Larry "I.P".David irreverent,impertinent,extraneous and Godless P***ing about.

Move pointer slowly OVER images(LH down) for maximum effectiveness...Agendums may be codified for black-op pre-emptiveness..:-)..These pages carry "hidden messages"..When the pointer moves over an image it shows the hidden message which Mozilla does not do(blame W3C) there is an "add-on" for Firefox,Netscape 7 and Mozilla alternate image..Please go Here to download the open source add-on..It only takes a second and its well worth it.

Can you spot Larry David(ovich)Just look a little closer..directly below the Dome ..white shirt..Can see his right hand,but where is the left??..Isn't anything sacred anymore....Sheesh

Palestinian Christian children stand outside the Latin Church in Gaza City, during the Sunday sermon delivered by Father Manuel Musallam, July 2007. Musallam, who is sometimes referred to as 'the pope of Gaza' by his congregation, heads Gaza's tiny community of around 200 Catholic Christians. (Wissam Nassar/MaanImages)Palestinian Christian children stand outside the Latin Church in Gaza City,

Two of the jungle ,and other also of their very own jungle
Caractacus(Troedyrhiw) at 5:27 am (@Website)
This is specifically for ‘Frustrated Christian’ and ‘Ruth Bernstein’..”distantly related to martyr Anne Frank”..The young girl with the ball-point pen..Biro..not yet invented until her father finished off the “Dairy” and then taken to court by his lawyer on charges of broken promises-read $$$$).
I just love it, best script writers in the world….by far..Which brings me to this.

Caractacus-King of Britannica 40-51AD--Caradoc in the Welsh-Cymraeg))
Caractacus's(Troedyrhiw's)Rebuttal of Gilad Atzmon’s..Trash/slash/splash/flash defense of Larry David(ovich),the wannabee fireman who never quite made it,The dick however spouts his revenge.Who is Larry splashing for one may ask.

Gilad Atzmon is a Anglo-’Saxo-bebop’(ASBO) whimsical,musical and philosophical apologist with a Masters in Philos’… accredited by an Essex school of learn-ed Gentlemen who happen per chance live in Britannica..East Wales.

Gilad is Jewish with apparently little devotion to the Zionised and Judiac concepts of humanity not living together in Harmony and Love..He is to be congratulated.

Philosophy can be characterised by the mental attitude of a would be ‘philosopher’ encountering troubles/problems with a level-headed detachment…while avoiding emotional involvement and exercising and demonstrating good judgment.This is the basis on which Gilad received his ‘certificate’ of approval. from the Essex school of/for important people.
I wonder where this statistical stat came from..I guess China...or Russia
Then Gilad comes up with this
“Here Comes the Twist, Larry David(ovich),is a TV genius. I came across him for the first time a year or so ago. In the band wagon I was touring with at the time English Jewish manager played ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ all day long. My first reaction was total resentment towards the self-centric skinny sociopath. But soon he grew on me. In fact I fell in love, I became addicted ”
Then, “David(ovich),actually shows contempt to billions of believers”. says Gilad..

Prof. Henry Makow was so much more accurate within the limits of probability,don’t you think?
One MUST assume by default that Gilad includes the Muslim belief/recognition of Jesus here ,else the suggestion that Philosophers know ‘nutting’ regarding World Religions and Statistical Research is yet again..another truth.

Below. is where I feel that Gilad misses vital beats/chords/notes and starts to run off the road ,from what has been a tiresome,anti-semitic (like that eh) rant that only musicians can perform without preparation It’s called “extemporisation” (with a ’s’ , cos Gilad is now a Brit, otherwise it should/would be a “Z”)

Gilad says
“In fact, it is not Larry David(ovich),we should ‘pick on’, it is not David(ovich),who is caught in a ‘toilet incident’. It is the disastrous identity he exposes and portrays on the little screen, which was once again caught spitting. Rather than David(ovich),, it is those who are indoctrinated to hate whom we should criticize. Those who spit on Crosses, Churches, Koran, Islam, God, the prophets, spirituality, divinity and so on.”

Why is Gilad applying parenthesis here,. re- ‘pick on’ and ‘toilet incident’ Why would he/Gilad ATTEMPT to depart from the main message whilst the WHOLE message revolves around the picked-on “David(ovich),” and the cause of David(ovich),getting caught,by the cameraman that the script-writer/producer had forgotten to inform dim about..Or does David(ovich),write and produce the show..That being the case, then David(ovich),should not have been permitted in the bathroom without supervision.
We can all talk silly you know Gilad,for that is how your Defense of Larry David(ovich),comes across to those that hate amateur comedians wasting precious time. The general tone of your article and reply to Henry Makow is just unforgivable..If you find it a necessity to suck-up to your Jewish Friends,then so beit..But not on my watch without a complete rebuttal on a scriptive message that is far worse than the “lavatory” scene you were competing with.

What does one call Gilad’s description of David’s exposure a “disastious identity”..I think it is termed “looking for an invisible patsy” or is it just “an Israelism”..Gilad should leave s*ituation comedy’ to the pros.
This is where suspicion of the “philosophical” approach/technique becomes evident and asks ones-self as to wether or not Gilad STILL has remnants of Old Judiac or Talmudic/Rabbinic thought processes running through the cerebral muscle, un-beknown to the conventional operating yet contemporary memory banks.
Suggest a Defrag Gilad (joking of course).

Gilad recommends “Rather than David(ovich),” go after ” those who are indoctrinated to hate”..
Why is Gilad scratching/polishing Larry David’s rectum here..He has already emphasised that THEY worship the ground David(ovich),defecates on,yet he wants a ’spare the sword’ approach to the Saint of Sociable Sinners ,Larry David(ovich),.
A beany..a official car..a bible..and a gun...Must be a Rabbi..or a student with two jobs
It all smacks of anti-semitism ,assuming by default that they are ALL from the tribe of Old Shem..and not Japeth or their younger brother..But some thing tells me that these mysterious “hate” indoctrinated sons of no.. keep cool Taff. that these “North Eastern” Ashkenazim (Khazarim whatever) are haters of all things good and wholesome.
Gilad want us all to go after the everyday soldier in the field(those haters and spitters) and leave the Generals in the studio to script more scatological skits for when they the soldiers get back from Prague after the Spitting Festival.

Gilad says
“I obviously agree with the thrust of Makow’s argument, yet I would suggest to him to leave out the Jewish Menorah, for not many Jews know what the Menorah stands for”

The Yiddish chronicler ‘Wikipedia’ says, Judaism is the world’s 11th largest organised religion with 14 million “adherents” ( 2006).

Maybe the reason for lack of “Menorah” understanding Gilad is that they(Wiki) only shows a ’stub’ for a Menorah search (9 Nov 2009) and encourages people to make-up, sorry, I mean compile a truthful description of what the ‘menorah’ is used for, whether it be a 7 candle version or the far more expensive and superior 9 candle modern design for representing the 8 days and nights of Hanukkah..”Shammas”(not to be confused with those nasty Palestinians- Abbas and Hamas) being the “helper” and 9th candle of course…(Not bad for a Welsh Christian eh Gilad:-)
Do you think Wiki is being devious here..
If that be the case, should Henry M. put the fault on Wiki if your statement is to stand the test of time and the”Menorah” remains just that….a “lowly stub”

Gilad’s “obviously” agreement (thrust)of Henry’s article is somewhat challenging in its composition,yet in a manner not unlike Jesus issueing parables on the Mount while Sadduces/Pharisees kept swearing like hell at the back of the crowd..No Gilad, you missed the whole point of the importance of combining philosophical thinking with compassion and understanding..Maybe one has to be a practising “Prof” to envisage such scenarios.
Who knows..Rumsfeld maybe:-)

Gilad says
“The complexity that is exposed by David’s scene has very little to do with his accidental urine spray. It is not even David’s conscious decision not to clean the mess he left behind. Far more crucial and deep is David’s role in ridiculing and dismissing of divinity.”..”David(ovich),is probably the most courageous Jewish comedian of all time. He is there to provide us with the ultimate possible devastating portrait of Jewish emancipation. He is the self centric, egotistic, 'David(ovich),is probably the most courageous Jewish comedian of all time. He is there to provide us with the ultimate possible devastating portrait of Jewish emancipation. He is the self centric, egotistic, sickening character and yet, he is totally beloved and adorable'.....Did Sigmundo or Gilado say this..I like you ladies and gentlemen to meet Mr Sigmund Freud and his Daughter...sigh??...enough saidsickening character and yet, he is totally beloved and adorable. ” word ..DUH..
I and others readers probably including Henry M. would never-ever have channelled our thought processes in such a sequenced manner as to see the finger of hate directed at our very own clergy.What other manifestations can you envisage, (say) in the near future..Assuming the US Dollar and the Pound Sterling remains steady of course.

Wait a minute,let me check something here..Just as I thought . Siggy Freud is..caput more.. bloodless.. exsanguinous ,deceased.. at rest.. departed.. bygone..Water under the bridge ..Dead as a Pythonic Parrot.
We are now being subjected to “Psychoanalysis” as perfected/performed by Freud whilst in a state of intoxicating ‘cigarettes’ while simultaneously sniffing a “poppy” .

Gilad..This is not a Charlie Parker (with Strings) composition that we are discussing here(all be they are-wonderful) ,but the actions of several media persons,yourself included, that are running with the notion that the US of A’s population will always play village idiot for a good laugh..Your last para-sentence is probably correct,but(always one of these) I suggest to you that he is “beloved” and adored by the very same people that still cannot understand the function of the “Menorah”…just a few..per your observation.
When a writer of script(you mate) uses descriptive passages/words such as “most courageous ” “totally beloved and adorable” ,”complexity” and the story relates to a scatology dealing salaciously and concupiscently with excrement and excretory functions,then I suggest to you dear Gilad that it is time to put the pen aside and pick up the old saxophone…not to be confused with the sexaphone.

Gilad says
“The modern Jew regards him or herself as the embodiment of rationality, they dismiss the possibility of supernatural forces, they are logical, rational and positivist. They believe in empiricism, science and technology.”

Look up the meaning of ‘quackery’ and relate to your “empiricism
Let us see what you really mean Gilad
embodiment of rationality”.. phosphorising anything that lives and moves around Palestine...while encouraging speedy Kosher Bricklaying

they dismiss the possibility of supernatural forces”…except IDF medics,Monty Mossad.. and the Shoah(now Inc.)
they are logical”..Description/Definition of a Logical Constant(LC)…6 million(1946)= 2 million + 1.5 million(1990) and are great believers in Science and Maths..Talmudic trigonometry ,that being the mathematics of triangles.
rational and positivist” .Definition ‘.Someone who emphasises observable fact and EXCLUDES metaphysical/supernatural speculation ABOUT ORIGINS or ultimate causes’.( SHOAH INC)…enough said

Gilad says
“I learned recently from an American Jewish professor who teaches in Prague, that convoys of young American Jewish students make their way to the beautiful Czech capitol every summer. They apparently use the opportunity to spit on the many Churches and golden crucifixes around. I also learned from the professor that the Crucifixes on Prague’s famous Charles Bridge were initially decorated with the Hebrew words Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh Adonai Tzvaot, “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts” back in the 17th century just to stop Jews spiting on Christian symbols and the Crucifix in particular”.

Google Searches
Results 1 – 10 of about 728,000 for Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts. (0.24 seconds)
Results 1 – 10 of about 157 for Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh Adonai Tzvaot. (0.29 seconds)
Results 1 – 10 of about 17,900,000 for larry David(ovich),. (0.13 seconds)
Get that feeling that THEY just want to ‘hush’ things up when THEY are affected.
These three results are shouting out a message,very very loudly ..Can you spot it

Gilad..Are you absolutely sure that these are Americans Jewish Students and not possibly British Jewish Students..The word “convoys” is a very interesting term to describe people in the collective sense.
Why is everyone picking a fight with the good-old US of A??..Why do you identify the Jew by their ‘current choice’ of country?

See no evil,
Hear no evil,
Speak no evil.
Spread no Evil ???
Enough said

The pic says it all.No other explanation is requiredGilad says
“But in David’s ‘toilet scene’ it is not just Christ and the Christians who are being insulted, it is an insult to anyone who believes that life is more than just physical matter. And yet, David(ovich),should be thanked for providing us once again with a glimpse into the emancipated Jewish mind.”

Definition of "emancipated"(Jewish mind) means
1..'Give equal rights to; of women and minorities'.
2..'Free from slavery or servitude'
I strongly suggest Gilad that from time to time you really should check some of you 'long words'..They get people into all sorts of problems
You could have used "manumitted" or did that look to sexist.

Okay Gilad, let me get this straight..By definition then(yours)…the witch doctor in Northern Borneo is going be be very upset with David’s anti-diaper antics, just as would the jazz percussionist on weed or the local ex-vicar conducting the local village spiritualistic seance.
Moreover Gilad, your host Jeff R is going to be Doubly Troubled..being a good religious man and a righteous UFO believer.
But what about those people and there are many of them that do not express reverence to a deity but believe in Flying Saucers..Are you saying that they too will suffer the splash of forgotten manners.What absolute nonsensical rubbish your observations are which deserved this compatible stupid rebuttal from yours truly..At least I am aware..what is your excuse Gilad.

We do no longer require the expertise of a ’spreadsheet’ like Larry David(ovich),for you yourself has provided us fortunate Christians with
“The modern Jew regards him or herself as the embodiment of rationality, they dismiss the possibility of supernatural forces, they are logical, rational and positivist. They believe in empiricism, science and technology.”..Remember that piece of empirical wisdom Gilad.

Gilad says
“Far more concerning is the fact that even the Catholic leaders who were outraged by David’s toilet scene failed to grasp or articulate were the problem was. Even they lost the capacity to think in spiritual terms. They themselves fell into the Judeo centric material symbolic trap thinking about ‘a urine drop’ and a ‘portrait of Christ’. ”

I believe last year Richards performed his infamous “blackman” rant and got a hell of a lot of publicity for what was really minor compared with other circumstances/events..Maybe the Church is getting a little wiser knowing they cannot win the shouting match and that is annoying and disappointing the ACLU, ADL and AIPAC…It obviously disappointed you Gilad

As you may be aware,Christians are renowned (historically)for “loosing their tempers’..every three hundred years or so..That time is imminent and I think Larry David(ovich),knows this..He may have witnessed it the last time:-)It was not a pretty sight apparently..Totally outside the constraints of Christian belief of course..A Christian Relief Valve one could assume.
Your assumptive “Judeo centric material symbolic trap” is just assumption..I have read into their short message a much more “devious” portrayal of Catholic diplomacy and I must admit it will work eventually.

Gilad says
“David(ovich),, bless him, took upon himself the courageous responsibility to portray the ugly face of Jewish atheism and Jewish liberal identity. He took it upon himself to embody the dismissal of divinity and spirituality. Rather than blaming the messenger we better be brave enough to read the message.”

This semi-heroic offering in portraying an old divorced man as a potential saviour of humanity is just the scenario that Larry himself would contemplate for a possible comedy/dramatic script..I did not say “scriptures”.
I was under the impression Gilad that the man, what’s his name now..O’h yes “Jesus Christ” had ALREADY performed those acts of identifying the ugly faces of evil.
Besides Larry himself confirms he is no Trojan runner so the message will need to be faxed..Most readers here have read the message many many times Gilad..What Larry David(ovich),is attempting to express in his lowly lewd Freudian manner has already been addressed by every US President from Washington(1789–1797) to J.F.Kennedy(1961-1963) ..Larry David’s generation has already been spoken for..if you get my drift.

If reading the message is of the utmost importance then Henry Makow is correct..This messenger you speak of has committed a HATE CRIME…So now what should we Christians do next..Ask Larry for some advice?..
Gilad, your rationale is stretching the elasticity of debate beyond the maximum tensile limit..I am sure that at times during working hours you feel that extemporisation(playing around) cannot be adapted to EVERY tone and semitone and that losing the theme or melody must be guarded against,no matter the implications.
Why take advantage of someone who cannot/willnot call out to you....or Larry..
I'll put a good word/words in for you.........Larry,well he will just have to roast in Hell.
Those are the laws of Pyrotechnics..and I don't mean that in the musical sense

Christianity is that way..We generally do not enter the same game if that game is dirty in voice and/or actions..Christians prefer the ease of alliance and friendships.
That is what OUR BIBLE spells out in many many languages..If someone feels the need to spit,then let them ,for their time for cleansing will most definately confront them…ablutionary or not..

Educating RuthWas Jesus a Jew or a Judean.. (Not to be confuse with Educating Rita)

Short Story of Caractacus(Caradoc)
“Paul the Apostle wrote a letter to Timothy(Tim II:4:21)and gives his best wishes to three people Pudens, and Linus, and Claudia………………Linus is Caradoc’s son and Claudia(Gladys..Welsh)his daughter..Puden a Roman Soldier and Senator is married to Claudia….Gladys whilst living in the Emporia Court in Rome adopted Caesar’s name…Pudens and Claudia’s home still stands today….I have seen it”
Caractacus became the VERY FIRST Christian King in the year 39AD..This is the son of Lucius was Caractacus's great great grandson..This is the basin that he was baptised in and in which he did the same to others..The Romans did not like it one bit apparently.
Shakespeare’s “Cymbeline”(Cunobelinus-Bran depending on Judicial,Military or Royal position held at any given period)..He dined regularly with Joseph of Arimathea..the very rich relative of Jesus.

“In Defense Of Larry David”
By Gilad Atzmon

Caractacus(is Troedyrhiw in this defence of decency....pronounced Troy-duh-rue)

Rome continued their maltreatment of the Druids and Christians. Many were killed in Britainnica..After the death of Joseph of Arimathea,the tin "millionaire" from Judeah(also Jesus's relative), the Britons went looking for someone who could bring the country together again as pagans now were dominant again.
In 139AD Lucius the great great grandson of Caractacus(Caradoc)became King...King Lucius requested became a Christian. In 156 AD King Lucius proclaimed that Britannica become the fisrt nation to become a Christian Nation.
"Llewrug Mawr" in the Welsh.. Mawr means ' the guiding light. so the latinised name of Lux or Lucius.
Britannica became such by a treaty withe the Romans in 224-226 AD.


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