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November 02, 2008
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From: paul evano (Troedyrhiw)
To: stag@asis.com (Jack Flaws)
Jack Flaws..an Angle Saxon(?) religious radiomeister.. Currently,Jack has stuck a quite selfish 'Don't Disturb' sign on his microphone and keyboard.However he will be sent this URL

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Sent: Sunday, November 02, 2008 11:02 PM
Subject: Just a wonderful response Jack
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Many references to 'England' in your pages,in a time that the Khymri/Cymri (Welsh) dominated the "Isle of Britain"..

"Various and many historical documents indicate that, after Jerusalem, the first Christian church was established in England.It's founder, and founder as well of many seminaries, was Joseph of Arimathea, the uncle of the Virgin Mary. He was Jesus' great uncle. Joseph was a rich merchant with a large fleet of ships that ran the tin trade for the Roman Empire, between England and the Mediterranean. As Jesus' great uncle, Joseph became Jesus' Guardian (by Law, as next of kin) when Mary's husband Joseph died early in Jesus' life. He took Jesus with him on his journeys to Glastonbury,England. The place we know as Avalon; the King Arthur Avalon. This is the location of the first Christian church built above ground.To paraphrase an old saying, "All Christian roads lead to England ."The following informtaion was taken from two of the many volumes on the subject of Jesus' spending time in Britain. They are, the Traditions of Glastonbury, by E. Raymond Capt, and Did Our Lord Visit Britain, by C.C. Dobson."Not a very accurate image but good enough for the nessage intended

The 'English' were STILL looking searchingly across the North Sea towards the Brittanic Isle speculating as too what possibly could be over there, at the time Jesus was born, up until the time the Romans left the Isle in the very early 5th century.....over 400 years later...[ and then they just came over for the day because of King Arthur's temper. Go Here Jack for historic review and tell Tim Matthews I sent you.

The Angles and Saxons called the Briton-Cymry "the Welsh"

["In the early Anglo-Saxon period, slaves were generally British captives - a common Anglo-Saxon term for a slave was "wealh" (from which we get "Welsh;" it also meant "foreigner." There were also slaves by "wite-theow" (penal enslavement), and people sometimes sold themselves or their children into slavery in order to settle their debts"...J.P.Sommerville]

[While you are away,go to my list of stories on home page and click on the item regarding the Welsh having a monkey on its back and use the translation tool for "German"(Deutsch) and then tell me that the anglo-saxon frat ain't(poor English there)STILL got it in for the CYMRI(Briton).. Pointless saying "get over it"..because there is the Internet now to contend with..JackClick for clear image..At this point in time,one can estimate that 95% of Welsh people do not know why they are called the 'Welsh'..7-8 years ago(British Census),most of the Welsh academia and other scholars were outraged at the thought of losing their 'Welsh' status and 'becoming' British with their 'fellow countrymen'..'the English'..Irish were Irish and Scots were Scots(Of course that was 1600-1700 years after the Irish tribe the 'Scotti' overwelmed the 'Picti' the occupiers of what is now called Scotland)
Presently,there are several private "New Stock Exchanges" dealing not in "futures" Jack,but in "pasts".."HISTORICAL PASTS"..Guardians of Private Libraries that have never seen the light of day are been offered and being pick-up for $billions..Could be the next "Gold Standard".

The importance of Anglo-Italiano Religious and Political relationships is stripped naked here when one then re-translates THIS page Jack..
The Pope's 'Mafia-oso' translates "Britons as "Inglesi" and the "Welsh/Wales" as "Gallese/Galles" ,,I think that is the rationale for old Julius Caesar getting a knife in the back..He was station in Galle and never invaded Britannica successfully, sailing from Gaul across the "English" Channel..He always was a bigmouth.

What I am seeking to do Jack is to open your mind and eyes to the EXTENT of lie and misinformation and downright 'black-op' underhandedness that has transpired through the passage of just the last(say)2000 years]..
When Obama and Brown and the rest of the ragtrade passes THEIR new version of the "Internet Laws of Fairness" restricting the questioning of things already passed(historical sense)..The Net will be just a shadow of its potential..Their advisors ,mostly Psycho-analysts and not Net experts will express to them in that God-like personal manner,that Nations cannot afford a new and total "mental synthesis" of its people..if ALL MAJOR TRUTHS progressively and systematically came to light.
Can one imagine the World having to deal with that remarkable development.

People that seek the truth so that the evil and criminal elements can be reduced,then eventually eliminated and then ensure that standards of behaviour can continiously improve will obviously be hunted down as quickly as is possible.
Why is this??..Because the public firstly do not know what is going on in this big World of ours..They ARE NOT COWARDS..Information and the manner in which it is communicated is paramount in its importance..What will you be talking tonight about Jack?

[Here is another story regards English Historical precedents and it concerns your dear Glastonbury and Richard Whiting,the last Abbot of that beautiful place.“'This is the house that Jack built”. It is also a portion of the “plum” that little Jack Horner extracted with his thumb from the famous Christmas pie, according to the familiar rhyme of our nursery days.'

"Not only the Crown gained by the Dissolution - many royal administrators and clients lined their pockets with monastic money.Richard Whiting as painted by one of his esteem followers

Little Jack Horner
Sat in the corner,
Eating a Christmas pie;
He put in his thumb,
And pulled out a plum,
And said,
What a good boy am I!

Jack Horner was the steward of the last Abbot of Glastonbury, Richard Whiting. In 1543, as part of an attempt to obtain Henry VIII's favor, Whiting sent Jack Horner to the king with title deeds of a number of valuable properties. To foil thieves, these deeds were concealed in a large pie.
On the journey, Jack Horner surreptitiously opened the pie and extracted the deed of Mells Manor, Somerset.

Shortly after the Dissolution of the Monasteries , the Horner family moved into Mells Manor, and live there to this day.
The steward's name was Thomas, not Jack ,although it is true that 'Jack' is a common English nickname for any amusing rogue.
There is no written source for this story before the 18th century. (yet we have Henry a C16th King)
The Horner family has always insisted that the manor was perfectly legitimately purchased (along with some other properties)." ]

Caradoc('Caractacus' in the Latin)....King of the Welsh Silures was dominant throughout the Britannic Isles..It was he that welcomed and received Joseph of Arimathea to the shores of a country that the Romans respected so much....See Gaius Julius Caesar's words of praise..and many Roman contemporary writers of that historical period..Your page do not make any reference whatsoever
Read the Churchillian speech of Caradoc to Claudius and the Roman Senate after his capture(betrayal)..It was his father Bran that brought Christianity into Britain just a mere couple of years BEFORE Jesus was put to that cross.Your page do not make any reference whatsoever..

[..:From the book by Isabel Hill Elder
The Welsh or Cymry, as the eldest tribe, held three
priorities. Priority as the first colonizers of Britain;
priority of government and priority in matters of learning and
culture.(11) From this premier tribe was to be elected the
Pendragon, or military dictator with absolute power for the time
being in the case of national danger or foreign invasion.
Caractacus, third son of Cunobelinus, had now succeeded his
father as Pendragon under the title Arviragus, or 'high king'.
This Pendragon was proudly referred to by his fellow countrymen
as 'The Praiseworthy Opposer'. Arviragus had yet another name,
Gueirydd (Justiciary), from his office of administrator of
justice, and by this name is mentioned in the Welsh Chronicles.
These three titles by which this ancient king of renown was known
have been a source of confusion in the minds of historical
students and others, which would not exist if the custom of the
ancient Britons, that of using titular designations, were better
known. The case under consideration is a good example of this
custom; in elucidation the following may be noted: in seven
genealogical charts setting forth his pedigree, Arviragus is
shown to be the son of Cunobelinus and grandsire of Lucius (in
whose reign Christianity was established as the national
religion); in the pedigree according to the classics, i.e. Julius
Caesar, Tacitus, Suetonius, Dion Cassius and Orosius, Caractacus
is shown to be the son of Cunobelinus; in Rome Caractacus was
known also by his title, Arviragus, and is so referred to by the
poet Juvenal. In the pedigree according to Tysilio and in the
Welsh Chronicles, Caractacus appears under his title Gueirdd
(Justiciary), son of Cunobelinus and grandsire of Lucius.

Further, in the Triads, and some of the Welsh genealogies,
Caractacus appears as the son of Bran and grandsire of Lucius.
Bran, a contraction of Brenhan, i.e. 'King', is mentioned in the
Triads as 'Bran the Blessed' (the Blessed King). This was the
designation of Cunobelinus following his acceptance of
Christianity and his resignation of the crown in favour of his
third son, Caractacus. Bran the Blessed became Archdruid of
Siluria in order to devote the remainder of his life to
Christianity into which Druidism was beginning to merge.

Caradoc (Caractacus) was no rude savage fighting out of mere
animal instinct or in ignorance of the might of his adversary.
Familiar with the Latin language, this king was a true
representative of the higher classes of the Britons,'among whom a
as general taste for literature, a keen susceptibility to all
intellectual gratifications, a minute acquaintance with all the
principles and practice of their own national jurisprudence, and
a careful training in the schools of the rhetoricians, was very
generally diffused. Hence the rejoicing at Rome when this
military leader was BETRAYED and subsequently conducted through
the capital, amidst the excitement of three MILLION inhabitants
who thronged the line of procession to obtain a view of the
formidable captive.' The Senate was convened; the famous trial of
Caradoc followed, in which before the tribunal of the Emperor he
delivered himself thus..]

Caradoc speaks(taped by Tacitus) "[..Had my government in Britain been directed solely with a view to the preservation my hereditary domains, or the aggrandizement of my own family, I might, long since, have entered this city an ally, not a prisoner; nor would you have disdained for a friend,a prince, descended from illustrious ancestors, and the dictator of many nations. My present condition, stripped of its former majesty, is as adverse to myself as it is a cause of triumph to you. What then? I was lord of men, arms, horses, wealth.What wonder if at your dictation I refuse to resign them! Does it follow that because the Romans aspire to universal dominion every nation is to accept the vassalage they would impose? I am now in your power, BETRAYED, NOT conquered. Had I, like others, yielded without resistance, where would have been the name of Caradoc[Caractacus]? Where your glory? Oblivion would have buried both in the same tomb. Bid me live. I shall survive for ever in history, one example at least of Roman clemency." ]

[ Yet YOU "Jack Flaws" an AM-FM God-ly Shock Jock(GSJ) communicated with him (Caradoc) at 1.32 of the morning of the 20th Jan 2000 Eastern Standard Time ..almost 9 years ago..(See adjacent AOL black-op hidden camera image.)
The questions and interrogatives that are sploshing the now stained walls of all Historic Halls in The United States of America arises from the fact that allClick for full Image..
tenured and non-tenured Dark Age Ph.D's(Piled higher and Deeper)agreed with the historical ancients that it was"Cartimandua" Queen of the Brigantes that put the boot in..so to speak..
Your amateurish involvement has now developed an unfathomable schism within the Dark Age Community..You have set the Gregorian Calender back 2000 years. ]Rant ends

Britannia, was the very first Christian declared country--by King Caradoc...and Yes, the lost tribes did eventually land in Britannia [Historically,this appears to be the case.BUT only 70% reliablity is assured] See Here..Genesis 10-5 or HERE...Take the plunge into the argument and they being the third invasion of that isle..the second being Brutus and his Trojans..The first is still in the argument stage of truthfulness...Your page do not make any reference whatsoever
The Assyrians knew the Lost Tribes as 'The Khymree'..It is in their History books..even today.
Semitic linguae(tongues) have a perplexing and amazing morphology...- rules for generating permissible words..Welsh is such.Your page do not make any reference whatsoever

Never forget..The 'privileged' few and élite with wealth sustain ALL the authoritative private depository libraries.
Let it be said unequivocally, this is the rationale for the US,Israeli and Brit mercenaries 'recent' looting of the Museums and Libraries of Iraq...Everyone knew it was going to happen,yet most scholars just stood back and wondered what riches was in store for themselves...Speak with the Irani 'Chalabi' and/or his cousin...
They can take my oil..They can take my wealth and they can take my women..but they better be mindful of a battle if they endeavour to assume my language and/or my racial inheritance.

Read the very last but one verse in Timothy 2 - 4:21 "Do thy diligence to come before winter. Eubulus greeteth thee, and Pudens, and Linus, and Claudia, and all the brethren.(KJB)
If you don't have a bible I totally understand..SEE Here :-)

Claudia is Caractacus's daughter with Pudens a Roman Senator and Army Officer her husband..Linus is Caradoc's son and it was he that became the VERY first Bishop of Rome..not Paul..
Extant literature confirms without argument these historical figures and their inter-relationships...Caradoc's other son of questionable identity(still) was married to the Emperor's(Claudius ) daughter..Your page do not make any reference whatsoever

There were NEVER EVER any Celts in the British Isle...Ireland yes,but not the Isle of Britannica..The myth was created by primarily English and Scot Historians and Entymologists that were very interested in personal financial improvements and their academic future...'Tenure-ship' has a way of making good men unreasonable..Angle-Saxon and Picti history is quite sad really..

This writer has several 17th century Brit-Romano history books where the words "Celt" or "Keltoi" do not exist.......Cymri..Cymric Cymru..Kymru..Khymri...Khymru YES.
The FIRST Tudor.King Henry the 7th(Henry Tudor)His heritor died as a teenager..His name was 'Arthur'..who's brother 'Henry'(8th)@ 17 years old succeded to the throne

Will Shakespeare concentrated on the likes of King Lear and Cymbelline in the 16th century
Old Will's forgetfulness,exaggeration and over-emphasis of historical Britannic 'heroes' was not received to well by the then Welsh Tudors Royal Elizabethan family who were 'not amused' by his interpretation of "historical truths"

Ironically and yet expectable, it was the Victorians more than two hundred and fifty years later who became "amused" and it was their enthusiasm that made Old Will 'famous' , the "Victorians"..not the period of the [Welsh and] Welsh Tudors..Henry 5th [House of Lancaster]..7th..8th..and King Henry 8th's Tudor daughters..both "bastards" apparently

In order to free your mind from 150 years of re-writing and to rescue British history from the Orwellian memory hole it is vital to expose the two "big myths" at the heart of the 19th Century, newly invented Oxbridge Standard Edition of the past.The first myth is that of 'Celts' in Britain.There were NONE! Wilson and Blackett's research is supported by brave academics ,Professor John Collis and Dr Simon James who, together, prove that not until 1707 did the terms Celtic and British become fatally joined in a marriage of ideological expedience...Before that there were no hill-dwelling, primitive magick-worshipping 'Celts' in our history books but, instead, we had the real, non-fictional ancient British Khumry whose advanced civilization, fierce independence and warlike nature helped build a powerful British nation of between 8-10 million people able to defeat the invading and hated Romans 60 times in battle.Pictured here, Julius Caesar whose armies were smashed by the triumphant Khumry and their brothers throughout the land..This is an important show[radio] as these two myths have been used to attack, denigrate and ridicule the massive and real achievements of our noble ancestors....Once the tissue of lies is challenged and the myths exposed for what they are, the Oxbridge Standard Edition starts to crumble upon examination...Welcome to the truth! Welcome to the real world! Featured on Show #9, "Artorius Rex Discovered" by Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett, the underground classic written in 1986 under heavy pressure and against huge official opposition. Supported and promoted by readers around the world, particularly in South Wales and throughout Britain.. Artorius Rex is a vital part of any historians book collection.

Available now from: ..Alan Wilson,
Ancient British Historical Association,
Vicarage Court, St. James,
Benwell Lane
NE15 6RS
United Kingdom"



"Ancient British history, the history of the Khumric people, is under attack," says Alan Wilson, Britain's foremost expert on these matters.

"A new genetic study by a team based at University College, London, under Dr. Mark Thomas, is amateurish and fatally flawed because it ignores the best historical evidence", Wilson adds. Thomas claims that invading Anglo-Saxons gained a position of power within the British Isles through a "system of apartheid", supposedly explaining how, over a period of 300 years, the ancient British, numbering at least six million (the number given in Salway's Roman Britain, 1981), were supplanted by Anglo-Saxons, numbering in the tens of thousands.

"But this is nonsense," says Wilson, co-author of seven books on ancient British history and whose best-selling paperback The Holy Kingdom caused uproar when published in 1997. "Massive historical evidence points to much of Britain being devastated by a cometary strike in the mid 6th Century. Astronomers at Cardiff University agree with us, as do astrophysicists including Dr. Victor Klube of Oxford University and dendrochronologists led by Dr. Michael Baillie of Belfast. All agree that a comet hit Britain and yet this research, and that of other scientists, has been completely ignored by Dr. Thomas."


The destruction caused by the comet, is, Wilson says, the simplest, best, most appropriate and only factual explanation for the growth of Anglo-Saxon power from the 7th Century onwards. Subsequent Anglo Saxon invasions could not have succeeded without this disaster. "We are in trouble if academics can ignore the best historical evidence we have," Wilson continued. "Clearly, as explained in Welsh historical records of huge integrity, the comet struck causing massive devestation and the main victims were the Khumric people."


One ancient Khumric record, the Brut Tyssilio, speaks of, "a star of great magnitude and brilliance with a single beam shining from it. At the end of this beam was a ball of fire, spread out in the shape of a dragon..."

Another, the Life of St. Teilo (who lived mid sixth Century), states, "St. Teilo received the pastoral care of the church of Llandaff to which he had been consecrated....but could not long remain, however, on account of the pestilence which nearly destroyed the whole nation....it was called the Yellow Pestilence because it occasioned all persons who were seized by it to be yellow without blood and it appeared to men as a watery column of cloud having one end trailing along the ground and the other above, proceeding in the air and passing through the entire country like a shower going through the bottom of the vallies."


These are but two examples of a multiplicity of historical sources pointing in the same direction but which have been ignored by Dr. Mark Thomas. "The Anglo-Saxon invasion would have been impossible without the cometary strike," argues Wilson, "and you cannot ignore 99% of the historical evidence and make effective progress, which is why genetic studies such as this much-publicised recent effort are so flawed."


"If we want the answers to important historical questions that are the basis for the origins of the Welsh Dragon, and the real heritage and culture of the Khumric and British people, then we need look no further than the ancient records," says Wilson.

"Dr. Thomas and his team at University College London have replaced historical fact with modern-day fiction and they clearly have not done their homework."


For more please visit, realhistory.libsyn.com or realhistoryradio.blogspot.com
In support of the Ancient British Historical Association, Chairperson, Alan Wilson
E-mail, realhistoryradio@aol.com

[ Alan Wilson and his associate Geneologist Baram Blackett are on "special assignment"..Their blog pages and Radio transmissions are temporary down..However,the Radio shows are archived Here (listen) and their website Here ]

Yours truly will now just saunter along and 'visit' your next page [Jack]..Who knows what may be in store...What I have stated above may very well be scribbled on the next page..lets hope, for that is all we can hope for.

This is a very 'interesting' site indeed..Although that comment is quite truthful,one can NEVER be certain of the driving force(motive) that lurks with/within the school of "Religious Broadcasting"...Qui Bono

"Qui Bono is a legal principle which says that whoever gains from a particular action or outcome is probably responsible for it"
[ Before you contemplate your view of responsibility here Jack,have a look at THESE KIDS ]
History is the memory banks of Mother Nature..Ignore it and your computer goes down.:-)
Truth needs no memory bank allocation.

Ps.....I see you offer "PayPal"...That articulates a good deal more than prognosticated.
Pss...A Statistical Mathematician and Etymologist/Lexicographer could have a field day with your "Gemantria". :-))..I have a couple of used Saddam's WMD on order..make an offer.............................................no PayPal


Without malice or intent to injure.
Your ego stands unchallenged :-))

Firstly, understand and translate the cacography(below) that you took the time and spent the effort in creating.
I just assume by default that your Radio Producer composes/writes the Radio script for you..??
Your reactive toxicant is quite discernible the status quo for "Radio Announcers(shock jocks)".from .(Rush Hudson)Limbaugh...Dr. Laura...Imus...Savage....Hannity et.al and etc...to the human manufacturer himself CEO master jock Mark Masters.

[What do these sentences mean...are they abbreviated, or is it page 23(code 19) out of Da Vinci's personal diary
"I don't know if you are Paul or Keith, but you both have big egos."
"You make many wrong assumptions, having not even tried to see all my Britain pages or my "Lost Tribes pages.
"Get over yourself.
"No reply necessary or accepted.

"Faith Is A Verb Works don't make a Christian, a Christian makes Works."
"Get Some Son Today""

"I don't know if you are Paul or Keith, but you both have big egos."
Indeed Jack,..Keith and Paul yesterday..David today...Morphing just like the those fleeting shadows in the orchard and cemetery
Don't you understand this new medium..As a shock jock one would have thought by now that the changeling affect would have borne some common sense and expectations..

It seems that the old "Radio egoists" (I have a great Ed Morrow voicebox) will never wear a tie again and more importantly NEVER face the 'Cameras of Truth' ...How execrably and frightfully sad..
I will in time Jack 'peruse' your OTHER pages (promis -without the 'e' :-))..I think I repeat myself here..

"Works don't make a Christian, a Christian makes Works."
..and pray tell this soul of hope .."What have YOU done today Jack.
Why do you rhinos of radio spit out such ridiculous thoughts of evangelical 'wisdom' and praise..Jesus spoke logically and that is the reason people understood the message..Not sew confusion..See here Jack Educate-Yourself.org ..The British-Israel Hidden Hand
You radiomiesters messaging techniques has Freud and Jung congratulating each other in the carpeted aisle of their 'Sinagod'.

As a casual reminder dear Jack...Matthew ..Mark.. Luke and John ..and others.
Had it NOT been for THEIR WORKS there would be NO Christians today..So works do make a Christian..Billions and tens of billions of them over these last 2,000 years.

Those people(Welsh ego starts)..the Quakers, did not speak to those that they met in the manner that "you people" attempt to communicate..Most definitely,what is necessary is a complete 'overall' in the manner that Christianity is presented which may require reverting back to the 2nd century..Are you prepared to go back Jack ..back in time for the TRUTH.
The literature still exists....and THEY are not going to tell you that.....are they Jack

"Faith Is A Verb "
A 'Verb' is regarded as an "open-class" word which mean's Jack that an independent meaning can be assigned to it...The actionable(doing) aspect of 'faith' is normally commendable..

However,what does one do when (say) an innocent Ashkenazi asks you directly "What is your Faith mate"(he's Australian)...do you hit him on his beanie (actionable) and tell him to buzz off..or do you then SLLLL-IDE into yet another interpretive mode of the word "faith'..Get my point Jack.
I do not think that Jesus ever argued this point of grammatical correctivity with the Sanhedryn elders Jack...Their English was terrible anyway:-)

Why don't you challenge ON RADIO this type of secretive hypocrisy Jack (below) and then maybe Jesus will smile again...Please be warned that below is the NICEST of the webpages..Do not go there if you are currently taken any high blood pressure medication or contemplating converting to another Faith...The sites URL's name also warns you.
31. "All vows, oaths, promises, engagements, and swearing, which, beginning this very day or reconciliation till the next day of reconciliation, we intend to vow, promise, swear, and bind ourselves to fulfill, we repent of beforehand; let them be illegalized, acquitted, annihilated, abolished, valueless, unimportant. Our vows shall be no vows, and our oaths no oaths at all." -Schulchan 9ruch, Edit. 1, 136. The Jewish Kol Nidre "All Vows" Oath has been set to a morbid Jewish music, and is often heard on the radio. It is sung as a chant at each Yom Kippur [Jewish New Year service September 17]

"Get over yourself."
reverse dictionary results >>Zero
There's a similar idiomatic expression , "Have you got tickets on yourself", which is Australian ....here ...with my fondest regards Jack
A Christian that insults another Christian is called a... 'verb'? ...no ?? ....Please help me out here Jack.

"Get Some Son Today"
Is this from your radio weather-man Jack or from some 'loose lady' hanging around the station offices . :-))

"No reply necessary or accepted."
Well Jack if you have got thus far..the comment is just null and void..eh..Your ego just kicked in :-)
Nothing wrong having a ego Jack..Some people call it confidence..Some analysts indicate its just deprived peoples inward activated jealousy toward the learn-ed..
Please reply Jack as I have ALMOST enough for my book:-))..titled "Speak when you are spoke to..A Radio Narrative"..[The SOONER the better]

Without malice or intent to injure.

(Troedyrhiw)David ...(Dai/Dewi in Welsh-pronounced -'Di'- )Also the Patron saint of Wales (circa 520-600AD)born in the very same 'shire' (Pembroke) as 'St. Patrick'...another Welshman .....'.yes that's the one ..Learn something every day ..eh Jack

PayPal...Why do you provide business for these folks?..Forget the above Just answer this question Jack.


Note...I wrote this story over two years ago Go here for update on the Welsh(Khumry's) capabilities at that time...dated 11 March 2011 and as to why they(Welsh) battled with horse drawn chariots ...Troedyrhiw

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