Polls show American people dumber than Bush ..A One Act Pythonic Drama.

Drag pointer slowly OVER images for maximum effectiveness(with Left Hand Mouse button down))...

Do you like the pose here..neat eh..Learned it from your Mr Churchill..great man..You know,the Brits never appreciated this known man..not knowingly anyway

From Troedyrhiw(original dated 2004-2005)

Preposterous.....The Polls were organised by Karl Christian/Christine Rove and "Black-Jack" Abramoff and 'counted' by Diebold un-Ltd, with assistance from Ohio mathematicians (an oxymoron in the first degree)...Nobody in the US of A has an IQ less than 23.....even without their dictionaries and not watching Wheel of Fortune 24/7.

Take a look below for absolute proof

If pic does not load again..Go to http://www.snopes.com/photos/politics/binoculars.asp..You can also have a look at the manner in which they attempt to play down(to a degree) the sillyness within the image,2-3 years(see date of original story above) AFTER the bloggers crucified the Admin..See bottom LH corner of page for BBC date referencing

Remember,broadband should never be stolen...
Until services are normalised, please...

Go here

..one of the VERY FEW sites now carrying this pic..Be encourage to speculate as to the rationale for all this mystic manipulation.They are just pics after all..
Ask Google why there are 330,000 hits on ---George Bush Binoculars--
Go Here and only 19 images with 16 being the same offering.

Just another spin ....or just their natural instincts and characteristics

Rumsfeld is having a tough time attempting to identify/translate, what appears to be a secretive note written by Saddam Hussein.
Old Rummy knows that knowing this unknown would knowingly precipitate other knowns and thereby lessening the affect of the known unknowns that knowingly surrounds the Irani affair..He knows it is code [Shuush..See here]... unknowingly intercepted by the Italian( Servizi di Informazione e Sicurezza..SISMI)) and the Israeli(Mossad 4 branch) Intelligence Agencies(a double oxymoron here) and swiftly passed on to the Pentagon,as they had done many times before....He has asked NSA and the See Eye Aye to get their best men on it right away so that he can appraise the President before the Security Council's Meeting on Iran..

After thousands of hours(many paid at double time and time and a half) , they are no closer to solving the perplexing problem as when they started...Bush and Cheney are maddenly suspicious of the cryptic note and is convinced that Saddam and Irani Prez. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with the very transparent backing of Chavez and Castro and Morals Morales, have made a deal... with the US's quick dash back to the Kuwaiti border in March in jeopardy (see Joe Vialls) ...Rumsfeld is frustrated with these known unknowns and calls in NASA(just NSA with another A**hole involved) to see if they can unwind the mysterious text..

The Chief Digital/Analogue Engineers,Head Scientists and scores of Profs in Linguistics hit their 3 mil-terabyte 5,000 gigahertz computers throughout the morning,afternoon and night looking for any collation and correlation of any quadratic logarithmic patterns, but with little success...Exhausted, their retire to the coffee lounge and hold an impromptu think-tank session.(a place where oxymorons are kept)
Over the hum of their Tech-Talk and instant integrated calculi presentations, they suddenly hear a keyboard being struck... ever so slowly...
Just as they thought....It was the same conscientious, extremely meticulous and overpowering contract employee that all day long had continuously advocated them cleaning their files up and literally stopped them from throwing their old notes and documentation into the garbage bin Yes indeed...it was the cleaning lady 'Betty' from Venezuela ....Quietly,in the dark...they crawled closer and closer and to their utter amazement and embarrassment, they could see that 'Betty' was slooowly unraveling the secret of the piece of paper.......
Very expensive equipment..Pay off 2065 AD.

'Betty' speaks "They are Wingdings or Webdings, maybe Chavez would have booted you guys out by now even ....thee "Ipa-samd Uclphon1 SILDoulos_L" font..but you don't have them on your computer"

Rumsfeld now knows the unknown and excitedly calls in the script guys from Microsoftand Apple to tackle the Wingdings and Webdings and found that "Betty 'the Cleaning Lady from Venezuela was right afterall...It was the obnoxious and feared "Ipa-samd Uclphon1 SILDoulos_L Syndrome" Font.....

Rumsfeld's head is spinning with thoughts of unimaginable wealth and being liked again, while contemplating and anticipating his dual launching of Aspartame and Tamiflu on the unsuspectingly Irani public...What a coup he thinks to himself as he strides (not unlike John Wayne) toward The President's Office..He raps at the inner door to the Oval Office and walks in with a smile that simulates the best of Johnny Cash(peace be with you bro.)
The Man in Black

Just another spin.....or looking at it from the other persons perspective

Old Rumsfeld..(sweating profusely and out of breath)
"Mr President...I just met our guardian angel sir.. "Betty" from Venezuela ..our cleaning lady....Wonderful news Mr Bush ...The codic note from Saddam that they intercepted has been finally cracked"

Bush (with smug look on face)..
"Great work Donald ..Remind me to send a note of thanks to Mr Chavez...Let me have a looksee...what's this "370H55V 0773H".....uhh..Must be in Muslim[sic] or Danish Dutch or one of those funny English or German techtonic[sic] dialects."

Old Rumsfeld...(with lots of lines on forehead)
"No Mr President,I am of German descent and I don't recognise it and Double Dutch is an entirely different language which I know like the back of my hand sir..Shall I call Dickey sir, kos I think we are very close to our answer."

Bush... (also with lines on forehead)
"If you have his bunker number..Yea sure ,might as well,give him a call....he is good at seeing things we cant."

Cheney ....(slinking into the room)
"Georgie boy, Old Rummsie here tells me that this coded message came from Saddam via Perle and Kristol...Well,I think it is one of his bank account numbers that he is offering you and your daddy, if you forget the past twenty years that is...and get the relationship back on track like in the 80's..Old Rummy boy here agrees with me."

Bush ..(with Brokeback Mountain smile on face)
"Good God(sorry Ashcroft) do you mean he is trying to buy me off..What guts...Is it a Swiss or off-shore account..Got to be extremely careful nowadays as Putin's police are all over the place...ask their "Z" oil boys and NGO's overthere"

Cheney ...(a kinda fathers pride on face)
"That's right..and if we were to reject this offer we would have to stay in Iraq and get our asses kick again and again...I say we take the offer and give Tony and his Strawman 2% of the take...Your Daddy would be so proud."

Bush..(looking a little uneasy)
"Well,I would like to have Rice's input as she at one time supposedly knew the Russians and their ways of handling things and Saddam is no different....Get her Rummy........(waiting)..Aaah there you are my Condessa(?)...What do you think of this coded message from Mr Yousain.."370H55V 0773H"....Is it one of those Soviet languages as there were so many of them before Ronnie and Maggie and old friend Binnie kick their asses."

Rice ..(looking a little bemused)
"Its definitely not Russian,Latvian or Slovakian code.....Sir,it could be the new Z to A (Zionists to America) alphabet the Mossad has designed for our CIA guys..It definitely follows the known derivative of the Zionists logarithm sir...Since it came via Perle, Kristol and Wolfewitz I would most certainly say its really from Ariel Sharon and not Mr Hussien sir."

Bush...(touches cross hidden under shirt)
"You mean Sharon has banked all our loans to him and really wants to give it back to the American taxpayers on this account number .."370H55V 0773H"...What a man...Admirable...I knew I was right about that guy...I can pick-em....Wait till I tell that salesman Powell...I knew I had a friend in Sharon....Well Dickey boy, that saves us 2%.....Tony is not to be told..right....status quo."

Old Rumsfeld..(also getting excited)
"Great balls of fire,shock and awe and all that....I knew my working on those stupid dual nationality neocons that there would be a pay off day...and ..the day has come...But I think that caution should be called upon at this juncture Mr President ,so although we really have not used him correctly over the past five years sir..I will get Tenet up here ASAP to verify the Sharon logarithm and/or an offshore Greek account number.

Bush ..(smirk on face..as Tenet , head lowered, enters room)
"Aah George my boy...You have done a magnificent job over this last couple of years...911, Mossad, Binnie, and all that...What is this coded message "370H55V 0773H" that came via Perle, Kristol,Wolfewitz and Pipes this morning..Is it from Sharon or Yousain[sic] and what the hell is this code...or is it an account number"

Tenet. .(still with sword in chest and achievment medal to the side)
"Mr President..yes you sir..as it happens sir..... the Zmen...Perle,Kristol,Wolfewitz,Pipes,Asper,Rhodes,Leeden,Dichter,Black,Rove, Lieberman,Fieth and a half a dozen others gave it to me a couple of days ago sir...It was given to them by Mr Powell sir who apparently took it from one of Saddam's envoys Mr President...yes you sir"

Bush...(red around neck...really)
"Get that goddam Powell in here Rumsfeld NOW...its about time this guy toed the line as he cannot see the wood sometimes because of the that bloody tree..Its all these goddam wars he has been in....permanent shell shocked...The obvious eludes him.....no brains.....no awareness of reality....everything soars over his head...My brilliant team marred by one retired guy...GET HIM RUMMIE."

Powell...(enters the Oval Office with Mother Teresa look on face)
"You called Mr President..yes you sir"

Bush...(Fuming at gills)
"Does it always take you an hour to get up here when I call Powell...The Administration team in this room is costing the American tax payer $1,000,000 an hour for your information...Now what the hell is this coded message.." 370H55V 0773H " you gave to all those neocons that I sacked last week..and who was the message for "

Powell..(peeing his pants)
"It was for you Mr President....yes you sir"

Bush..(bottom lip paralyzed)
"Well,what the hell does it say"

Powell..(moment of truth for Administration)

Bush ..(with neck puffed,eyes squinted,ears fully extended,nostril's open wide..slooowly turns it 180 degrees..)
"WAS IT SHARON OR YOUSAIN"(shouting at the top of his voice)

Powell..(Thinking of his own dual Presidency run with Condi in 08)
"Cannot remember now sir...must be those shell hits I had...???? "

Cheney ...eyes rolls...has heart attack
Rice... falls to ground in prayer..asking for a way out
Powell and Bush... starts fighting on Oval Office carpet.
Tenet... finally takes sword out of chest and tosses it to Powell
Very Old Rumsfeld... makes notes in little black book.....for next time..who knows??

Poll Question....(without Diebold's permission)
Is it possible that the Bush's Black House Administration and its Black Ops Branches all made the same mistake.
(Note...not compulsary for those that cannot read.!!!)

Any of the Bush Admin looking in here(and we know there are), are encouraged to attempt those questions they think may answer their suspicions !!!)..
Question 1 should be given due consideration as text is deliberately restricted for ease of understanding..
On the telephone,Tony tells Doubleyou that the Perplexing Power of Powell has a way of looking at things that only the Aussies have..George slams down phone

2...No..they all made different mistakes.
3...Looking at a problem from another 'view-point' could be the answer to everything.
4...Tenet and Powell set this 'Black Op' in motion .
5...The more experienced Neoconvicts set it up..hence the outstanding success
6..."Betty" the Cleaning Woman from Venezuela should be indicted.
7... I believe that the Michael Leeden and the Italian Intelligence (SISMI)are 7 for 7 now
8...The conversion to "Ipa-samd Uclphon1 SILDoulos_L" font do look somewhat Arabiac.
9...I did not write "370H55V 0773H " down..I just stood on my head like Cheney did.
10..Mr Sharon and Perez planned this before the hit on Ariel(peace be with you bro.)
11.."Betty" and Ms Sheehan should team-up and run for the Presidency in 2008.
12..Bill and Hillary are behind it all...Revenge for the all Hell Lewd Lewinsky Liaison in the Loo Laugh.


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