Michael Hoffman..and that loving feeling..Righteous-but Misplaced

I think The Bishop is attempting to remind people of a man who was also deliberately mis-understood and thrown to the very same wolves

You decide..Who is telling the lie and who is speaking the truth..SPEAK UP THEY cannot hear you..What was that again

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Michael Hoffman's article on Bishop Williamson's deniability


I have read many of your publications and agree generally with 85-90% of your work. I have however found that this article rides in the 15-10% bracket of disagreement.

Your... "I love and pray for Judaics"

By default are you attemptingto nuance the sentence due to their Khazarim heritage.??
Moreover, I do not think that whomever may have "invented" the word "love" (historical or pre-historical) had your application in mind.
You love your wife,your family and your Lord...If you love your neighbour, I think that is called "adultery"..is it not :-))
Appropriate words applicable to the human trait of passionate expression are most definitely thither in the etymologist's and lexicographer's dictionary..
We all at times become smothered by abstractions. Nowadays we must be vigilant and judicious as "they" the enemy of our Jesus doth parse and study till their beanies fall off...It is their weakness as truth needs no memory banks.
Click for larger image..Appears that the 1945 to 1949 Nuremburg Trials legal scholars did not anticipate the coming of the Internet..They should have listened to George Orwell Mr 1984..He was actually at the trials of 1946(possibly taking notes) and wrote '1984' in 1949
[Sidebar:Suggestion...That the chemical reactive in the brain overtime was being "contaminated" by the conditions that existed in that period of evolution...Remember,"learning" and memory recall continiously changes during the living of life..The fundamental beliefs are probably at its maximum when very young and being influenced.(ref. todays 4 year old sex education,and teaching the 6 year olds "the Shoah" etc)If Evolutionary Psychology had been fully understood and carefully monitored over the last (say)2000 years and more importantly applied without bias and ignorance,the suggestion would have encourage the study of emotions inherent within the cognitive processes that govern friendship, aggression,sexuallity,jealousy, cooperation, pat/maternal love,romantic love..et al ]
This is the man who really understood/practiced 'Evolutionary Psychology' and took full advantage of the behaviour of the mind..Conditions that he himself specified whilst not looking toward a positive solution but establishing the lowest depth an human (children and adults) would sink to
THEY now have the resource assistance of etymological software.
Can one anticipate the Talmudian Torture Text with annotations being sceptred in places that we never knew existed on a sacrilegious page...and hitting the 100 book mark by (say) "2012" (AD of course)

Your..." Holocaustianity is the last truly believed state religion in the otherwise agnostic West. Auschwitz has replaced the Resurrection as the central ontological event in our history."

If by "Holocaustianity " you mean the Christian acceptance of the Holocaust,then by announcement you unwittingly provide the impetus that any myth postulates to ensure survival..It is a sign of inglorious and dishonorable capitulation.Your enemies can and will fabricate on that concessionary admittance..You have just offered their Elders a moment of satisfaction and Protocol advancement.
You may not agree but when one expresses oneself in such a manner,there appears to be a psychological weakness,not by definition, but by acceptance by those people who smiles victoriously when their opposition shows the human aspect of his/hers rationale.

Your "no one goes to jail for denying the Resurrection"

Yes they do..Try Italy, Russia,Spain and Poland.
The official charges may not be specifically located under "Resurrection", but you know how these religious Spanish and Italian legal experts cogitate...don't you...And I dare you Michael to walk down any main street in Moscow with a banner reading "Jesus is a fake"

Your... "Holocaustianity is its deadly rival for the hearts and minds of mankind."

With 1.3 Billion casual and devoted Christians in this world of ours..The 14-19 million(includes atheistic sayanims and top notch Judaic Christians) followers of the Sanhedrin and Theodor Herzl require much more than their current control of politicians,media and finances to Judaicalise the vast majority of that 1.3B Christians..Will look after each other until the inevitable happens

If you peruse Google with the "Jews kicked-out of country" and then Google much deeper into the archival narratives of primarily Spanish, Italian, British and Greek "scholarly places" you will be happy to find out that what may appear to today's 'knowledgeable people' is not dissimilar in expectant Jewish immorality and iniquity...than in the days of Tiberius Claudius Caesar.,,say 49AD ....later to be Neoconised by the Historian and Senator "Gaius Cornelius Tacitus "...and that was the period when THE REAL Judeans first clasped their eyes upon the MANY Christians that populated the suburbs of Rome .....and Britannica...It was hate at first site..But then Tiberius completely ignored Abe Foxnab and the ADL assassins and gave away his daughter in marriage to a "Khymric Brit"..the son of Caractacus(Caradoc latinised) and they all lived happily ever after. ..as Christians of course

The Christians today can say... "BEEN THERE.. DONE THAT" and find just ONE MAN who will have the guile,fortitude and strength of character to correct the situation..Please everyone stop shouting "OBAMA"(read that last para again)..and John Wayne and Moses are no longer with us


Dear Troedyrhiw

As a Christian I am commanded by my Savior to love my enemies and do good to those who hate me (Matthew 5:44-47). This is the basis of the love I have for adversarial Judaics.
This is not to deny that God will indeed deal with those who are resolutely and impenitently wicked (Psalm 5: 4-6). But that's up to Him, not us (Romans 12:19).
Our job is to work and pray for everyone's conversion and salvation, including our own sinful selves. A vital part of that work is the dissemination of truth without fear.
Michael Hoffman

The italicised paragraph immediately below was from one of your many "Anon's" here..It does however express a sincerity that aromatise in honesty and truth..How would you assimilate your position of non-combativeness and (say) the possible need to kill someone for (say) Israel against (say) Iran(Moses's home) if called up to perform National Service for your country ..the US of A...

"Praying for jews doesnt mean rolling over to jews and being slaughtered by them. Peter carried a sword for good reason. Dying by the sword is better than dying by doing nothing to save our children. The people are out to kill us. If we dont stand and fight we wont be able to pray for anyone because we'll be dead. Anyone who tells you to roll over and let these criminals take over your women, children and country is a complete buffoon."

What we have... is 1900 years of interpretive Christianity all set in motion and based upon that which was established in Jerusalem by the Disciples and Apostles of Jesus..
The historical and linguistical altercations that took place EVEN BEFORE the pagan high priest "Pontifex Maximus"(Emperor Constantine) had Eusebius of Caesarea formally "pick" the right books for the so called "Canon" were very VERY minor when one considers that Constantine massacred the Christian Scriptures of the 1st and 2nd century by amalgamating the established Roman and his own pagan beliefs with very same Scriptures
Quote..when the Roman Emperor Constantius II visited Rome for the first time in the year 357 AD (by that point in time Constantinople was the capital of the Roman Empire), the wonderment and awe he experienced when seeing the Forum of Trajan was recorded by the writer Ammianus Marcellinus--'But when he came to the Forum of Trajan, a creation which in my view has no like under the cope of heaven and which even the gods themselves must agree to admire, he stood transfixed with astonishment, surveying the giant fabric around him; its grandeur defies description and can never again be approached by mortal men.'

The religious influence of Jesus and his Disciples were now tempered back considerably while Ministers and Bishops sprouted up like seeds in an allotment...and this was over 150 years AFTER the Britons(Cymry) blessed their country as a Christian Nation by their very own Royal Family..They celebrated Jesus' birthday in the spring which they knew to be correct..as opposed to the paganised birthday of the 25th December .
Many a devout Christian(Brit) was murdered by fellow Christians(Romano) for just this difference in understanding. and that was 1600 years ago

I believe that it was at this point in our history (312-399AD) that the Religious Elite and Political Academics seen very clearly that by 'educating' (substitute your own word) the Christian masses in "putting the sword down" and "loving your enemies" even "turning the other cheek"...they..the people, just like today's "Bush/Obama/Blair/Brown" doctrine needs to depend and trust those that requires constant acknowledgment, position and wealth....."Love The Fear Factor" don't you [Today's Gun Control attempt at legistration is the modern technique attempt in controlling the reactionary element of our society,because the Elite NO LONGER KNOWS HOW to use the Word of God to their advantage...to frighten people] ..Could it be...put "fear in"....to get...."love out"...Is that what they mean when they say "FEAR GOD"

Important...One must also never lose sight of the fact that these Christians were, just prior to this "language consolidation", still being persecuted,oppressed and pursued in the streets and the arenas...I know what your thinking at this juncture :-) ...and I believe you to be correct.. Ethel Rosenberg..enough said
Cui Bono(who benefits here). as that 4-letter word just jumps out of the page...and its not "love" :-)
I am a Christian up to and no further than 156AD and I really cannot envision Jesus- Matthew-Mark-Luke or John and particularly the big guy in the sky (BGITS)knowing by bitter experience the outcome that befalls weak people contemplating a philosophy that endangers their flock so readily...
Christianity would be dead in the water today had they abided by the hypocritical (does not have) praise in the Hebrew Law of absolute forgiveness..
Quoted 'Catholics will tell you, You Protestants are missing part of the Bible. We have the rest of it. This can throw people off, but it no longer has to. These false Catholic additions to the Bible are commonly called the Apocrypha or sometimes the Deuterocanonical books'When one considers that in 1885 the Archbishop of Canterbury ripped out 15 books(The Apocrypha) from the English edition of the KJB(now 66) ..one then must reflect as to the rationale for such an apparent extreme course of action to adopt and relate that activeness to many others through the passage of the centuries...

That be the case,can we honestly believe that lying prostrate in a complete defensive neutral, non-combative position was the "ism" that Jesus sought and taught our ancestors.
Indeed ,what additional literary material and linguistical morphage did Eusebius of Caesarea introduce into that Bible so as to put the "fear of God" into the masses.

Christianity (anagram) --"In its charity"


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