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Ich dien (I serve),the motto of the Black Prince (Edward III..Welsh born son)the 'Prince of Wales'..When the House of Windsor 'acquired' their name and left their German roots behind..the German motto remained..Charles the current Prince of Wales speaks Welsh, but will not translate the motto into the language of the Welsh..which is 'Eich Dyn' meaning 'Your Man'...ask yourself why

An eye for an eye...will make us all blind -Ghandi

Quote of the decade

"Because of the American skepticism about Islamist goals, I postponed publishing an article on this subject until immediately after 9/11, when I expected receptivity to the subject would be greater..Daniel Pipes Front Page Magazine..(it was published in November 2001as “The Danger Within...Militant Islam in America”). HERE..If for some rational'e the ragazine is asking for registration etc...go to Daniel's site as he is at least honest Here with himself. ..Good for him.
If for some reason it gets "unplugged" let Troedyrhiw(Troy-der-rue) know.

and HERE for Troedyrhiw's reply To D.P

Fox News...Spying in the US of A ?....The Cameron
Double click video to go directly to the
Youtube site(smaller image)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

CNN and Paula Zahn(Cohen) and

Did you ever wonder why Paula Zahn(Cohen) left CNN
so suddenly..Was it the finding out of her husbands indiscretions or
was it this programme that she and her Producer decided to air..As
expected Christopher Bollyn is here up front and centre but only for
a moment..The rest of the piece is of four Jewish people crying over
911... For an insight into how smearing tactics and hate will
exercise itself in the future please go Here


All Posts

Main Page
Bush and Blair trial with the Lord Justice Himself
The British 60's Invasion.. Videos:The Moody Blues-The Searchers-The Hollies and more.
Essiac v Prosiac..The Essenes versus The Pro's..The Good v The Bad
Reply to William Saletan's Race-Genes-Intelligence
Bush-Blair Trial-2nd Sessions(in camera)
British Union Jack carries no Welsh Emblem..
Michael Hoffman..and that loving feeling..Righteous-but Misplaced
When outnumbered
Long Boats

The History of Money
Saddam's letter to the American People
Special Pics

Troedyrhiw...Who or What is it

Doug Herman ..A Resume of deceit... Mockery versus the Truth
Circulation of the Nimmo-Madsen Syndrome-NMS(Not My Schtick)
Last day in the life of Princess Gordon Thomas
Polls-show-American-people-dumber-than Bush
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard...A 2009 Financial prediction
Ron Paul's Interview With Charles Davis and Video with Lee Rogers(the Browns and the IRS)
Response to Prof Daniel McGowan's 'What Does Holocaust Denial 'Really Mean'
Ancient Kings of Britain Part1
Ancient Kings of Britain Part2
Alan Wilson and King Arthur(1st & 2nd) and the Britons
Shadows and Cliff
So this is Judeo-Christianity...Was Jesus a "Jew" or Judean
The Ultimate Tergiversatism..TUT-tut (beating around the Bush)
Constant Amended War Rhetoric
Letter to David Lindorff at Counterpunch.Org
BBC-Where Holocaust denial is Welcomed
Can you Answer these 911 Questions...Can you??
The Welsh and the Monkey on their Back
Saddam has a Dream...What should we Do?...A Pythonic Conference

Crucifixion of jews must stop

    and Now for Something Much More of Significance and Importance..this Video

Football in the Historical Sense...Really
Strike one to Mahmood Ahmadi-Najad... Iranis Letter to Mr Bush
The Hate of Daniel Pipes turns Full Circle
Joe Vialls..Who Will Now Follow This Man Of Eutectic Steel
A Quick Look At The Welsh
GematriaMathematics--The Science Code That Provided Leonardo from "Da Vinci" the Inspiration
For once, George Bush is Absolutely Correct..I say not as Yet'??
Greg Szymanski asks.."Is This The Last Memorial al"?
Letter to William Safire.....Stop telling lies Already
Something To Cry About

Ph.D's out of their Depth..and will not Admit it.
Rebuttal of Wayne Madsen's Hyperbolic Iran Affair
Paul Craig Roberts and William Clark..WHAT a Difference in Understanding
Larry David..Disgrace to the Race..Mist-er Pisser
Wash.Post's...Steven Pearlstein..."Can 'Old' Europe Preserve Its Prosperity"
King Caradoc(Caractacus) and the Cymry
Scottish Herald's Neil Mackay doing a Thomas-No doubt About it.
A Reply To Greg Palast On George Galloway
Freedoms and Rights -Canada..USA..UN..Britain

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