .....and many of todays important Historical Religious people know this ..They must come to grips with it now, for they will knowingly corrupt that which is the truth for their children and their children's children.Else the children will depend on the Search Engines for Truth

Lets Recap

Jesus was a Judean born to Judean parents who lived in Judea ..Jesus was taught Judaism
The Hebrew word for Spain is "Sephardi" ...The Hebrew word for Ashkenazi"
Ashkenazim Jews(the vast majority of Jews) are from Germany and France .and have no religious connection whatsoever with the Biblical Ashenazi..(descendants of Gomer and Japeth)...Sephardim Jews are from Portugal and Spain... The Mizrachim Jew is of Northern African and Middle Eastern decent..Both the latter are of the Sephardic tribe
Jesus family tree from DavidJesus family tree from David

For many peoples, if their spiritual propositions are to stand the historical test of time and truth ,then there is a need to disassociate the "Ashkenazim" from the "Jew" peg and then one can call Jesus a Jew...or specifically differentiate the meaning of "Judean" and "Jew"..When scholars or laymen perpetuate the lie by ignoring the facts on the ground then possibly it is because it is upsetting to their local Pastor/Rabbi and/or having to perform a minor rewrite of the KJB and Talmud...Just think how wealthy they could become the second time around with their revamped books at
The Christian peoples and to a lesser extent ,the Jewish scholars of the Torah and Tanach, have nothing whatsoever to trouble themselves with, if they really are of the Old Testament spirit...only to forgive those that has trespassed.."the Zionist Jews"
If people get the opportunity to read the translations of the 'real' Scrolls of the Qumran(1946-1947-Dead Sea) they will be even prouder in spirit and faith..Most "Jews" avoid that opportunity as small fragments confirms most of whatQumran Caves..Near the Dead Sea.. Essenes stored their writings here from Roman destruction has been said about the prophets and the coming of and existence of Jesus...Ever wondered why Hollywood or ANY other major main stream Producer or Director has never made a movie about those scrolls..Spielberg wanted to, but it took THREE Rabbis to convince him otherwise and had to settle with fictitious religious events.."Schindlers list" etc..He has actually admitted this..

And what may be the cause of all this conflict today some may ask......Internet Search Engines.
The pedagogues(teachers of the young)of the past have been passing down their interpretation of what they have been taught by other teachers al... etc..etc
Now, the child or wo/man in the street can access all that they require to feel inwardly comfortable with truth and that it may have some semblance of truth with what the historical archivist's treasures hold..There is so much data and information unavailable at this point in time, that the method in bringing this information forward is very much guarded due to the covert/overtness of so-called "Search Engines"...and their sinister private foundations.
With that firmly in mind, can I assume that people understand the rationale for the plundering,stealing and destruction of the Iraqi Museums and Libraries in the first 3 weeks of GW2 in 2003...and not by American Troops either, but people who fully comprehended the importance of ancient manuscripts and artifacts and how they Pillaging the Gardens of Babylon. More than two years after the fall of Saddam Hussein, 10,000 artifacts looted from the National Museum of Iraq are still missing. Archaeological sites across the country have been plunderedreally reflect on the three religions of today..Christianity Judaism and Islam..This 'surge' of potential artifact violence was discussed at length by Coll-Univ.Academics prior to the invasion of Iraq,yet could not get it into committee due to the overpowering and deliberate increase in AIPAC lobbying.

I can understand peoples shock at this sudden exposure to historical fact..But truth must be orderly else the young will never learn that truth...

"This author has not been able to locate any written or recorded sources utilizing the term Judeo-Christianity,prior to 1940 the term itself seems to be a modern invention and one forced on Christians via the media and Jewish influence..... Abe Foxman, Director of the Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish Supremacist organization, reinforces this fact in his propaganda laced diatribe "NEVER AGAIN", when he reveals on page 146 that he got Jerry Falwell, a well known Christian evangelist to agree to use the term Judeo-Christian, rather than the exclusive "CHRISTIAN" when referring to the foundation of the United States of America, i.e. This is a Christian Nation."..end Quote...........Chris Womak ..who has a blogspot site

Genesis 10...31-32..
"These are the sons of Shem, after their families, after their tongues, in their lands, after their nations......These are the families of the sons of Noah, after their generations, in their nations: and by these were the nations divided in the earth after the flood."

From the Genesis passage above,why would religious and historical and linguistic scholars even consider that there was only one land/nation and only one peoples..Think about it



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