Troedyrhiw..The Village at 'The Foot of the Hill'

Troedyrhiw..The Village at 'The Foot of the Hill'

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Troedyrhiw(Troy-dur-rue)..What or Who is it..

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Troedyrhiw...East Side taken from half way up the Western Side mountain(hill) East Side taken from half way up the Western Side mountain(hill)
These rocky cliffs carry so many legends and myths and historical facts,that as children very few ventured anywhere near to them..except the sheep(hundreds of them) and the farmer who rounded them up EVERY DAY as that was the "superstition" surrounding this area..
Up close,the cliffs appear enormous and frightening ..a few eagles visits,but the grass kept trim down mostly by sheep with their uncanny balance and footnedness..Very few experienced a tragic ending apparently

Troedyrhiw...West Side taken from half way up the Eastern Side mountain(hill)
West Side taken from half way up the Eastern Side mountain(hill)
Upper right of center the small-motorway bridge visible, recently replaced a massive stone bridge that carried the World's first Steam Engine and carriages in the very early 1800's...The machine was invented,designed and commissioned in Merthyr Tydfil (Mirth-R-Tidvil)..the Steel and Iron supplier to the Rest of the World... and only 3 miles north of Troedyrhiw..


It was at this time that many Welsh, mainly coalminers and foundry experts and their families emigrated to the US and settled in an area that originally they and King George's representative "William Penn" called "New Wales"..The King apparently was not amused and called it "Pennsylvania" of the 13 original British colonies that formed the United States...The name being called not after Penn himself but after his daddy who George owed a "favour" to..(nothing ever changes does it-except diapers :-)

Much more Infor to come...

See Here for Harry Secombe's main fame...the short fat guy with the funny laugh in the beginning


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